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    Saturday, January 2, 2010

    2009 Year end Review Part 2

    11. 2009 Most Surprising Drama


    “If it's surprising in a good way, In the Chamber of Bliss. I expected very little from Bliss, but I enjoyed its warm, touching take on politics, war, and the responsibility/dedication of a hero to his country.”-Annisa

    “The Gem of Life
    I expected 80 episodes would be super long, boring and draggy but the series actually wasn't. I enjoyed watching most the series to tell you the truth especially for Ada! (but don't ask me if those ~ 80 hours that I couldve spent elsewhere was worth it lol)”

    “A Great Way To Care, probably the time it was aired and the situation I was in”-FBI

    “Beyond the Realm of Conscience. Honestly I did not expect the ratings to exceed 45 points.” - Sehseh

    It seems as if everyone has a variety of opinions on most surprising drama. I was surprised that the Gem of Life wasn’t too well received. I haven’t exactly watched it but with such a stellar cast, you’d expect it to garner good ratings and well good plot since they hyped it so much. Lots of money was spent on this drama and wow, 80 episodes? It did seem okay to me when I watched bits of it I.e Ada is superb actress!!! Maggie Siu and Bowie Lam had great chemistry. I was slightly shocked by the twist in one of the plots in which Elsa (? The name of Linda’s character) faked her rape and such, and got the pity of Ah Wor [Wong Hei]. I was like “Wow…what a scheming b*tch!” So obviously, the writers got kind of creative with their stuff. They had some nice music instrumentals as well. But why couldn’t I bare to watch it? 80 episodes feels very long and well it seemed pretty redundant in their arguments. There is so much pointless backstabbing done by the ladies for the men. I didn’t like Gigi Lai and Moses’s characters -- very annoying. They seemed to stem no growth or change in the drama. The whole age differences in the relationships kind of turned me off even more. Oh, but I did find Louise Lee’s plot about Alzheimer’s to be interesting. Her first reactions to it were all well acted as I really believed it. Too bad, Louise didn’t have much take on this 80 episode drama as I expected she would. Yet nonetheless though, I thought other people would have liked it since I mean, it’s got all the hong kong viewer’s favourite formula : pretty actresses + messy relationships + killing + yelling +scheming + louise lee [lols!] + reused cast [WAB/DOP]. I was surprised that Gem of Life I think, has the lowest ratings for a grand production.

    12. 2009 Most Overrated Drama

    Beyond the Realm of Conscience

    “Nothing comes to mind but Beyond the Realm of Conscience. I'm still utterly amazed at the 50 pts garnered at the ending.”-Annisa

    Beyond the Realm of Conscience with four votes. Gem of Life with two votes.
    Well when I thought of most overrated, I literally thought undeserving ratings. Lols, perhaps people think Gem of Life should have received even less than 28 points? Beyond the Realm of Conscience, I don't know yet. I am now just watching recommended scenes and then I am going to watch the final episode. Maybe I'll share later as to whether or not I think it would have garnered at 50 pts. Anyone know what scene in particular?

    13. 2009 Most Missed Actor/Actress

    Bobby Au Yeung

    “Bobby Au Yeung! Where is he?!?! =(“ - TeddieBurr
    Bobby Au Yeung with four votes. Second place is Linda Chung with two votes. I miss Bobby a lot!! Haha I think there should be a Bobby series every year [hehe well all my favourites should have one series a year]. I want to see Bobby whether it be a comedy or dramatic. Bobby is terrific actor and he easily makes friends with people he works with. Love him in variety shows, tv shows, radio shows etc! Bobby where are you though?!! Hopefully we see you next year!!

