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    Thursday, May 6, 2010

    TVB Sister of Pearl - Enticing

    Having watching 3 episodes to date (as that's all that has been aired in Hong Kong), I am simply intrigued by Sister of Pearl. The characters are all so unpredictable and ridiculously scary. I would NEVER want to be related or be friends with the Chu family.

    Big Sister (sorry their names are too similar, so i don't remember)- Kiki Sheung

    At first she just seems like the filial daughter who is not loved as much by her father. She does everything she can to make the family business run successfully but she is easily fooled by others such as her cousin. While those facts are true, but after the father dies, we find out that she was so filial and worked so hard, only so that he would give her all his fortune. When she realized that was not the case, she became furious. She suspected Jessica Hsuan's return was so that she would split the will with her. But all in all, she is at the moment, the least scary as she really is very simple minded and heavily relies on her husband.

    Husband of big sister - Bowie Lam

    The real master mind of the couple is Bowie Lam's character. He seems like a very good husband who shares his wife's woes and always tries to take the blame for her. But you can tell the way he handles things, that he is in fact VERY intelligent. The reason he married into the Chu family was out of family debt as his family owes their jobs to the Chu family. Low and behold, the head of the household of the Chu family dies and well...who is there to pay back? I read and through looking at pictures, he's going to be a REAL big villain as he sabotages the sisters and has affairs with them. Bowie Lam's character is those calmly scheming evil man who you just don't know when he is being sincere or when he is really innocent. The fact that he originally liked Jessica's character sparks lots of trouble.

    Second Sister - Jessica Hsuan

    On the outside she seems like just a poor widow with a son. But deep inside she is the smartest of the sisters and more wise. She lives a life full of secrets that even her son can tell lies on her behalf. First episode, the sudden impulse from giving in to a robber, to beating the beans out of him for taking her wedding ring just scares me. Everything she does is for this overall big plan and at the moment we still do not know what it is. I am unsure if she is returning to the family for money, or if it is for something else. I know her mother in-law treats her horribly but it seems like she is doing something on behalf of her husband as well. Either way, she is the most scariest of the sisters because she can attack you without you knowing. She is always one step ahead of others and can turn any situation into her favour. But knowing that she is the lead actress, I am sure she has some sort of reasoning for her actions that will make us, the audience pity her. I look forward to watching her story.

    The cousin - Michael Tao

    This cousin is smart but he pretends to be the "villain who always fails in his plans" or something like that. He wants to take the Chu family's fortune and has set up a huge plan to ruin them. At the same time, I have this slight feeling that he wouldn't be as evil as Bowie Lam. He seems like the joker-ish guy who plays around and he really is indeed very good at business. I hope he is only greedy. I think he is going to end up with Jessica. I don't know just yet.

    Second Wife- Joyce Tang

    She seems very pitiful as everyone in the family despises her and are plotting against her. She is working for Michael Tao and follows his orders. At the moment though, she doesn't seem smart enough to think on her own and that she really isn't scheming. She is only in for the money. Other than that, she herself is freaked out by the Chu Family. I think she will become scheming though, because living in the Chu household will make you go crazy and the only way to survive when EVERYONE in the house is against you is probably for her to fight fire with fire.

    Third Sister- Macy Chan

    While she is not scheming, but she is SO VIOLENT and so spoiled that she has this her way. Watching episode 3 just freaked me out. She is well educated and everything but when she's pissed she doesn't hold back. The way she throws tantrums and points knives at people. It just creeps me out. She isn't scheming but she acts on impulse. I have a feeling she will also become scheming and become more patient when she realizes what is going on in the family. The fact that her sisters are scheming..

    I shudder at these thoughts.

    And while it seems like this drama is like War and Beauty with all the "scheming," I don't think it is. At least as of right now, I can't judge that. Sister of Pearl has a splendid cast and the storyline at the moment is really intriguing. They always have these unexpected twists or climaxing scenes where you don't know what's happening next. It isn't like Moonlight Resonance/ Heart of Greed where climaxing = slapping or revelation that makes you cry. No I mean as in you are so captured by what's going on in the scene that everyone just stares to keep watching what happens.
    I have some predictions but I am if they would come true. At the moment I just want to see what happens next. Haha!!

    Stay tuned for my next posts!

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