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    Friday, November 13, 2009

    TVB 42nd Anniversary Award Choices

    Note these are my choices, not my predictions for who is going to win. My predictions would be a seperate post.

    2009 Best Actor

    Bowie Lam - I think he did a terrific job playing this semivillain in the Gem of Life. Despite that fact that I did not completely watch the Gem of Life, but every time I saw him on screen I was captivated by his performance. It's different from the usual roles I've seen him in...which were really boring to me. This time his role was refreshing and this smirky self-conceited role was delivered really well.

    Wayne Lai - It's really nice to see Wayne Lai in a leading role ( I didn't like Pages of Treasures) and his performance as Chai Gao was great! Chai Gao was a growing character who started off as a salvage who then became an obedient servant. Then he was this annoying man who was oblivious to what was really going on and then he grew up to understand the meaning of patience. He then became a man who was vengeful and then a man of admiration. Lastly he was a man of loyalty and then a man of illness. There was so many parts to this character and Wayne Lai delivered every aspect of this character with excellence.

    Dayo Wong - It's really nice to see Dayo back! He's a comedian yet he doesn't overdo it. He can pull off a straight face while saying something unbelieveable! Of course, that's not the only reason why he's my pick. This character has to show frustration, guilt, annoyance and pain but at the same time not take away the mood of the series. Also, comedy is not easy to pull off. You've got to have good timing, good delivering of speech yet also be really serious about what you are saying. It's definetely not easy.

    Gallen Lo - I welcome Gallen Lo back with Born Rich! haha. I didn't really watch When A Dog Loves a I'm treating this grand production as his real comeback series. In my mind, Gallen was always Big Brother who would be there to save the family and lead the household. Little did I know that the moment Gallen plays an evil role, I can actually dislike the character. At first the character isn't evil, he's more silly and values his relationship with his brother. He then undergoes heart break, and the emotions of seeing the loved one with someone else or calling him "2nd brother" is just pitiful itself. He seems really genuine with the things he says or does for the family, yet the moment he turns away he's got an evil smirk or evil look in his eyes. It gives me the shivers. At the same time, you can't help but pity him due to his undeniable love for Rene. Gallen has to go back and forth between all sorts of emotions as the swindler -- he's simply marvelous!

    2009 Best Actress

    Ada Choi - She wowed me with her performance as Jessica in The Gem of Life! This manipulating but pitiful character was well enacted by Ada. I didn't watch enough of Gem of Life but everytime I saw Ada I was also captured to watch. Ada acted really well as this character who on the outside was vicious, ambitious, cruel and independent but on the inside was scared and lonely.

    Sheren Tang - As usual, Sheren does a wonderful performance. Is this her best? I personally liked her as Yu Fei in War and Beauty and Hilda in La Femme Desperado. The reason being that there were more layers to these characters in comparison to Hong bo Kei. To me this Fourth Wife was just the good and smart person from beginning to end. Meanwhile Yu Fei and Hilda, they weren't people you could easy grasp onto to understand. There were more different emotions, hidden expressions and such that was required from Sheren. I highly supported Sheren back in 2004 and 2006. In 2009, I also support her because I think she deserves to get a Best Actress Award.

    Anita Yuen - She is truly a Movie Queen, and to win it twice! Haha...does she really need a Best TV Actress? Not really. But either way I think she is worthy of it since she's really into the role. Whether it be crying, yelling or being the princess of the family, she just performs it well! Like many have said, Anita Yuen is a natural! As in she is talented in acting ..born to act!

    Jamie Chik - After leaving entertainment industry for over 20 years (correct me if I'm wrong) she's pretty good! I think a lot of her acting comes from her eyes as the character is suppose to be very calm and collected. It's as if her eyes are speaking to us (that sounds weird...but just watch Born Rich and you'll know what I mean).

    Kenix Kwok - I was neutral to begin with towards Kenix since I've always been a bigger fan of the other 90s fa dans. And in Born Rich, her role as Angie is very different from the past roles I saw her in. The madness and the catty glares...all were done so realistic. I actually treated Angie to be Kenix. I wonder if there is more of this side of Angie to come?

    2009 Best Supporting Actor

    2009 Best Supporting Actress

    2009 My Most Favourite Male Character

    2009 My Most Favourite Female Character

    Yan Seung (Teresa Mo)- I love Seung Seung, she's hilarious in her ditsy way yet when she's passionate about something she really stays strong on it. She supports her subordinates all the way, even if they do something wrong. I love Yan Seung's chemistry with Yu Ga Sing...which are credited to Teresa and Wayne themselves for acting so well.

    Lam Miu Miu (Charmaine Sheh) - It's hard to not like her, she's so cute!!! At times it hards to be angry with her for too long because she compensates it with her sudden actions. The character is so sweet and Charmaine made the character all the more likeable! Whether it be the facial expressions or the way she walks [the funny housewife stride], Miu Miu is a must like! I also really like Lam Miu Miu and Mat Tai Song's chemistry. The series developed their relationship really well!!

    P.S if there was a Best Chemstry Award, I would definetely vote for Yan Seung & Yu Ka Sing and Lam Miu Miu & Mat Tai Song!!

    I'm not going to talk about Hong Bo Kei, Connie (!!!) or Rene since I've either already mentioned it or my posts recently related to Born Rich has covered it.

    2009 Most Improved Actor

    To be honest...I don't really have a choice for this award. But I guess I would support Raymond Wong or Ngo Ka Nin.

    2009 Most Improved Actress

    I can't believe they put Chow Ka Yi under most improved. Shouldn't she be under Best Supporting Actress instead? That's so weird. Like Most improved Actor, I don't really have a choice. But I do like Koni Lui and Queenie Chu! I surprisingly realized I haven't really completed a Sharon Chan series...o.0. But I think she's cute as ah Yan in Born Rich.

    2009 Best Drama

    My picks...Rosy Business, Born Rich and You're Hired. My three favourite for the year 2009. And they are the only three i actually finished (or intend to in Born Rich's case.)

    Rosy Business despite copying mainland series....the acting in this drama was terrific in all. It's been awhile since we've had one of these dramas where it wasn't just about family feud. There was a lot of educational aspects in it and there were quite a few twists. Although some parts it was predictable.

    You're Hired again, a drama we haven't had in a long time, especially a comedy one. The comedies recently have been really the sense that it was nonsense. I was entertained the entire time I watched it and I loved the chemistry.

    Born Rich ...also haven't had one of these 90s feeling dramas in a long time with such a solid cast. It's not about family feud but the changes in human nature when they are pushed towards the darkness. It's about how a family begins to fall apart and how new relationships are built. It's about proving oneself to be better than other people think. And then the vengeance that takes place. That and I really like the clear differences in characters. It's not good vs bad straight off. All the characters are people you'd find in normal there are mixes of good and bad traits in all the characters.


    As most of you may be wondering why I didn't choose any Beyond the Realm of Conscience members. Haha the reason being is that I haven't seen it yet.

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