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    Wednesday, November 11, 2009

    Episode 16-18 Review


    Oh My gosh, so much has climaxed within these three chapters!! We see a really nasty side of Yat Ming!! Sorry for the lack of graphics but I dont have it on this computer and it's late..lols but i'm so excited lols. I will add more perhaps tomorrow.

    The Cheuk Family is in A Chaos

    The male head of the household --- Yat Yuen/ Marcus (Ray Lui) flies away on a business trip to try and avoid the conflict of two women at home. Chuk Sir (Lau Siu Ming) disgusts me in his evil schemes and how blind he is towards what's wrong. How can he tell his daughter to break apart a family? How can he support her in getting stealing a man that already has a wife and children??!! What on earth is wrong with him?!! As a result, Angie (Kenix Kwok) continued fighting for Marcus as she is highly welcomed by the Cheuk Family. After a test, it was proven that Marcus still had feelings for Angie and not wanting to deal with the tension of having both women at home, he leaves for a business trip, only to find there to be a terrorist attack at the hotel he is living in. The entire family is in distraught, everyone is scared after watching the shootings in the news. There has been no signs of whether or not Marcus had escaped.

    Cosmo bank needs a CEO to run the company and there are still many business dealings that has to be dealt with. Paparazzi are hounding the family on what they are going to do without someone watching over the bank.

    Connie (Jamie Chik) and Angie fly over to try and save Marcus. They arrive at the hospital to uncover every dead body to determine if it was Marcus. Luckily they found out from one of the injured ushers that Marcus had escaped with a group of people they paid to get him back to Hong Kong. Only to find out that Marcus had been kidnapped by the same people because they recognized he was the bank CEO. They now wanted a large ransom or else they would kill Marcus.

    While Connie did manage to get the sum of money but on the way, she and Angie gets into an accident. The car and the money rolls down the hill!!!!

    Yat Sum (Anita Yuen) who was on the phone with them became worried and informed Yat Ming (Gallen Lo) to do something. Since the news that Marcus was kidnapped, Yat Ming was not worrying about his "brother" but taking advantage of this to take over Cosmo Bank!!! Right after the phone call, he originally was to attend a meeting to get the shareholder's votes. Instead he decides to tell everyone that Marcus was dead because Connie was unable to deliver the ransom on time. This is even told to Mu Jie (Nancy Sit) who coincidentally arrived for the meeting to support Yat Ming. Mu Jie unable to take the shock and unwilling to accept her precious son was dead, faints leaving her with only half a life to live on. Within a few days she has been shocked with horrible news and her blood pressure increased dramatically causing her to be rushed to the hospital.

    Yat Sum was angered by Yat Ming's actions and she questioned what Yat Ming said. She wasn't willing to accept the death of Marcus and now her mother's life was on the line too. Chuk Sir takes Yat Ming aside to talk, telling him that he shouldn't have told the news to Mu Jie. Yat Ming very cleverly states that he is too stressed with everything and didn't want his "mother" to find it out any other way. Chuk Sir is eventually convinced that Yat Ming's actions were right and even agreed to inform his assistant who attending the business trip with Marcus to make the same claim - Marcus was dead.

    Little did Yat Ming know though that Sa Bo Jai (Kenneth Ma) was listening. Kenneth Ma is soo cute!!! I love him and this role!! Anyways, Sa Bo Jai confronts Yat Ming for what he's done. Questioning how he could treat the Cheuks this way. Questioning how he had the heart to take away Mu Jie's son when she had already lost her husband. Questioning whether he is Cheuk Yat Ming or Sa Fu Loi, because the brother he once knew was a swindler but would not try to harm people the way he was now.

    The Embarrassing Image

    Connie was able to gain consciousness but Angie had fainted. Connie tried to negotiate with the kidnappers and explained that she can help them find the money at the bottom of the mountains. Connie is shown Marcus being beaten up. The scene was humiliating because Marcus had lost his manliness. The poor rich guy was not use to any sort of beatings and he was crying for mercy. He was so scared, he was peeing his pants and it was such a shameful scene and his own wife had to watch it all!!! How awkward it is but Connie didn't care. She just wanted her husband back. Jamie Chik has acted really well in these scenes to find her husband. The crying and trying to stay strong. I love Jamie Chik & Connie!! Actually, everyone has acted really well within these episodes. The change in everyone's characters, the fear and disbelief. Ray Lui has such a manly image before but he's so convincing as this now tamed kitten that's crying for mercy. I was really into the series with their acting!!

    Will she be able to retrieve the money? Will Connie be able to save her husband??? What more problems does Yat Ming cause for the Cheuk Family??

    I don't want to spoil it for you, so I'll leave it at that. ARGH!!!! Yat Ming makes me soooo angry!!!

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