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    Sunday, November 29, 2009

    Born Rich: They All Fall Down

    episode 25 -29 Review

    Oh my gosh, I love this drama!!! So much has happened it’s unbelievable… MAJOR SPOILERS ALERT!!!!

    There’s No Turning Back

    Despite the fact that Mu Ma (Nancy Sit) made Connie (Jamie Chik) and Marcus (Ray Lui) stay in their rooms to talk things out, she was disappointed when she found out Connie and Marcus’s set decision on a divorce. Not allowed to go to work, Marcus goes to him room where Connie is slowly packing her things. I hated how Marcus was talking about the situation, as if trying to gain Connie’s forgiveness. Saying how it is his fault that he fell in love with two women and that he can’t control it. I loved how Connie stood her ground though and had this bitter attitude towards him. How she claimed that women put love and faithfulness on the same scale. How can he say that he loves her when he has an affair? How can he say that when he was with Angie (Kenix Kwok), he was thinking about Connie? This entire time Connie felt all guilty and tried so hard to save the marriage, only to find that Marcus was already turning to Angie. I love the cold look she gave him and it suits him right but at the same time though, we see that Connie is in so much pain still.


    Yat Ming (Gallen Lo) though is also to be angry with. He told Tiger (Vincent Wong) to leak out news to the reporters claiming that Cosmo Bank was reaching financial problems and also the fact that Angie and Marcus were having an affair. I use to really like Yat Ming, I mean yes he was a swindler but he was one with morals. He never wanted to harm someone, but as we’ve seen throughout the series, he’s not just acting on greed. He wants to take over Cosmo Bank and practically everything else. First step though was to influence Mu Ma into pressuring Marcus. Yat Ming told Yat Sum and Mu Ma that the only way to change Marcus was to threaten to strip him of his title as CEO of the company. And he just uses Mu Ma like a chess piece knowing that she’d do anything to keep the family from break apart. Yat Ming just does little actions and things just fall into play. It’s unbelievable how smart this guy is, yet also how devious he can be.


    Now the paparazzi is following the Cheuk Family and Angie, questioning them about the affair and such. Chuk Sir (Lau Siu Ming) speaks up for his daughter, instigating that the real third wheel was Connie! Angie drags her father away but the press has enough gossip just from what he said. Mu Ma who obviously read the reports was angered and went to track Chuk Sir and Angie at the restaurant. She was tired and frazzled by this time. She wasn’t there to yell, but to remind Angie of something which I thought was really significant to their relationship:

    Mu Ma: Your mom left you when you were very young and Chuk Sir, this grown man did not know how to raise you. That is why I dealt with a lot of your personal things, I even treated you as if you were my own daughter because I feel that a little girl who has lost her mother is very pitiful .

    Angie: Auntie, I know you love me. (But doesn’t know what else to say)

    Mu Ma: Do you remember that time you saw Rene in that dress and you though it was really pretty, and I immediately bought the same one for you? Do you remember?
    Angie: (smiles) I remember.

    Mu Ma: To be honest, anything that you like and I can give it to you, I will do my best to give it to you. But this time I can’t (referring to Marcus). Because if I give it (Marcus) to you, my family would break apart.

    (Angie and Chuk Sir have guilty looks)

    If you still have me, this old lady in your heart. If you still remember how I loved you, carried you, bring you to school and played with you…Angie, I beg you, please let go!

    This scene really shows why Angie is loved so much by Mu Ma and how strong their relationship is supposed to be. Mu Ma has loved Angie so much and treated her so well, she doesn’t want any return. She only wants Angie to let her keep her family together. Her reference to Angie’s past is what will become of her grandchildren. If this divorce does carry through, Wai Wai and Kei Kei will be just like Angie. They will lose either of their parents due to the divorce. It’s very pitiful. Mu Ma loves Angie enough to give her anything she wants but if she allows her son to continue on with Angie, instead her (Mu Ma) entire family with be broken. She will lose her daughter in law and she will watch her grandchildren be pitiful because they can’t have a happy family.

