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    Friday, January 1, 2010

    2009 Year End Review Part 1

    2009 had lots of buzz for the year with many hyped series, shocking results, unexpected mishaps but as well as news of new beginnings. Unlike previous years, instead of recalling what was best of the drama, I tried to change up my questions for 2009. For this yearend review I invited some special guests to take part in the decisions.

    I would like to thank :
    MetalAZNWarrior from TVB Musings, SehSeh from Seh Seh's Blog, Hyn5 from Hyn5 Fortunate City, Annisa from Ever Star, TkN from TVB Guide, TeddieBurr from TVB:A Way of Thinking and FBI

    Thank you for taking the time to help me out!

    1.Most Shocking News of 2009

    Chan Hung Lit’s Sudden Passing

    “It was so sudden, barely a week earlier we were still seeing him singing and dancing onscreen.” - SehSeh

    “Still in shock...RIP LIT GOR.” - TeddieBurr

    This year’s most shock is the amount of deaths that occurred most shockingly to be the passing of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. But of course, Hong Kong entertainment industry has its own shocking death news which is the passing of veteran actor, Chan Hung Lit. Many recall that about a week before the news of the veteran actor’s death, everyone saw how energetic he was at the TVB 42nd Anniversary Gala. His dancing and singing with peers brought joy to the audience. Everyone was surprised by his booming voice and his ability to groove to the music. Nobody expected that this adorable veteran would be leaving them and will no longer be alive. We all go through life, age and death, but there weren’t any signs to when veteran Hung Lit reached the end of the cycle. It all happened so sudden that no one could really believe it. While veteran Hung Lit has left us, but he will forever be remembered by the hearts he’s captivated through his acting. He will be remembered for the knowledge and experiences he’s shared with others. Rest in peace Dai Yim Sang.

    2. 2009 the News that Had your Concern the Most


    “The entertainment scene is quite fickle. I hardly remember any discerning news in 2009.” - Sehseh

    “I would say none, nothing that special to capture my attention or it is either forgotten already.” - FBI

    “I only worry for my family members and friends. Aside from expressing sympathy when unfortunate accidents occur, I don't have an ounce of care for the celebrity world. They are strangers to me.”-TkN

    “Honestly, I read news for the sake of reading news and knowing what's going on in the world. It's beyond me to know the story behind the cover page newspaper. Take the recent Amigo abusing his girlfriend incident, I know about it, but I take it with a grain of salt. This may sound self-centered but I have too much in my own life to worry about to go worrying and wondering about what truly happened. For an artist, it is their career and their prospect, both of which lie in their own hands. I only sit on the sidelines and see what they can present. Otherwise, I'll entertain myself with something else.” - Annisa

    I must be overly sensitive or something, but I really was concerned about the health of the artistes. I guess it’s cause it really scared me knowing that someone I watched as I grew up, to possibly you-know-what. It seems silly since these people aren’t directly related to me nor are we even friends. But, I don’t know I guess I hope that people that I “know” of are healthy and living. I don’t care about their personal lives, or whether or not they abuse their girlfriend or if they’re getting married. Like yes, I’m happy you are happy. I pity you if you aren’t too happy. But most important is that there is still “life” to them. Maybe it’s cause I honestly do think things overly pessimistic and think of all the things that may happen. Like when I heard the Beyond cast started doing therapy due to the heavy headpieces, I actually thought “Oh my gosh, what happens if because of this there are future side effects? They’re going for therapy, what happens if they don’t get better?” When I heard Kate Tsui got into a car accident, I was like “what happens if she hurt her spine and didn’t realize that?” I think the longer one was when I found out Nancy Sit went to the hospital, the news made things very gloomy. Our Auntie Chi/Hao fell into coma, what now? But I am very glad now to know all of them are okay and up and running. Ha ha but looks like I’m the odd one out. Majority of the people say they don’t really care that much. Well whether or not people care for it, hopefully everyone has a healthy and happy new beginning starting from 2010! Not just entertainers be happy and healthy, but you guys too!

    3. 2009 Drama that You Stalked the most:

    Born Rich

    Born Rich wins with two votes. Everything else received one vote I.e Beyond the Realm of Conscience, E.U, Mysteries of Love etc. To view my “stalk”-ings, can click the little tags at the bottom of my post that says “Born Rich” or “Roots of Evil” or “Grand Entrepreneurs” for the little researches I’ve done.