    14. 2009 Best Chemistry

    Wayne Lai & Sheren Tang

    “Sheren and Wayne
    If the chemistry is good even when it doesn't involve love, then you know that's some good chemistry.”
    -Teddie Burr

    Wayne Lai & Sheren Tang with three votes, close behind is Anita & Gallen with two votes, Charmaine & Dayo with two votes

    I like all three pairings and all three have great chemistry. I love the obligation for each other between Hong Bo Kei and Chai Gau. They will help each other no matter what, willing to risk their lives for one another. My favourite scenes of the pairing were of course when both went their separate ways but still have this undeniable feelings for each other. They had a few scenes where its just this eye emotion between each other, when Chai Gau was seeking revenge. Bo Kei a few times expressed her pain of knowing Chai Gau was dead, how much she didn’t want to lose him again. It was very powerful and I liked that because they didn’t really fully explain themselves. Like some dramas, they have to have “dialogue” to express themselves and go into full detail. In Rosy Business, Hong Bo Kei and Chai Gau, were they lovers? We see they are willing to sacrifice their lives for each other and will always stand up for each other. You hear them express their feelings towards an action, but they haven’t exactly expressed dialogue towards each other on more personal terms. There weren’t any “dating” scenes but you just feel that there is something there.

    15. 2009 Cast You Would Love to See Working Together Again

    Tie: Rosy Business & Born Rich, each having three votes

    For Rosy Business, I in particular really just want to see Sheren and Wayne again. This relates to what I said above. I want to see more romance for Sheren and Wayne because I think they could probably do it really well. That hug we saw in the trailer for Righteous Sea of Heroic Love, was a hug but it encompassed a lot of feelings into it. It’s like, the world is going to end. They are going to die, but they will die in each other arms. I know TVB’s shown that type of scene many times, but I think the context in which it occurred, seemed very -- emotional.

    For Born Rich, the cast is stellar with the acting and chemistry. You can tell the cast really got to know each other with the fact that they went through some turbulence of illness together. The cast itself are all very friendly people and so they just work well together. They’re all very good actors and made Born Rich worth watching. I’d love to see the cast work together again, hopefully with good production crews. Born Rich had parts that did seem a little illogical but still not bad. That and lots of parts were cut out. To be exact, I find the filming for the drama didn’t go too smoothly in the sense that lots of bad luck occurred. I hope the next time the cast works together again, everything would turn out smoothly. Everyone is healthy and able to work to their full extent.

    16. 2009 Cast You Don’t Want to See Working Again in 2010 and maybe 2011

    Beyond the Realm of Conscience

    “Charmaine + Kevin, stop those boring rumors”-FBI

    “HOG. WAB. Or a combination of both.”-TkN

    Beyond the Realm of Conscience with three votes, Burning Flame 3 with two votes. I’m officially kind of sick of seeing the same combination over and over again. I get it, you guys were a classic group in a drama but I think after seeing you guys three times, I don’t really want to see you guys in the same group again. I understand that TVB really wants to ride of the popularity HOG and WAB have created, but I think its better for actors to work with variety of people. Actors need to be able to learn from others and if you give them the same people over and over again, what learning is left? They are missing out! Then there is the Charmaine and Kevin pairing. Did that sprout from FH2 or did they work together before that? In FH2, I found Charmaine and Frankie to be a better pairing, yes I like Charkie! Voila, I made my own fan group name. There currently is only one member, but hey I’m still a fan group. Anyways, I don’t even understand what there is to write about these two. The paparazzi just wanted to create some drama and made a horrible triangle of Niki - Kevin-Charmaine. It makes things so awkward! I have no feel for this pairing, so they ought to stop pushing them out together.

    17. 2009 Most Refreshing Pairing

    Dayo Wong & Charmaine Sheh

    It’s refreshing because we haven’t seen Dayo in so long, well for me since I didn’t watch “Men Don’t Cry.” It’s also refreshing because in recent years they gave Charmaine a lot of the same pairings: Bowie Lam, Joe Ma, Raymond Lam and Kevin Cheng. For me, I still like Chilam and Charmaine pairing or even a Bobby-Charmaine! I guess because the overall cast and roles for You’re Hired was refreshing, made this couple stand out more as well.