    Connie and Mu Ma’s mother-daughter in law relationship has finally become better and its so sad to see that now they can no longer be ones anymore. Mu Ma does whatever she can to keep the family together whether it be through yelling, lecturing or even little plans in front of the paparazzi. It’s obvious that Mu Ma doesn’t just want her grandchildren, she wants Connie to still be her daughter in law because otherwise there would have been quite a few actions she didn’t have to do. She seems very silly trying to take the grandchildren to Canada, but to be honest it’s realistic. What mother wants to see her son be in an affair? What mother wants to see her family break apart? What mother wants to know that she will never see her beloveds again? It’s irrational but I guess if this were to really happen to you, I think a lot of us would also do silly things. I feel so bad for Connie, I mean she’s been married for ten years, only to find her husband no longer loves her. Jamie Chik has acted this really emotional side of Connie that makes me really pity her. How she really wants to stay strong yet can’t help but cry when she sees the way Marcus doesn’t even care about losing his position and would rather go and see Angie.


    Connie, unable to bear this any longer decides to leave earlier than expected to take Wai Wai and Kei Kei to England. Mu Ma tries to stop her, saying that she will call Marcus back but Connie says there is no point. Even if she kept the person, she wouldn’t be able to keep his heart. She has lost all hopes and is just accepting the fact. Mu Ma continues to deny it and asks her and the children to stay. She knows Marcus is not worth Connie’s love but to separate the children from the family is too pitiful. Connie meanwhile claims that she cant be separated from the family. The pain and the tears were just releasing as it does hurt her to know Marcus loves Angie so much. Connie really has nothing left but her children. Mu Ma, a woman who rarely admit she is wrong and never wants to look bad, actually fell to the floor and begged. Connie went down to support her along with all the children. The two women took blame and owe each other. It’s just such a pitiful scene. It had to come to this level because of Marcus. His infidelity and I honestly feel that he doesn’t care about how Connie feels. He’s just letting her leave and he doesn’t really think about how his actions hurt Connie. He claims he can no longer put Angie in so much pain and that he can’t “goo fu” (waste? Lol I don’t know the English word) her. It just bothers me, that why doesn’t he seem to ever think about how much pain and grief he’s caused Connie?


    Angered by Marcus’ persistent decision to go see Angie, Mu Ma who has constantly warned him that he’d lose his position as CEO, officially told Marcus that the board of directors of Cosmo bank just informed the press that Marcus has been demoted. Aside from that, Mu Ma no longer wants to see Marcus until he fixes what he’s done. Until he brings the family back together. Mu Ma officially kicks Marcus out of the house.

    Yat Ming is Evil-Ming!

    The following episodes were more focused on Yat Ming. It turns out there is someone out there that does know about Yat Ming enough for Chuk Sir to realize Yat Ming is a fraud. Chuk Sir begins questioning Sao Bo Jai (Kenneth Ma) about his past and other things about Yat Ming. Sai Bo Jai is surprised by the sudden questioning and runs back to Yat Ming, warning him that Chuk Sir is growing suspicious and might know something. Yat Ming decides to find Chuk Sir who was fishing, and was not surprised that Yat Ming had come to find him. Chuk Sir reveals that he knows Yat Ming is actually a fake. He tells Yat Ming to leave the Cheuk family and Hong Kong, in return he will give him millions of dollars. See, sometimes I’m so confused with Chuk Sir. Does he hate the Cheuk family or not? Why does he instigate so much, yet sometimes he really does try to help? I love Gallen’s expressions in this scene. The little hidden shock and the acting of denial. Yat Ming tries to walk off, claiming that Chuk Sir has made a mistake or is joking with him. Chuk Sir tells Yat Ming that if he was really Sung Hei’s son, he can do a DNA test. Yat Ming refuses and the two have a little tumble back and forth. Yat Ming manages to fling off Chuk Sir’s grab on the arm but Chuk Sir falls backwards. Yat Ming reaches out to grab Chuk Sir’s hand but Chuk Sir slips….


    Gallen Lo portrayed the emotions of fear so well, the eyes and the quivering. The handshaking and the disbelief. All so realistic, I love Gallen Lo! News breaks out that Chuk Sir is missing, Sa Bo Jai confronts Yat Ming to find out what happened. Yat Ming tells him the truth and Sa Bo Jai becomes worried. Both of them are afraid they would be in trouble but Yat Ming tries to tell Sa Bo Jai to stay calm. Sa Bo Jai says that since it was just an accident, Yat Ming should tell the police. Yat Ming refuses because if he does, then they will discover that he isn’t really Cheuk Yat Ming. By chance, Chuk Sir’s body floats back to shore and the corpse is found by pedestrians. The police claim that based on the evidence of finding the fishing gear on top of the rocks, it is most likely that Chuk Sir’s death was an accident. Chuk Sir had most likely slipped ….


