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    Monday, November 9, 2009

    Born Rich Episode 06 -15

    I sincerely apologize for the late post. Originally I was suppose to post weekly but it’s been really hard for me since I feel like I’m always running out of time to do my work and studying. Haha, but nonetheless I am still watching one episode everyday because I simply love Born Rich. I don’t want to over spoil, but I have a feeling I would. There’s too much I have to comment on. Therefore: SPOILERS ALERT!!

    A Warm Mother - Daughter Relationship

    Probably the warmest episode is episode 06 of this series up to date. Or maybe it’s because it’s the only episode (other than episode 07) where Mu Jie (Nancy Sit) isn’t scolding at Connie (Jamie Chik) or Marcus (Ray Lui). Funny, Yat Sum never seems to get yelled at, and this episode shows why. I finally saw the “substitute” Nancy Sit and well you don’t really notice the real one isn’t there. I didn’t notice at first until I saw how the scenes were shot kind of weird. I’m envious of this substitute, she got a piggy back with Gallen Lo!! And she was near so many TVB stars!!

    Anyways, Yat Ming (Gallen Lo) and Sa Bo Jai (Kenneth Ma) originally intended on tricking Mu Jie in some way, but it was as if fate allowed them to meet a villager who had buried Sung Hei’s body. It was heaven’s decision to make it all the more easier for Yat Ming to gain Mu Jie’s trust as she is grateful for his help. Yat Ming is a pretty good story teller, making things seem as pitiful as possible yet also genuinely true. Mu Jie was also easy to lure because her biggest weakness is her husband, Sung Hei. She hates him for having the affair but I think 40 years of what seemed like a happy marriage made her willing to accept his mistake. Since the series is a bit fast paced, and especially since one episode can have many days within, I guess I can accept that she liked him so quickly. That and since Yat Ming is such a good swindler with his “good boy” actions.

    My favourite part of this episode though would most likely be seeing how Yat Sum was taking it. Anita Yuen is such a good actress; she really portrays the emotions quiet well. Yat Sum is like her mother --Mu Jie, both very direct people who say very critical or mean things but are generally nice people. Yat Sum clearly is upset that the father who she thought was one of the ideal men in the world was also a liar too. She’s also a family person and since she found out about the affair, she’s been standing by her mother’s side. It’s no wonder she was disturbed by her mother’s change in behavior. Of course, Mu Jie then confronts her daughter about how she’s felt since Sung Hei went missing and how she’s realized her behavior had influenced Yat Sum to dislike this “second brother.” Most importantly, I love the line,
    “Now your father has gained a son, but I don’t want him to lose a daughter.”

    Star Crossed Lovers? Yat Ming and Yat Sum

    Paired with the two-time movie queen, Anita Yuen, Gallen Lo is definitely up to par in terms of acting ---then again he is three time TVB Best Actor. There is so much unspoken emotions that they both deliver so well, that it makes everything all the more heart gripping. When Yat Sum found out that this swindler she’s fallen in love with was actually her second brother, Yat Ming it was intense. Through the actor/actresses’ acting, you can really read the “what the hell is going on” emotions in the characters. When Yat Sum revealed that Yat Ming was a swindler who kidnapped her, Yat Ming was still able to come up with a story to cover up for his actions. Yat Ming decided to pick money over love.

    It was even sadder when Yat Sum finally acknowledged him as her second brother. The dialogues for that scene didn’t reveal anything but you can see through their expressions that there is that feeling that they are hiding their love for each other. It’s so sad because this scene symbolized that Yat Sum and Yat Ming can’t be together and they have to admit it. The music also came in really well during this part because it actually felt like a big decision has been made but there is sadness to it. They are trying really hard to accept the fact that they are siblings but that unrequited love is so evident! I love Anita Yuen & Gallen Lo!!!! Throughout these two weeks episodes, Yat Sum has accepted Topman (Joe Ma). While I find it cute and funny between Yat Sum and Topman but you can really tell Yat Sum still hasn’t gotten over Yat Ming. Whenever they see each other, there is this pain in their eyes and it’s so sad!!! But Yat Ming has made the decision to choose money and he’s regretting it.

    The Swindler: Yat Ming

    Yat Ming, with the help of Mu Jie, has finally gotten a position at Cosmo Bank. He’s planning a way to make money for himself through the projects he finds out at the bank. I found it so frustrating because time and time again, he’s doing something wrong that is affecting the bank’s reputation and his brother’s reputation. Yat Ming is trying to do things too quickly without knowing the policies and the procedures. It was thanks to him that Marcus couldn’t get the award his father had once gotten. It was so depressing to see Marcus played by Ray Lui look back out at the empty hall where he should have gotten his award it. The sadness can be seen in the eyes because he really has been working hard to be as successful as his father. The opportunity came in which he would win an award the proved that, but thanks to Yat Ming, he lost it. But the main reason he was upset was the fact that Yat Ming wouldn’t tell him the truth. Marcus has always been very patient with Yat Ming’s mistakes because he realizes that Yat Ming may not have been properly brought up due to the poor conditions he grew up in. Marcus feels obliged to provide the family support Yat Ming should have gotten over the past 30 years and he knows that he knows too little about this “little brother.” And it was due to Marcus putting up with Yat Ming’s mistakes that eventually led to his own depressed state.

    At the same time, you can’t help but feel bad for Yat Ming when he does do something right. He did feel guilty for what he does and he puts lots of efforts into his work. When he does do something good, the spotlight is instead given to his Marcus. It’s as if no matter what he does, he can’t compare to the abilities of Marcus. Yat Ming being the optimist took if well and was able to brush it off with the help of Yan. But I predict that these feelings will continue to build up. He will eventually be pushed into thinking that Marcus thinks lowly of him. I look forward to the development in Yat Ming’s character and I of course look forward to more Gallen!