    18. 2009 Most Favourite TVB Held Event

    TVB Gala

    “The Gala. I love to watch singing and dancing.”-Annisa

    “I LOVE the dance with Bernice/Michael/Bosco/Ron etc..I can watch it over and over. Also, the singing crossover with Charmaine/Kiki/Susan/Lit Gor was phenomenal! The drumming segment was also interesting!”-TeddieBurr

    “Out of lighting, awards, sales, gala, a few charity, Gala wins”-FBI

    TVB Gala with four votes. I’ve always looked forward to the singing and dancing segments of TVB Anniversary. It’s the time when everyone just comes out and works together and you see all the stars!! Like it does seem cheesy but it’s still interesting. I always looked forward to it but in 2005, they changed the rules. Some stupid audiences complained TVB Anniversary was too long. So then TVB cut it down -- that and I think TVB was trying to cheap out on stuff too-- and since then the TVB performances have been kind of boring. Nothing worth watching. But I still see what goes on every year since I honestly think TVB has been working on it, to slowly bring it all back out. Though TVB really needs to work on their anniversary skit -- it’s just garbage every year since 2005. I wonder what those executives are thinking when they are watching this in the audience. In the past, the camera would go onto the audience and you’d even see some western executives in their amused by the skit. Now when the camera goes onto the audience, well there definitely hasn’t been that many western executives and they have confused expressions. It’s funny because I bet they’re thinking “ What happened? Why am I watching a pointless show with no plot or pun and people throw food at each other?” Other than that, well the shows in it are still kind of draggy. I mean their so-called stunts are nothing

    Their singing and dancing segments are not bad though, but what is with this skimpy outfit stuff? By the way, Bernice and the other actors who can dance [I.e Nancy Wu] should do like smaller group shows. One, the real dancers can actually get more screen time. Two, too many people, it looks very messy especially since it’s easier for mistakes to happen. My favorite segment of this year’s Gala is the 70s or 60s singing with Charmaine, Steven, Kenneth, Kiki, Linda, Aimee, Lee Heung Kam etc. That performance was cute and the choice of songs were good. Also, the singing quality was better I think than the segment about the wax dolls that come to life and dance. I still have “My Girl” and “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing” stuck in my head. Ching Hor Wai was adorable! Haha this segment seems like something the higher level ah jies would have done, but it seems like they have settled down since 2005 . Also, I enjoyed the real singer, Hacken Lee to sing out the old tunes. He’s one of my favourite singers and his voice is great! Lols, it was so cute because he was like telling the veterans that were guests to sing along. The camera shoots to them and they are all mouthing out the lyrics because they love these tunes!

    [And omg, VOH cast : Michael Tse & Louise Yuen are also same age as TVB. How neat! And I always thought they were joking when they said they were the same age. Some joke about being “37 all together” back then. I didn’t quiet get it till now.]

    compared to the stunts that used to be performed for the anniversary.
    19. 2009 Best Dressed of the Year

    TIE Tavia Yeung & Charmaine Sheh

    “Tavia Yeung, particularly that royal blue silky gown at the Awards.”-Annisa

    “Charmaine Sheh.Always stunning and stylish in general but Lam Miu Miu's wardrobe amazed me. Not only was she wearing different outfits every scene but those outfits accentuated Charm's beauty. Plus, my mom wanted those outfits so that says alot. Lol”
    - TeddieBurr

    I couldn’t agree more. No matter what event, these two have some pretty nice attires that I want to buy myself. But I don’t fit the look since I don’t look mature enough. Everyone complimented Tavia for her dress for TVB awards, so I’ll talk about that first. Her dress was this long flowing royal blue gown with some crinkled parts that embodies her chest and hips. It’s really nice with the added silver studs to the dress even thought the dress is kind of simple. It needed to simple though in order to match some of her diamonds she wore that night. Other than this event, I’m going through the AF gallery and she’s worn pretty nice jackets and dresses in general at events or in magazines.

    Charmaine has more casual attires in the pictures but the design is still made a bit more fancy. I love what she’s worn this year, going from the prissy look for Lam Miu Miu to her current look to film Heaven and Earth. I love both looks of hers this year. It’s casual but slightly classy to her dresses and some of her attires. Especially when watching You’re Hired since all the clothes Lam Miu Miu wears are actually Charmaine’s clothing she brought to wear. Every scene she’s wearing something different and I love the skirts, pjs, coats, boots and gloves [?]!