    Chuk Sir’s death came as a shock and Angie who was mourning her father’s death had the support of Marcus. Two significant groups arrived at to this funeral. The first group were what I call, the “People who Are Wrongly Rejected.” Connie, Topman (Joe Ma) and Matthew attended together and did the whole bowing ceremony together. Connie shouldn’t have been divorced. She’s a great women who I admit doesn’t exactly deal with things on more personal level, but she’s always done things for her family and the business every step of the way. It hurt me to see Connie having to see Marcus stand behind Angie when they were telling her to “Ji On Sun Binh.” Basically in Chinese tradition, at funerals only family is suppose to be the ones to the side of the coffin. Everyone else stands in front to bow three times and then give their condolences to the left towards the family. Marcus standing behind Angie was like saying Marcus already claiming Angie as wife. Topman is such a sweet guy and he like Connie has been filial to the Cheuks and working for the bank since he was a little boy. I actually like Topman and Rene (Anita Yuen) more now. Sadly, despite Topman solving all the problems and proving his love to her, Rene obviously doesn’t love him back. Thus Topman was rejected. Matthew, although we don’t know him too much but we do know that he loved Angie and helps her when he can. Angie rejected Matthew because she still loved Marcus. Sigh, in a way, these are the nice people.


    The next group, are the “evil men who have done something wrong.” This group is Yat Ming, Sa Bo Jai and Tiger. Technically Yat Ming is the evil one and the leader of the group. He was the one who technically caused the death of Chuk Sir and he is also the one who is doing some slightly unethical deals within Cosmo Bank. Tiger is basically following Yat Ming’s orders in the bank. Sa Bo Jai is the one who is part of this whole scam of faking as Cheuk Yat Ming. Basically, Yat Ming’s attendance showed that he no longer felt guilty and that in way, nothing can stop him from his scheme. His ability to say such a sentimental speech without a hint of guilt, makes him seem all the more scary.

    Note: Angie’s speech was horrible. She didn’t even mention anything about her father. She thanked Marcus for being by her side! Geez… how can you still think about romance when your father who has supported and loved you all the way has just passed away??

    Undeniable Love

    While Mu Ma is still trying to change Connie’s mind, Rene herself is also disturbed by her brother’s affair. As we’ve known from the very first episode Rene was extremely upset when she found out her father had cheated on her mother. Funny, how like father, like son, Marcus repeats the same thing, except the biggest difference is that Sung Hei didn’t want to break apart his family and didn’t let it happen. Marcus allowed it to happen and even initiated the divorce. It is no wonder why Rene and Mu Ma are so upset. Yat Ming suggests that Cosmo bank should go on a business trip to Sabah and Rene, Yan (Sharon Chan) and Dai Jung Koon (Benz Hui) were invited.

    After the business function at the mall though, Yat Ming ditches Yan and her father. Yat Ming begins dancing with Rene and they have a lot of fun. They are so cute and sweet, but I can’t help but feel less “aww” about it. Normally, I would be with glee, but now I just feel like they are hurting each other since they are technically “siblings.” Yat Ming and Rene look at each other and little sparks fly. Yat Ming’s lips brushes against Rene’s and then they just look at each other…

    Yat Ming is tormenting Rene, make her go insane thinking that she’s in love with her brother! What Sa Bo Jai said is true, Yat Ming gave up love to have money. He can’t be so selfish and want everything. But Yat Ming believes he should get everything. He wants it all. He wants the world, he wants power, he wants money and he wants Rene. Not only was Yat Ming hurting Rene, he was hurting Sa Bo Jai and Yan! His little actions drive me nuts!! Haha. The wedding proposal was a very sweet moment though, props to Gallen and Anita for enacting the scene so well!! While, I am sure the feelings are true and such but I can’t accept the fact that Yat Ming and Rene can go together when Yat Ming is scheming against the Cheuks. It just bothers me and I hate how he’s playing with Rene’s mind and feelings. I just know this isn’t going to end well…argh!!!! One good thing though, is that Yat Ming realizes that Sa Bo Jai actually likes Yan. Yat Ming himself also wants to break up with her and I felt so so bad for Yan. I found the moments of Yan and Sa Bo Jai so cute, so I’m hoping they will get together soon. At least one pairing will go the right way? Haha.


