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    Saturday, October 24, 2009

    Episode 01 – 05 Born Rich Thoughts

    Hmmm…TVB must have reverted back into a certain style. Many says its like the 80s – 90s style where its more about a build up of plot rather than some sort of dramatic storyline thing. Is it true? I have no idea since I watched the 80s/ 90s drama when I was a little girl…so I don’t quite remember. But I did notice that in recent years there really has been this dramatic drama sort of thing and scheming related stuff.

    I was definitely surprised at how quick paced Born Rich is. I mean, a lot of stuff happens in an episode and unlike many series; they don’t linger too long on anything. So it’s not like focusing on one aspect for too long. Instead there are multiple views on stuff.

    I think this weeks episodes were a built up to what’s going to happen. So of course, characters are still being introduced, but a little bit more about them throughout the episodes. So technically, it’s really hard to pinpoint what everyone’s personality is like at the moment (unless you are like me…and read TVB’s character biographies…HEHE). Every episode I always feel like my views or knowledge about them changes. They don’t seem to just pause on one characteristic, which is pretty nice. Also a lot of stuff, the series doesn’t suddenly decide explain things. You see scenes where you know it signifies something but they don’t go on to explain it really quickly. I also really like how from the beginning there is also a bit of foreshadowing to the idea of an affair. The parents had an affair break into the family and it looks like the oldest son, Ray Lui will be having one too...

    The Characters That Jumped out to Me:

    Gallen Lo

    I just love Gallen! He's simply fantastic as this swindler. You can tell he is a nice guy and he’s in love with Anita Yuen. But he needs to make a living and he chose to be a swindler. But even as a swindler, he has some morals and doesn’t want to physically hurt anyone. I absolutely adore his relationship with Kenneth Ma. Haha…Dai Sa Bo and Sai Sa Bo! Lols! Kenneth is really cute too in this series...he really listens to his brother and is very kid like.
    I look forward to Gallen becoming evil. At the moment, his character is bad...but not evil. But due to certain events Gallen WILL become evil and I look forward to it!

    Kenneth Ma is adorable!!!!

    Jamie Chik

    At first, I couldn't tell if Jamie was good or not. I was suspicious of her..since she seemed to always be against Nancy I thought she might have something against her. That and the way how she mentioned that her family can buy off Lau Siu Ming's shares...I really thought she was a complete snog there... But like I mentioned before, you find out something new about the character as each episode goes on...and I must say I've come to really like Jamie's character. The character is a truly rich person...meaning her wealth has lasted for a few generations now... hence she is the most sophisticated and upper class of the bunch. She's very smart and thinks of things in different perspectives. I most admire her character was how she handled being told Ray Lui had cheated on her while she was in England. Her ability to remain calm and to even cover up for Ray Lui's mistake was just baffling. She just handled it very well...thus I kind of dont like the way Ray sometimes treat her. And based on episode 5, I think the one thing that breaks her knows her husband has an affair. She can with hold being yelled at by her mother in law and such and can still remain calm. But the moment she saw Angie…there is always this sense of insecurity. Nonetheless, Jamie really has this rich status to her…and I look forward to more of her. By the way, she has nice shiny black heels. But she’s got some funny looking wardrobe.

    Nancy Sit

    Nancy Sit is currently being bombarded with either lovers or haters. Either they like Nancy Sit and her character or they don't at all. Which I find sad...because poor lady just recovers from all illness and is being so heavily criticized. How I see it? I think a lot of people don't Understand the character she portrays nor do they understand the background. Nancy Sit’s character is a show girl…she wasn’t born rich nor was her husband. She’s the straightforward type that doesn’t feel the need to be overly etiquette. Hence the character is meant to be a drama queen, a performer type person. So I think thats the dramatic aspect. I believe the script meant for Nancy’s character to be the comedic aspect of the series…and not the serious type. To be honest, I think Nancy’s a good fit for the role….this role is a flashy dramatic mother who isn’t an angel in any way. She’s just a normal mother like normal citizens, who once they get to a certain age would just become a child again. I mean I’m pretty sure many Asians may have noticed the change in their parents. They become needy and want things there way. They act up and throw tantrums and lack common sense. I mean she is playing a 60 year old woman who lived her life in a false dream. She thought her husband was the greatest man on the world, only to find after 40 something years of marriage that he had cheated on her and bore him a son. Really…don’t you guys think you would have flipped yourself??! Hence the character is also a big baby which is pretty amusing to watch sometimes. The character has a bit of wit in her…and really knows how to use the fact that she is a woman to get things her way. The “turn around” on Lau Siu Ming’s character was hilarious! But to be fair, I do think there are some parts where she doesnt have to be so strongly in emotions for. Haha

    Kenix Kwok

    I miss seeing Kenix on screen! And wow, she's pretty! I think her character is the only one who has a good relationship with the older generation and the younger. Nancy Sit, Lau Siu Ming and Woo Fung's characters all adore her. She has pretty good chemistry with them all. I absolutely enjoyed her legal scenes, haha all very nicely delivered! I haven't seen any more of her...but I kind of fear of seeing the vixen Kenix. Haha..because as we all know, Kenix and Ray's love for each other resurfaces and Kenix's character takes relationships really seriously. I was watching the trailer for Kenix's character, Angie and Angie is really creepy when fighting for people she loves. *SHIVERS* I also must say, Kenix has a really nice wardrobe!! Hehe...

    Anita Yuen

    Anita truly expresses her two time Best Movie Actress titles in her acting. I really like Anita's character Especially her relationship with the two men. She’s lovey dovey towards Gallen but a bickering pair with Joe Ma. I can’t choose between the two relationships. I like both. Anita seems to have really good chemistry with all the cast. She’s friends with everyone practically and her relationship with Ray is funny too. She’s a mix of comedy and mix of seriousness. Nonetheless you can tell her fieriness is inherited from her mother (as she mentioned in the news ). She’s also quite smart in handling situations…I especially love it when she schemes against Joe Ma! Hilarious! I look forward to more Anita Yuen scenes. I wonder whether or not her character will change throughout the story?
    Anita Yuen is really pretty!! ha ha..

    anyways..thats my input for now.. i hope everyone would give this series a chance...

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