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    Saturday, January 31, 2009


    Sub themes are usually the song that is inserted at the end or within the series. Sub themes should either finish off an episode perfectly or fit in with the scenes. Most sub themes are usually less dramatic compared to the theme song but viewers hear it the most since we hear it within the series a lot. If it’s inserted at the end, its probably skipped but if you really enjoy that episode, the sub theme really completes your mood. Let’s take a look at our nominees…

    1. "Grateful to Have Met You" – Bosco Wong & Myolie Wu (War of In-Laws)
    2. "Just Once" – Shirley Kwan (Best Selling Secrets)
    3. "Love with No Regrets" – Raymond Lam (Moonlight Resonance)

    *drum roll* IN LOVE WITH TVB presents BEST SUBTHEME to…


    What their reasons were:
    I think i may be a bit bias here as you know since i'm a big Raymond fans but i really like the song since it was played thought out the whole MR series it really gets in your head. – Simply FungYi

    i didn't have to think twice on this one...i love this song sooo much...i still have it on repeat on my playlist haha. when i was watching MR and this song came made my heart melt. Ray is soo good. – TeddieBurr

    This is probably my favourite Raymond Lam song, probably because it has this..mysterious piano playing at the beginning which fits very well with a lot of his scenes. I felt really bad though because every time this song plays, you know Raymond Lam is sad and it makes me sad. Because its always when Raymond watches Linda with Bosco or Linda is avoiding him. WHY!!! WHY must you do this to yourself Goon Ga Jai!!! WHY!!!! But none the less, it fits really well because Ah Ho really didn’t care what Ah Chau did to him and stuff, he would always be there for her. He was willing to love her to the fullest and he didn’t mind how he was being treated. *sigh I’d drool over this guy any day* LAWL. It’s quite a nice song. And to those who were wondering, I actually didn’t pick this song but picked “Just Once.” This song seems to always complete the episodes perfectly and I love Shirley Kwan’s voice in this song =]

    Special Video credits to tvbmedia

    Views on other nominees:
    Just Once
    It is maybe her voice of her lyrics, but I just seem to like this song so much I don't get sick of it. – TVB Think

    Grateful to Have Met You
    I got sick of 'Just Once' after a few times. Raymond's song is good but I think I just liked duets in general. It's nice to listen to more than one person's voice. And I think 'Love with No Regrets' is a little repetitive. Hahaha, and I think I like how short Grateful to have met you is. – Flor.a

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    Wednesday, January 28, 2009


    Now, let’s not mistaken most meaningful theme song with best theme song. Best theme song is mainly best to listen to all the time and wouldn’t get sick of. It has nice melody and singing etc. Most meaningful theme song pretty much has most of that, but the lyrics have a very important relation to the entire series. Listening to it tells you what is going on and basically tells you the story of what is going to happen. Let’s take a look at our nominees…

    1. "Accepting Fate" – Ivana Wong ft. Nancy Sit (Silver Chamber of Sorrows)
    2. "Intuition" – Joyce Cheng (Speech of Silence)
    3. "Little Story" – Linda Chung & Steven Ma (A Journey Called Life)

    *drum roll* IN LOVE WITH TVB presents MOST MEANINGFUL THEME SONG to…

    The Results of the Poll:

    Voices of some of the judges:

    I think it's between this and AJCL, because I find that both are meaningful and although I didn't watch SCOS, it was like I could understand the series through the theme and I think that's what is important. – Flor.a

    I love Nancy's touching. - TeddieBurr

    I absolutely adore this song and this series!! Firstly, I like the narration at the beginning, although most complain it’s kind of weird because I thought the same thing at first. But if you were to listen to it a couple of times or were to watch the series, you’d find the narration by Nancy Sit completes the song. The song is then mainly sung by Ivana Wong who I never knew had such a voice. I thought she was the squeaky high pitch type, but was extremely surprised to find out her voice was different in this song!! Anyways back to the main reasons. After finding out what the meaning to the entire song was, I felt like the song was telling two views of the story. Nancy Sit’s monologue was the main character in the story who was trying to pursuer all the wives to simple accept that they are stuck in hell, as well as the fact that women have no freedom in that period. Ivana’s singing was representing the voices of what the women of the story were trying to do: break free. Towards the end of the song though, we know in the end, they did what Nancy [Sit] had been telling to do all along: accept fate. She had been there the longest; she’s went through the same thing and gave up. There was no point in fighting. As to who the main female lead was, it really depends on how you see it. To me, Christine Ng’s Sau Hang represents Nancy’s Siu Dip and all the other women who were unwilling to live life as it was but had eventually lost all hopes. Siu Dip had once tried but she ended up giving way to tradition. Sau Hang tries using schemeful tactics to get what she wanted…she wanted to prove fate is ruled by humans. But in the end..there was nothing they could do but accept fate.

    I would like to credit MetalAZNWarrior for giving me the inspiration by translating and interpreting the theme song. For those who are interested, click on the image below to find out what exactly the lyrics meant.[by the way the image below is not a part of In Love With TVB..picture belongs to TVB Musings]

    Atlas, to end off this award, with two theme videos

    Original Karaoke Theme video [full lyrics]

    Ending Theme Video

    Click Here to View Ending Theme Video

    Coming up Review on Best Sub Theme...DID Raymond Lam's Love With No Regrets win or Boscolie's Thankful to have Met You? Be Sure to Check Back With us!

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    Friday, January 23, 2009

    OMG....making a new layout...TOOOK SOOO LONG! I guess it's what happens when you dont have skills..and cant make anything...TOT

    But I hope it looks nice...I really love these combos...Ronolie...Berray...Taro......i actually dont even realize they actually make such cute names for the pairings......TEEHEE... well i just like looking at them together...LOL..i couldn't find FungYi or Rayolie pictures...=[..atleast not ones I liked


    been really busy with my exams..and STILL AM... decided to take a break today....ended up being..DO STUPID STUFF FOR 3 HOURS...

    most angriest part...was I was going to update a the review....BUT..i forgot to click save...and I was rushing to close my word randomly pressed enter...ONLY to find out...I didnt SAVE..!! ARGH!!! THOSE WERE 6 LOOOONG paragraphs@!!!!!! so didn't feel like doing it again

    Anyways...I'll be back..OFFICIALLY by Wednesday =] By then....I'll have added new features to this site...TEEHEEEE....

    WISH ME LUCK [ AND IM SERIOUS..I FORCED EVERYONE WITHING 1.5 M of where I was sitting to say good luck to me...XP


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