    Marcus and Angie return from vacation together and these two are obviously blacklisted from the Cheuk family. I do pity this pair though yet I don’t fully accept or like them. I pity Marcus because he gave up two of his two most important things in his life: family and career. His mother is disappointed in him and no longer wants to see him. His daughter caught him kissing and hugging Angie, causing her to be traumatized. His career as the CEO is over and he’s doing small things such as changing coffee beans and light bulbs. It’s kind of sad, but he chose this. He left his family during an opportunity to talk with them because he didn’t want to face them any longer and went to eat dinner with Angie who was outside the house. Angie is hated by her “second mother” that has loved her and provided for her since she was a little girl. She’s still mourning her father’s death. Despite these troubles, both have decided that they would be happy as long as they have each other. Angie returns to work…omg..I just remembered she is a lawyer. Wow, there was no point in giving her a position as a lawyer if Kenix isn’t going to be given that much court dealings. And Marcus says Angie is career oriented and always wanted to be a full corporate lawyer? Geez….how blind love is.

    Angie sees Rene on the streets but Rene turns around to walk the other way. Angie tracks her down though and asks to talk to Rene. Angie wants Rene’s forgiveness and wants her wishes but Rene refuses. Angie claims that Rene wouldn’t understand because she’s never loved before (wow…and she says she’s Rene’s friend? That’s kind of mean to say -_-;;; ). Rene of course rebutted that statement…

    Rene: How would you know?! (calms down) True, secretly being in love with someone is difficult but it doesn’t negate what you’ve done wrong.
    Angie: But love should only be between two people’s business and I really don’t think there should be a right or wrong.

    Rene: (in disbelief) Two people’s business? Connie and the children are in so much pain and difficulties. Big brother and mom are in dispute…even me, because of you two, I for no reason was scolded by mom. Is your love relationship still still two people’s business?
    (Angie suddenly realizes)

    Big brother chose you, I can’t stop it but what I mind the most is that mom kicked big brother out of the Cheuk family. He doesn’t even have his position as CEO. He’s got nothing better to do than to help Dai Jung Koon change light bulbs. Do you know how much that hurts my heart? Career to brother is also important! Maybe in front of you, he acts like he is happy but he really isn’t!

    I was so annoyed that Angie thought love is only two people’s business and no one else. But in reality, the relationship does affect other people and the people you affect makes it their business two. It’s definitely not just about two people and the fact that she thought of it that way…I mean…aren’t you a lawyer? Haha… but in general I’m really glad Rene pointed that out. I love this perspective from Rene because that beginning like I type up also talks about her and Yat Ming. They may love each other but Rene knows that just because she loves him deep inside, it doesn’t mean she’s going to be with him because Yat Ming is her second brother even if just same father. And like the script is all about like mother like daughter as well. Rene has a really strong relationship with Connie and her nieces and nephews. She cant just forgive and accept Angie. I mean I really loved the sister in law relationship as well, and I mean now Rene lost her sister in law, her nephews, her brother who is kicked out and a depressed mother.

    While Angie now realizes she really needs to do something, but it just seems like the actions aren’t enough anymore for Mu Ma. I don’t blame Mu Ma and I also pity Angie because being a third wheel isn’t easy either. I’m beginning to see in Mu Ma’s expressions and eyes though that she slightly felt guilty for playing a trick on Angie. Of course, that’s washed away when news spread out from an insider that Angie had actually fell down the stairs to be closer to Marcus. Mu Ma was furious with Angie for tricking her and she had treated her so well. Angie realizes what she’s done is all over the news and decides to go and explain to Mu Ma. When Angie and Marcus arrives at the Cheuk mansion though, paparazzi is hounding Mu Ma and the grandchildren. Wanting to protect the children, Mu Ma gets out of the car since that driver is TOTALLY USELESS!!! Mu Ma gets hit with a microphone and her anger builds up as the paparazzi are scaring the little kids. The paparazzi hound her with the same question , “You say this women [Angie] is not your daughter in law, then what do you treat her as?”

    Mu Ma blurts out, “!!!!!!!”

    Angie is shocked and hurt by the comment. Marcus is in an awkward position, unsure of what to do so he drives off. The paparazzi follows them. Mu Ma then realizes they were there and you can see that there is a slight guilt in her. To be honest, I don’t think she meant to use such a harsh term but she’s obviously really upset to find out Angie had schemed her way in previously and that now due to the affair, she and the rest of the family were being disturbed by the press.

    The question is: Should Mu Ma forgive Angie and accept her?? In other words TEAM CONNIE OR TEAM ANGIE??? (TEAM MARCUS IS OUT OF THE QUESTION)

    Once again, I love everyone's acting in such an emotional state. While I am annoyed by some of the characters, I don't hate the actual actor or actress. I know they are just acting (sadly some people don't?)

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