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    Friday, March 20, 2009

    Fulfilling some Requests

    Some people asked me to post some videos up and I happen to have found them, so here you guys go.



    This video was for the TVB 36th Anniversary Lighting Ceremony. I think sugar had requested for a virtues of harmony video of some sort? LOL There's actually a lot of them, classic performances by VOH cast but I only saw them on tv. If we're lucky MetalAZNWarrior might have em...

    Video includes:Bowie Lam singing the themesong of Viligant Force, Jessica Hsuan and Roger Kwok singing the themesong of Square Pegs? (Life Made Simple's original), Nancy Sit singing Virtues of Harmony

    Virtues of Harmony cast does the "Virtues" Dance
    Includes: Virtues of Harmony cast: Nancy Sit, Louis Yuen, Bernice Liu, Bondy Chiu, Yvonne Lam etc.

    TVB 38th Anniversary Lighting Ceremony Behind the Scenes

    Video Includes: Kenix Kwok, Myolie Wu, Dodo Cheng, Kevin Cheng, Raymond Lam (for those of you who had this conversation with me...yes this is the video where Raymond does this laugh and flinch that's kind of sassy..LOL), Bobby Au Yeung, Moses Chan, Tavia Yeung, Bernice Liu, Melissa Ng, Natalis Chan etc.

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    Saturday, March 14, 2009

    Sorry For Not Updating in A While...

    My break has started though, so I've already started my posts (I'm in the process of writing it). Meanwhile, thought I'd share this interesting Silver Chamber of Sorrows Poster with you guys!! (Hahah Janeal!!!! Lookie!)

    Based on its appearance, I'm thinking this is the China/Non-HK poster version. Cause it resembles the covers of my Dad's China DVD's sort. The paper in a plastic bag with discs on the inside sort of thing. Wow, it looks just as good because they included the fire scenes and I'm assuming the leads were made bigger. (Its the one you see at but the images have been reflected (shirley's clip is on the other side).

    This isn't a picture I took, but I found it on baidu and wanted to share it with you guys. You can tell someone took this picture through a glass mirror of some sort.

    Anyways just wanted to drop by and tell you guys my posts are coming soon (they're in the process) so hope you guys check back soon for it! :D

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    Sunday, March 8, 2009

    TVB Rouge Merchant aka Rosy Business

    Credits to Hyn-5 @ Fortune City for posting up the pictures for the Sales Presentation Highlights view the rest of it, visit My Favourite TVB
    I'm only sharing with you Rosy Business..because there's Sheren!! Woot!!! I miss seeing her!!

    I feel really bad for Sheren because everyone is going to "wut" her and blame her for everything. of those stories I cant bare to watch cause I feel bad for the character and I know it just gets worse for her. But I'm going to try and watch cause there's Sheren and Wayne!! Yes!! Woot!! Woot!!

    This also reminds me of the original sales presentation clip they used for Beneath the Charm. Funny how they used Sheren Tang and Bobby to sell it..but in the end neither was used. LOL.

    Sheren looked really pretty!! And I think I would have prefer Ratings King (Bobby Au Yeung) and Queen (Sheren Tang) working together for this drama instead. But nonetheless Gigi and Moses did pretty well too. Hope Bobby and Sheren can cooperate again!

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    Saturday, March 7, 2009

    New Layout
    So Happy!! I really like this layout!! haha and extremely big THANK YOU TO JANEAL @ TVB Graphics & TVB ObsessionsShe tooks on a really difficult request of mine to include all my faovurites in this layout. Thus this layout's theme is my favourites. So for the upcoming posts, it will be more about my thoughts on stuff and about my favourites. I hope you guys like the layout as much as I do..and thank you AGAIn to Janeal!! I swear she's amazing at this layout stuff!!! It's gorgeous!! Oh yes, I've become fond of including little avatar into my regular simple posts. THis avatar is an old one made by a designer at TVB Square Forum. It was a request of mine to make a Sheren and Michael avatar. Teehee I still really like it. I sort of forgot who made it though..TOT... so if you remember this creation is yours, leave me a message so I can credit you!! haha!

    Anyways I'll slowly be changing some navigation aspects..but for now, this is my NEW LAYOUT!! Thank you Janeal!! I swear you're talented in this!!!