    A Time Bomb Love Triangle

    Since Marcus doesn’t want to burden his family with his woes, he tried to suppress all his feelings. At this point in time, Angie (Kenix Kwok) decides to comfort him and eventually old sparks begin to fly between them. This is when the very witty and careful dialogues come into play between Connie (Jamie Chik) and Angie. Angie is set on the fact that Marcus is still in love with her but Connie was in the way. Angie makes use of an incident to get closer to the Cheuk Family. Angie is loved by Mu Jie as Angie is indeed a very sweet lady and they are very close in friendship. Connie who is Mu Jie’s daughter in-law doesn’t seem to get along with Mu Jie as much. As a result, Angie gains the love of Mu Jie who always compares Connie to Angie. It’s rather frustrating to see the way Mu Jie seems to scold Connie yet at the same time, she has some classic dialogues. The comments towards Connie are very mean and b*tchy yet nonetheless it’s hilarious to an outsider. Thus, I actually feel really bad for Connie. She seems to have lost her balance in the family as she is threatened by Angie’s presence in the house.

    Angie is definitely a refreshing role for me to see Kenix in. The character is so complex and so…crazy. It’s creepy how love can make someone lose their judgment and become so scheming. Kenix’s eyes and her smirks just send chills to my spine. I actually think Angie’s character is evil in a way, even if she’s doing it out of love and she’s mentally disturbed. Kenix has so far done a fantastic job playing this role. While I like Kenix, she really has made me hate Angie who doesn’t seem to be able to let go of the past. The way she taunts Connie and schemes against the family just makes me hate Angie. I have never really imagined Kenix as a vixen nor did I ever imagine her to play such a complex role that is disrupted by love. Bravo to Kenix! Angie is really willing to do anything to be with Marcus, even if it means putting her own life on the line. I hope I don’t hate Angie all the way, but at the moment I really do, especially since I’m on “TEAM: CONNIE.”

    The Pitiful Daughter In-Law

    I’ve liked Connie since the time I saw how she took the news of the husband she was about to marry to have had an affair. Connie was so calm and smart in the way she handled things. I love how she tries to solve the problems of the family and while she does have her own views, she nonetheless supports Marcus no matter what. Jamie Chik has made me like Connie all the more. I guess it is that bold voice and Jamie is really pretty for her age as well. I think she kept really well despite leaving the entertainment industry long ago. She’s sometimes like a really pretty doll and she looks so peaceful. Side note: they finally gave Jamie some better clothes to wear!!! Thank you!! The previous vest looks were kind of “ew” for a wealthy lady. Especially since her side of the family is even richer than the Cheuks! Jamie’s acting is also not bad since she hasn’t acted in a very long time (Ray has been filming mainland dramas even though we haven’t seem him in awhile). I feel so bad for the way Connie is treated in this household and sometimes I think she is stupid in some of the things she does. Like when she spoiled her mother in-laws’s plans she knew what she was going to get. If she simply agreed and done what Mu jeh wanted, she wouldn’t have caused herself all this trouble. But it really shows that Connie will stick to her beliefs and wouldn’t change it if she strongly believes in it. Since Angie’s entrance into the scene, Connie has begun to lose her calmness. She’s threatened by Angie who seems to not respect Connie at all. The dialogues between each other are so well written in the sense that they both have to keep this calmness to it but there has to be some sort of rebuttal within it. Connie has confronted her feelings to Marcus and as much as Marcus is trying, I know that next week he’s not going to keep his promise. ARGH!!!! Mu Jie is also making Connie’s life difficult because she constantly thinks that Connie feels she is better than her since she comes from a rich family. I also feel Connie’s pain whenever Mu Jie claim how much she likes Angie more. At the same time, Angie conceals her true self very well, the moment she is with other people, she acts differently. At the same time, I can see why Mu Jeh thinks the way she does.

    To be honest, Connie should have expected this coming, since she was the one who started it by claiming that she can ask her family to buy shares from an executive member of Cosmo Bank. The way she said it showed that she is from a wealthy background herself. She is “Born Rich” while Mu Jie and Juk Sir built up their wealth. There’s obvious difference in status there too. I mean they lack the wealthy blood running in them or the etiquettes to be one. They say it takes 3 generations of wealth in ordered for a person to be considered to be a wealthy person. Mu Jeh seems more conscious of the fact that she has a low-class background as a singer and worries that Connie looks down on them. She’s conscious to the fact that her son might be looked down upon and since Connie made that comment in Episode 2, it is no wonder she has that argument.

    I am awaiting the part when Mu Jeh goes to Connie’s side when Marcus actually develops the affair. It would be nice that Connie gets some strong support because at the moment, she really isn’t. She’s practically fighting this battle by herself in order to keep her family together. But to be fair to Angie as well, it’s really Marcus’ fault for having the affair ten years ago when he should have been filial to Connie if he really loved her. And he really shouldn’t be having feelings for two women at the same time.

    Next Week:

    The trailer for episode 16 reveals that Marcus eventually does have an affair with Angie. I have a feeling he was doing it mainly because he wanted to help her become emotionally stabilized but he eventually got too carried away. At the same time, Marcus is KIDNAPPED!!! The scene was so scary because everyone in this bank (in another country) was shot and then he was the only one left. It is said that this plot led to the change in Marcus’s behaviour and eventually the broken marriage. I’m so excited to see what happens even though I’ll be cursing while watching. BORN RICH!!!!

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