    4. Rising Star of 2009

    “Ngo Ka Nin. I've always noticed him but didn't grow to like him until this year, and I believe he has a lot of potential to one day lead a show.” - Annisa

    Definitely, more people now know who Ngo Ka Nin is, since Rosy Business aired. I wonder if he has an English name? He went from cameo --and I mean CAMEO-- to supporting actor. He’s made quite a big jump and achievement. It may seem like supporting actor is just one level above cameo but there are plenty of people who are still “cameos” and can’t even stand out as an supporting actor. Cameos don’t really shine in the drama, they’re part of a group of people in the drama or just show up for certain scenes. Supporting Actor, they have loads more scenes than Cameos and are considerably more significant. In my terms at least XP

    “Michael Tse
    I never really favored him before, but after E.U. I LOVE HIM! He has earned my respect!”
    - TeddieBurr

    He’s become extremely popular, I’ll give him credit for that. As of this day though, I still don’t get the hype for Laughing Gor but he deserves the recognition at least. Is he my rising star? No, but I do think he is suited for the title. Thought I think Michael’s rise began in 2006 with La Femme Desperado. The role of Laughing Gor made him more popular though.

    “Started liking Kenneth after Born Rich.” - TkN

    He didn’t really shine out this year as Man In Charge didn’t do too well as his leading role drama. Meanwhile in Born Rich he wasn’t too dominant in the drama as there were many strong/ grand actors in it. Nonetheless though, like TkN I started to really like Kenneth after watching Born Rich. He’s sooo adorable!

    “Susan Tse! She is (or was) a rising star in TVB this year :3” - FBI

    Susan Tse has definitely rise in everything this year as she’s left ATV and moved to TVB! The joke has always been, and I think is very true: An actor or actress will always be more popular at TVB than in ATV. The reason being that no one watches ATV so no matter how good an actress or actor you are, you wouldn’t be acknowledged because no body knows you. ATV has only made a few dramas that were actually popular but has eaten the white fruit dozens of times. The moment Susan switched over to TVB and added to the fact that she’s a wonderful actress, she instantly shot up the popularity scale. She’s already reputable to begin with, but geez the rest of us younger people had no clue of who she was until we’ve seen her in a TVB drama. Her acting efforts wont be wasted because at least people are watching. Susan herself has also came out with two wonderful roles: Big Housewife and Grand Empress Dowager Kwok! Her acting made these roles believable and well received by the audience. I see her everywhere now, and while she’s not too entertaining to watch live [I think she’s still kind of shy...] …lols she’s terrific when you give her a script!

    “Suki Tsui. She was likable in [Rosy Business], but unfortunately she took the easy way and decide to be a real ‘siu lai lai’.” - Sehseh

    I liked Suki in Rosy Business as well, but I don’t know if she is still acting now.

    There were also other choices made by voters too.

    5. Most Welcomed Back Artiste

    Gallen Lo

    ROFL, Gallen Lo wins with two votes! Guys, what happen to being fair? But as everyone else only got one vote, I can only let Gallen win.

    “Gallen Lo, hands down.” - TkN

    “Gallen Lo even though he came back last year too lol He will always be the most welcomed back because he's Gallen!” - Teddie Burr

    Many people say Gallen Lo’s return last year doesn’t count. I can see why, in comparison, the role of Yat Ming seems more juicier and challenging. Gallen has made me from seeing him as only “big brother” to seeing a more devious man to be careful of. Every time the camera stops at his face, it’s not just his face that shows he’s evil but its his eyes and I honestly think he was “into” the role. He seemed like he WAS plotting evil ideas in his mind. Love Gallen Lo!

    6. 2009 Drama with the Best Instrumental Background Music

    Tie - Beyond the Realm of Conscience & Born Rich

    “If I have to choose, it would be Beyond the Realm of Conscience. I especially appreciate the piano instrumental for Windmill because although it is a lullaby, the instrumental sounds very elegant and nostalgic.” - Annisa

    Seems like not many people listen to instrumental background music. Two votes each for BTROC and BR. I can’t say much for BTROC since I haven’t exactly watched it yet, but I like the “Windmill” tunes. Now for my crazy talk about the background music for Born Rich.

