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    Thursday, December 24, 2009

    Did You Know? TVB Born Rich

    This is a ongoing feature at In Love With TVB, mainly for series Lavendar_Bluez watches. Find out about all the nitty gritty things, you may not have known about!

    Did You Know?

    I'm thinking she would have gotten the role as Connie. I can see her playing this type of role and I really like Flora as well! Hmmm.... I wonder if the male star playing Marcus would have changed? Haha..I'd also have the chance of seeing my Gallen-Flora pairing as well!!

    I guess I can see why they think so, I mean it would be kind of daring since Connie is portrayed as a really good wife. She shouldn't be left and I guess HK viewers don't like it to be too realistic to life? I mean, we've heard and read plenty of news in which wives that don't do anything wrong at all but their husbands leave them and marries someone else. I guess viewers want TVB dramas to be more fantasy and not overly reflective of society? But I did happen to see a trend that the moment Marcus began his affair, ratings were much poorer while the moment Angie loses, ratings are much better. LOLs.

    ??? LOLS. She didn't save the day in the drama, which I prefer because then it'd be unbalance to the character if she did. But I can see why they couldn't kill the character. It would greatly affect the sanity of the children, Rene and Marcus. They might even try to kill Yat Ming (Gallen Lo) themselves. As well, Yat Ming would have felt extremely guilty for causing her death and then there wouldn't be that ending we saw. It would have turned completely different.

    But I still felt I saw very little of
    Anita Yuen. I greedy? But I guess not all scenes were transferable. I honestly felt that Mu Ma was suppose to have some significant scenes...Sa Bo Jai (Kenneth Ma) & Yat Ming really likes her, along with the rest of the characters. She was fiery at the beginning, I wonder what WAS suppose to happen? Also, without Mu Ma it seems like Benz Hui & Angelina Lo's character lost all value. I mean, they are "big" supporting actors and actresses. They barely showed up in the drama...o.0 Rumour is that Benz's character was suppose to end up working for Yat Ming. He then takes part in spoiling Yat Ming's plans as he felt guilty when facing Mu Ma. I like Benz Hui XP

    Due to the fact that Angie & Marcus's wedding scene were cut, I guess all other scenes were cut out too. I'm predicting that the wedding scene was suppose to be the last finishing scene of the drama. I have pictures of Sa Bo Jai (
    Kenneth Ma) confessing his love for Ah Yan (Sharon Chan). The pictures for that scene shows that everyone in the drama to be in there...if it wasn't significant, there's no need to have everyone. Also, I'm assuming since Rene and Topman weren't in it...and they are Marcus sister and best friend..maybe originally Rene and Topman were suppose to die? haha...

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