    As well, both Tavia and Charmaine are very confident in what they wear, so they look good in it.

    20. 2009 Worst Dressed of the Year

    Linda Chung

    “Linda Chung--seriously too scary on Awards night.”-Annisa

    Linda Chung with three votes. Bosco Wong & Liza Wang with two votes each. Linda I think looked good with her new hairstyle this year. But what happened at the 72 Tenants Media Conference and at the TVB Awards night? Those baggy spotted clown pants are just hideous! The long red sweater just looks wrong on her. I know the theme was maybe red for the media conference, but couldn’t you have worn something else that was red?? I felt bad for her, because she herself probably knew how weird her outfit was…the picture shows her lack of confidence in it. Then the TVB Awards night, she looked like she was there for a fashion show. The catty pointy image just didn’t seem appropriate for the special event TVB awards was. I just think, whoever put together her look for the night should be fired!

    21. 2009 Biggest Change in the Actor or Actress

    Tavia Yeung

    “Tavia Yeung. I know that was a "safe" answer but she totally has changed due to her role in Beyond. She has never played that evil of a role before and she was able to pull it off well. Congrats to her.”-TeddieBurr

    “Tavia getting a villain role”-FBI

    “Tavia Yeung. Her acting and image has matured.”-Sehseh

    Tavia Yeung with three votes. Ron Ng closely behind with two votes. So at the moment, I am watching the scenes where Tavia's Yiu Kam Ling is scheming with her evil plots -- as recommended by Annisa [Thanks!]. I never realized how soft her voice is and I thought I would hear lots of screaming and yelling. I am glad though that she isn't using her voice to express her anger or something. A lot more eye expressions. I have to say, the script writer is very twisting in their events and make all these cruel heartless characters. It is very different to see Tavia play villain. And I finally saw the last episode and yes, I saw the evil Tavia. It's the insane eyes Tavia used to express the viciousness and I saw her face have little twitches to show her insanity. It's horrifying and I can't believe it's Tavia Yeung I'm watching. I'm use to her "righteousness" but definitely watching episode 31, I got to see the evilness I expected to see shown in her expressions. Haha but TVB sure zoomed in onto her eyes a lot, so it made me think she was killing with flashes of her eyes. I couldn't help but laugh when they did those flashes towards her eyes.

    22. 2009 Actor or Actress You Feel the Happiest for

    Sheren Tang

    “I guess Sheren for finally getting an award and now they can shut up :P”-FBI

    Sheren Tang with five votes, closely behind is Tavia Yeung with three votes. I feel happy for both Sheren and Tavia! Sheren more because she’s finally received the Best Actress recognition she deserves! She was ripped off of the award twice, in which both times she delivered an amazing performance. Yu Fei should have sealed the deal as the role was truly loved by the audience and the acting involved required lots of effort. She made Yu Fei alive with the way she talked, the way she looked at people, the way she had the aura of authority no matter what position she was in. She made it convincing that she was someone with a kind soul who was pushed to protect herself in the four walls of the forbidden palace. Sheren’s a wonderful actress and she truly deserves to be rewarded for it. I hope to see Sheren in more powerful roles in the near future! YAY SHEREN!!! WOOT WOOT!

    23. 2009 Drama You Wanted to Watch the Most, but Never got To


    Many of the special guests feel that if they really wanted to watch it, they would have watched it not matter what. For me it originally was Beyond the Realm of Conscience. Now I'm just going straight to the last episode.

    24. 2010 Most Looked Forward to Drama

    Righteous Sea of Heroic Love

    Righteous Sea of Heroic love with four votes
    Closely Behind: Legend of Pu Song Ling with two votes, Heaven and Earth two votes, Mysteries of love with two votes. I've already mentioned my thoughts for these dramas in my other post. I'm looking forward to all four dramas. Righteous Sea of Heroic Love in particular as it's the sequel to Rosy Business. It's a must watch to see Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang working together again! Woot!

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