    This layout features my favourites in no particular order:
    Gallen Lo, Bowie Lam, Moses Chan, Bosco Wong, Raymond Lam, Kenneth Ma, Bobby Au Yeung, Ada Choi, Tavia Yeung, Myolie Wu, Yoyo Mung, Michelle Yim, Liza Wang, Nancy Sit, Christine Ng, Kate Tsui, Sheren Tang

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    Wednesday, March 4, 2009

    News Update on Roots of Evil: Roots of Evil cast members miss Nancy Sit, Anita Yuen scolds her for working too hard,
    translations by: Lavendar_Bluez and Jing-Mui

    On March 3, 2009 Kenneth Ma and Sharon Chan were filming for the grand production, The Roots of Evil. Upon mentioning Nancy Sit’s halt due to illness, Sharon says,

    “I really miss her! I haven’t seen her in awhile. While filming she would wince in pain but always say that it’s just old joint paints. Mom is really courageous, she’s ill but she continues to film. It is important for her to take rest and all of us support that.” Will they change the filming, Sharon is unsure. They will be going to a ShaBa location to film, Sharon says that Nancy doesn’t have many outdoor scenes.

    Kenneth Ma states, “I know her (Nancy Sit), even if she was in pain, she would hide it and deny it. She is professional and doesn’t want to affect other’s work,”

    March 04, 2009

    Roots of Evil cast arrived to ShaBa Mall to film an outdoor scene, cast members included Gallen Lo, Anita Yuen, Joe Ma, Kenneth Ma, Vincent Wong and Sharon Chan. In regards to the news that Nancy Sit was in the hospital and has halt her filming, majority of the cast members have been scared to disturb her rest. Yesterday they decided a different method where everyone signed a card to ask about her.

    Gallen Lo states, “I admire her. She always makes the effort to hide her pain and act energetic. I have faith that she will be back and stronger!”

    Anita Yuen had sent her a text message and was replied that she (Nancy) was still recovering and may take 10 days or so. Anita admits that she saw Nancy who was pale and lips were blue, upset and unable to bear to see Nancy like this she urged, “Your kids are grown up now, you shouldn’t work so hard. Even if you do work, shouldn’t push yourself!”

    Hope she gets well soon! Many of her friends and co-workers supporting her and as well as many viewers. Hope she gets good rest!! Add Oil Nancy Sit!!

    For further news related to Nancy Sit, visit her English Fan Site:
    Nancy Sit Ka Yin English Fan Site

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    Sunday, March 1, 2009

    Haha.....some videos to share with you guys..of the past of the TVB fa dans Siu Sungs of the 90s might want to turn off my music..or pause it =]

    credits: Kiko Tang
    This video consists of:
    Roger Kwok, Gallen Lo, Raymond Lam, Steven Ma, Moses Chan, Jessica Hsuan, Charmaine Sheh, Kenix Kwok, Maggie Cheung, Ada Choi, Nadia Chan, Mellisa Ng

    My thoughts: awww...I bet they would never do this again now. It'd be kind of lame..but I think its cute. part is when they sing Virtues of Harmony and they do that chain thng. Very lame..but cute!

    in this video: Gallen Lo, Jessica Hsuan, Hawick Lau, Amy Kwok, Ben Wong, Astrid Chan, (forgot his name, he plays Lap Sung in A Kindred Spirit), Winnie Yeung, Monica Chan, Ng Ka Lok, Joyce Tang,

    my thoughts: Haha very cute..and how young they all looked. LOL!

    credits: kikotang
    in this video: TVB 31st Anniversary Best Actor Nominees, Best Actress Nominees, Best Couple Nominees

    TVB 2002 Anniversary Behind the Scenes
    credits to ath113
    in this video: Sharon Chan, Chin Ka Lok, Timmy Hung, Joyce Koi, Wu Fung, Liza Wang, Anderson Junior, Flora Chen, Ada Choi, Jessica Hsuan, Bowie Lam, Steven Ma, Moses Chan, Angie Chiu, Nancy Sit, Lydia Shum, Maddie Siu, Dodo Cheng, Sonjia Kwok, Gallen Lo, Natalis Chan, Kenix Kwok, Lor Lan, Myolie Wu

    my thoughts: ROFL...jessica, flora and ada soo funny!! Lol..poor Bowie soo short compared to Moses and Steven! LOL...they shrunk down for him though. lol..and Gallen and Jessica..i swear they took turns showing up behind each other during interviews..LOL ..and aww to Flora and Moses!! I love the chemistry between all of these guys..and then the ladies i.e Kenix, Jessica, Ada all congradualte Flora..LOL..and the chemistry with Lor Lan jie too!!
    LOVE IT!

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