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    Tuesday, April 13, 2010

    Singing Fa Dans: Myolie Wu, Kate Tsui and Linda Chung

    You may wonder, WOW, Lavendar_Bluez's first post since Born going to focus on Fa Dans?!! Haha, don't get me wrong, I just know I tend to dramatize everything. So my first post back SHOULD have been really dramatic and grand.

    Speaking of Grand, I know I promised you guys a grand post review on Born Rich. Sadly, I managed to somehow lose my review for it and became very upset that I lost it, that I slightly have put the post on hiatus. And I guess putting that post on hiatus meant putting the blogging stuff on hiatus. Well, what is it then that made me post again?

    To be honest, I WAS going to post, but didn't want to do the graphics part. The whole searching for photos thing isn't any fun at all. But without visuals, I can't stand to post plainly either. Hence...something nice and easy came up.

    A few weeks ago, I read that Myolie Wu, Kate Tsui and Linda Chung went onto the program "My Story, My Song." Well as most of you may know, I do like these fa dans and well I am a sucker for friendship stuff among actors. So I decided to look it up and well I got to see what was the beginning to the program.

    I guess the idea was to have each of the fa dans sing their first song. All of them have a very different image on stage and I guess represent various types of women. But all three songs are love related, representing various approaches towards relationships.

    Kate Tsui starts off singing 讀心術. I personally like Kate and see her to have potential to do well in acting. I also heard that she didn't want to become a singer, but apparently Miss Lok forced her into the field. Haha I don't know if Kate likes it, but I read about her getting lots of awards for best newcomer lately. Congrats to her! Singing wise, I understand that since it isn't something she really wanted to specialize in, I am not going to comment much. Will continue to support Kate Tsui in acting. Maybe one day she will get to choose her path more and do what she really likes.

    Kate's image is the sexy female approach and sings songs that are more fast paced/techno/dancing. I think Kate is very outgoing and she does dance, so I can see why she's selling with this image. I kind of want to hear her sing slow songs though. I prefer to listen to slower songs...hehe

    Myolie Wu sings 幸而 , which is one of my favourite songs from her. By far, Myolie's the best of the three probably because she has more experience so she does a better job at controlling her voice. I have always liked Myolie's voice as it's very strong with lots of emotion when she sings. "Fortunately" - this song to me, I get sick of listening to it afterawhile, but it's always very easy to pick up and listen again. It's got lots of nice climaxes and Myolie DOES sing with emotion. She's like the big sister of the three fa dans.

    Myolie's approach I think is the more sensible women approach because I find her songs to be all very "women with a past." It's got the feeling that she's a mature women who's undergone enough relationships to know how to deal with things. Hahah that is just my opinion of the feeling I get in the songs.

    Linda Chung sings 發誓, which has a very nice angelic tune to it. Linda's got better control in singing this song and I am not sure, but maybe the beginning the song was too high key for her. I can tell she has improved though. I don't listen to a lot of Linda's songs other than A Journey Called Life's theme. I've watched her music video "Day and Night" and it isn't bad. Linda is indeed very cute and innocent with that hairstyle.

    Linda's image is more jade girl, innocent to love. Haha so it feels like it's for more young pure girls..haha that's all I can explain it by.

    NOTE: These approaches I am talking about, is only the songs they sung in this video. Not about them in general since I have no checked up on their newest songs in a long while. So I dont want to make a generalization. But I do know all three songs they sung in this video and thus making comments on the approach of these three songs. Hehe.

    Anyways, I just felt like time has really passed by. I think maybe it was just 2-3 years ago in which my mouth was wide open when I read that they were moving away from acting to being singers. Well, I obviously support the three to being actresses instead...and for my benefit, with acting I can visually see you for a good 25 episodes. With songs, well I just listen on occassion and watch your MV only once. Haha.

    But either ways, I am looking forward to seeing more of this program since I think all three of these actresses shared some friendship moments. I would love to see the interaction. I am very "interactive" person..HAHA

    Anyways, I hope I will be posting again,,very soon!

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