    This drama has lots of background music that are all very fitting to the scene. I find some of them are music versions of the theme song and sub song but they are different paced. There are some that are intense music that express different feelings or scenarios -- you can tell TVB hasn’t put this much effort into music variations in their dramas since War and Beauty. Many dramas have usually used music versions of their theme song in the background ..even if they don’t exactly fit in to the scene. For Born Rich, it’s just really solid and seems specially made for the drama [aside from the ones with singing in it]. Here’s a small sample : [I’m crazy? I know =]]

    Born Rich Instrumental: Episode 06 ,11 etc

    7. 2009 Best Costume Drama

    Rosy Business

    “Rosy Business. Need I say more?” - Annisa

    “Rosy Business for solid acting, Beyond the Realm of Conscience for costumes and settings.” - SehSeh

    No doubt Rosy Business is the best Costume Drama of the year. Thought it’s said to have copied the mainland drama’s “Dai Jak Moon,” it was still highly received and garnered majority of the cast and production crew, lots of awards! I like Rosy for it’s acting and the storyline. I like the bits of history lessons thrown into it about farming, the cockroach infestation and the Japanese war. It didn’t solely focus on just one topic, so I didn’t become too tired or bored of it. I also love the little twists here and there. Who would have expected 3rd wife to suddenly burn the most important piece of evidence? Yet who would have expected the mother in-law to believe what the 4th wife said to be true? Added to the interesting storylines and script, I also really liked the cast. I began liking Ron even though he didn’t have that big of a part. I enjoyed Sheren and Wayne’s chemistry…even though no love has sprouted out. I just love the scenes of Sheren and Wayne…solid and good actors. Susan Tse, Kara Hung and Kiki Sheung were also great as the “sisters” of Sheren. All of the roles were clearly differentiated from the start. Very clearly defined.

    8. 2009 Best Modern Drama

    Close Behind : You’re Hired & Born Rich

    Really?! I thought You’re Hired would have won. I sort of felt E.U didn’t have the same variety as the ones before it…like no more cases…only one undercover case. Then I guess because I read the spoilers about Laughing Gor so it defeated the purpose for me. As well, I didn’t like the new pairings for Ron and Samuel either. But it was good acting for majority of the cast.

    9. 2009 Best Comedy

    You’re Hired

    Have I posted my review for this drama yet? I don’t quite remember but I do recall typing one up. I really liked You’re Hired and I guess it aired at a really good time too. I have recently found my fan-ism for Charmaine again! It was thanks to Super Trio -- in other words variety shows that reminded me why I use to like Charmaine a lot and now like her again. But like, before I go on like a big story => lols I’ll save this for a spotlight post [tee hee she’s on my favourites list], I better move myself back to talking about the drama. I have to say You’re Hired is a good comedy because of the chemistry between Dayo Wong and Charmaine Sheh. Dayo himself is a terrific actor and a comedian. He doesn’t try hard to be funny, he has a natural sense of timing and expressions. He just pulls off a very serious face but what comes out of his mouth is cruelly funny! Charmaine, I miss her playing these roles as well and I think she was really into filming with this partner. I read an interview translated by SehSeh, where Charmaine literally thought exactly the same as what she said when dealing with Mat Tai Song. HAHA! So it made it overall, very amusing to watch. The characters in the drama are also very unique and weird in their own way. So its interesting to watch the relations amongst the characters.

    10. 2009 Drama You Didn’t Bother Watching

    Tie between Winter Melon Tale & King of Snooker

    Wow, I forgot King of Snooker was even a 2009 drama. Winter Melon Tale looked really bad to begin with and you can just expect a lot of CG. I feel bad for the cast: Liu Kai Chi, Louisa So and Sunny Chan deserve much better treatment than this. King of Snooker, I mean I kind of like Adam Cheng and I can see him probably doing a drama like this but Patrick Tang…not so much. I’m not too fond of his acting.

    Next Part Answers Questions like:
    Who was this year's worst dressed?
    Most Overrated Drama?
    Most Missed Actor or Actress of 2009?
    Cast We Don't Want to See Again?

    Stay tuned!

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