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    Friday, November 20, 2009

    Born Rich Episode 21 - 24 Review

    Originally I wanted to review for this week, but so much has happened...I just cant summarize it. So I will just review the episode i last saw which had me GRIPPING on my chair.

    Nothing Left to Hold Onto

    Connie (Jamie Chik) and Marcus (Ray Lui) have undergone many problems since Marcus had been kidnapped. As a result, he turned to Angie (Kenix Kwok) for support and their love becomes undeniable. The affair begins and honestly...I can't believe these two adults. While it was undeniable that their support that they received from each other was touching, but the two side - ness of Marcus disgusted me. On one side he's saying that he wants to reconcile with Connie and the other moment he goes and calls Angie out for dates.

    As Chinese saying goes "Paper Can Not Cover Fire." It just so happens YatMing (Gallen Lo) happens to catch the two and he slowly schemes his way into convincing Connie to catch them on the affair. None other than Valentines Day to do this.

    Marcus wanted to fulfill Angie's wish for being able to date in public. Like it is sweet that a man does that, but you have a wife!!! And to do this on Valentines Day????!! So Marcus claims that he's going on a business trip to Sabah which was discovered by YatMing. YatMing convinces Connie to surprise him and go to Sabah to celebrate Valentines Day with him. The most heart breaking though was that Connie who was really hoping to mend the relationship with Marcus was really looking forward to surprising him. Only to find him kissing passionately with Angie.

    I think Jamie Chik did a wonderful job in this episode, the pain, the anger, the shock. It was well performed!

    Connie lied that she couldn't get into Sabah to the rest of the family. It was so sad. Then her children discovered the pearl necklace Marcus had gave her as a Valentines Day's present. But it lost all symbolism ..the unity and the love between then was not everlasting. Hence the necklace shattered and all Connie could do was hold her children and cry.

    Due to a "incident" Rene (Anita Yuen) found out that Marcus was calling Angie a lot. She decides to follow Marcus who indeed was out on a date with Angie. Angered, Rene took her cellphone out to capture the incident.

    Rene confronts both parties and tells them to stop. Stop before they ruin the Cheuk Family. Stop before they ruin the Cheuk Reputation. Stop because Angie and Rene were once friends, and if this continues she's afraid their friendship is forced to end. Stop before Connie finds out.

    Eventually Mu Ma (Nancy Sit) and Chuk (Lai Siu Ming) is told of the situation. Mu Ma pressures Marcus to mend the marriage and to not follow his father's footsteps. Stop before Connie finds out. Mu Ma tells him he is to take vacation to fix the problem. If not, Mu Ma and Chuk Sir will strip his title away. And just like Yat Ming had planned, Cosmo Bank operations will be handed to his control if Marcus doesn't fix the problem

    The dramatic irony is that Connie does know and she's waiting for Marcus to tell her the truth. Angie doesn't want to ruin the Marcus' family and can no longer handle the stress of being the vixen. Marcus promises her that he would make a decision that would treat Angie fairly. WHAT ABOUT CONNIE?!!!

    How disappointed Connie was that when Marcus went home, he was not there to confront his wrongdoings. But to claim for a DIVORCE. what the hell??!!! Sadly, Connie herself was intending on a divorce too and the scene was soo sad!!!! Connie already signed the papers herself all that was needed to complete the divorce was Marcus' signature. The emotions within that room seem so tense and lost of all hope. Connie was fed up, she lost all hopes. Marcus believes he's too deeply in love with Angie and Angie is the one he owes his love to. Marcus is handed the divorce papers and he gets ready to sign it....

    Mu Ma storms into the room with Rene and Yatming. All three of them have obviously been listening in. Mu Ma takes the divorce papers away and claims that she wouldn't allow the divorce. She yells at Marcus and promises Connie she would fix everything. This scene was just as pitiful to watch because Mu Ma herself doesn't really know what to do. She just doesn't want them to divorce and her plan was to lock them in their room and force them to talk it out. She claims she wants them to be back together again the next day for breakfast. It's so sad though, because Mu Ma is promising she will defend Connie but she herself knows she doesn't know what to do.

    In other words, the entire family will be under this "false hope" which is what they all have to hold onto at the moment....


    Just as this episode is all about Mu Ma supporting Connie...the commercial for episode 25 shows Connie wanting to file a divorce no matter what and that she wants the children to be with her. Mu Ma says something about Marcus and that Connie can not take the children away. If she does, she and Marcus will sue her! 0.0 What?!!!! That was not expected.....but I guess we'll have to see what's going on in episode 25!!


    P.S i love how this series doesn't always go as predicted. Like honestly I thought they would have done the recent TVB trend..of making the VIXEN evil and such. Making the mother be the angel who makes everything better. Having Marcus & Angie break apart instead. But instead, Angie I wouldn't say is evil. She just takes relationships too seriously. Mu Ma is definitely a fresh air in terms of motherly characters. Not the usual "SUDDENLY, MOM WILL SAVE THE DAY." And definitely unexpected that Marcus doesn't go home to repent and apologize to Connie. But to FILE A DIVORCE!! "Marcus, you're the one who is wrong!" as Mu Ma says. I thought it would just be Connie's wishes only, but Marcus wants it too?!!

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