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    Friday, September 18, 2009

    Tavia Yeung Spotlight: Dining With the Netizens 2

    Lavendar_Bluez:Welcome to episode 2 of Dining With the Netizens. I [Lavendar_Bluez] am your host and this is a segment of Behind the Glamour. Dining With the Netizens seeks to interview netizen's opinion on the spotlighted artist. Today is episode two of Tavia Yeung Spotlight: Dining With the Netizens. Tonight my guest is Flor.a, a recognizable fan of Tavia Yeung Fans Online many others are [just in case that offended other fans].

    Note: Flor.a was not chosen due to her status as my sister. [Don't look at me like that...TVB does it too...XP]

    Today, I have chosen to eat Korean food, as it she is a big fan of Korean celebrities. But before I present the food, let's welcome, Flor.a -->Co-Webmistress of Tavia Yeung Network

    Flor.a: *smiles..devil-shly* Edit anything out that’s too blunt, I tried to…not go off topic and rant. But I swear, I didn’t attack any individual

    Lavendar_Bluez: Haha...In case anyone is I did not edit anything didn't seem offensive...but if anyone does think so, feel free to tell us...we'll cut that scene from our DVD/International release version. :D
    Now let's present the side dishes/appetizers that are served before every Korean cuisine [at least the ones I've been to..]

    My favourite are the kimchi [dish far left in the front] and the seasoned bean sprout. They're always the first to be eaten! I simply adore the spicy but a bit of sourness in kimchi...which is spicy cabbage that's been pickled in a variety of seasonings.

    Lavendar_Bluez: So Flor.a, when did you start liking Tavia Yeung? I mean my memory is poor...I like making stuff up when I forget..Hehe...

    Flor.a: For an exact date, I started liking her in 2005…around March I think. Haha, it was when Ron, Joe and Myolie visited my area when Triumph in the Skies was airing.

    Lavendar_Bluez: Yes. I think you mentioned that to me...I think. Wow, so you've been a fan for 4 years then! What do you like about her?

    Flor.a: Solely about her work, I like the fact that she’s not just another pretty face. It’s her ability to make it so far from being in the acting class, especially in her generation. Maybe I’m being ignorant but I don’t think any female artiste from this generation that came from acting classes has made it this far. I’m not saying that pageant winners suck because it’s not necessarily true ‘cause I love Fala and I think she’s doing great as an actress and I’m looking out for Koni. So basically, I admire Tavia for working her way up from the bottom and to be able to find acknowledgement. And then of course, there’s what I like about Tavia off-screen, how she just makes friends with everyone. There’s such a large age range in her friends because I know ever since Dicey Business she’s great friends with Jessica and then she’s friends with those that are younger than too. Hahaha, and also being able to have so many male friends in the entertainment industry as well.

    Lavendar_Bluez: Hmmm...I think I might agree...but then again I only know Tavia Yeung is an acting graduate. And I think Tavia is playful too, she seems like the type who doesn't mind pranks and such. Our next dish, well order is...

    One of my usual orders, as I just don't know what to pick half the time. Nonetheless, Kimchi Chigae is a delicious and flavourful stew made with kimchi, scallions, onions, diced tofu, and seafood! As we have to save room for the rest of the meal, Flor.a and I will be sharing this =]

    So then, what is production do you think Tavia best performed in?

    Flor.a:This question’s hard to answer! Umm, I think she performs well in all her series but I guess probably Moonlight Resonance. It’s the series where she outshined others despite only being in a supporting role. It’s also the series where I felt Tavia was actually recognized. I’m gonna have faith that this won’t be the production where she performs best in though, as she still has many productions ahead of her. I know that she’s going to gain more experience with each series and continue to improve. So I’m not going to say that any series is where she performed best in to limit her, but it’s just a valid excuse so I don’t have to answer the question directly…hahaha.

    Lavendar_Bluez: T_T. Very clever. Well...recently many TVB actors have entered the singing industry and Tavia has commented that she would like to have a singing career. What are your thoughts?

    I hope she doesn’t do it. I’m a fan of her acting and of her and well, if she does venture into the singing industry I will wholeheartedly support her. But still, I hope she doesn’t. Hahaha, I think that if Tavia wants to sing she should stick to singing themesongs and sub songs. To be honest, the only TVB artiste [in this generation] that has found success in the singing industry is Raymond. But I mean if Tavia wants to and she gets the chance…why not? ‘Cause the HK music is kind of umm, messed up already. And by that, I don’t mean the TVB artistes have made it that way. In my opinion it was like that even before all the TVB ‘singers’ stepped into the picture. But the HK music industry now would explain why everyone’s going kpop. I’ll reiterate myself clearly about Tavia and a singing career though, no. She can take the opportunity where the actresses are juggling both singing and acting and improve tremendously in acting :P

    Lavendar_Bluez: I quite agree. I actually feel a lot of the actors should stick to acting more than their singing. That way they can focus more and improve their acting before venturing into another segment. There's many who I really think are improving but now there time is divided. Similarly the reason why I had you share the chigae with me, was because we need to save space for...

    The BBQ portion! Mmmm....the onion juice is seeping into the meat! How flavourful it will be!

    So What do you enjoy most about being a Tavia fan?

    Flor.a: Being a FungYi fan is the best part of being a Tavia fan. Is that a possible answer? I hope I don’t sound like a hermit but it’s cause of the online family that FungYi fans have gradually built. Being able to spazz about something Tavia (or FungYi, or whatever) related or to rant about something that pisses you off. But I don’t think I would’ve been able to…’enjoy’ any of this if I wasn’t a Tavia fan. Plus, a lot of the FungYi fans are Tavia > Raymond anyways so I’d say this is a good answer, haha.

    Lavendar_Bluez: Awwws...well I'm sure the FungYi family feel the same too!Well then, I guess I know what to expect your answer to be, if I asked: If you could produce a series, what would Tavia's role be? Who would be her colleagues in the series? Feel free to describe as much as you want.

    Flor.a: *There's a sudden flicker in Flor.a's eyes....*
    Oh, you really shouldn’t have given this question to me, I have a feeling I’ll type you an essay. I think it’s because I haven’t seen Tavia in any strong independent roles that I really want to see her in one. She doesn’t necessarily have to be a business woman or even anything of that nature. Someone that doesn’t really give a crap but has a sentimental side to her, I think that’d be cool. Yeah, it would…independent and cool but isn’t afraid to show her weak side either. I hope there’s a selfish side to it because I’ve grown to hate those perfect roles that TVB scripts, the selfishness would make the role more realistic. I know it’s hard enough to even get a FungYi series but I don’t care, haha if I’m producing the series it’s gonna be Raymond and Tavia. Hahaha, I’m getting so excited and I don’t think it’s good be day dreaming like this, but I’d really, really want Louis & Jessica and FungYi in one series. I’m aware that this is completely unrealistic because it’s hard enough to get FungYi, hard to get Louis to film for TVB, harder to make it LJ nowadays and near impossible to have both FungYi and LJ in a series together. I’m going to refrain myself from naming all the older generation fa dans like Kenix and Flora even though I’d like them in it too. And I’d want BerMo, Fala and Koni in it. And promote Oscar and Fred to larger roles and give those Mr HKs that’s been getting all these roles without being able to bring them to life a kick in the butt. Haha, I’m also aware that act doesn’t make a nice person. This will sound contradicting but I don’t like or want love triangles (because I have the typical love triangle in my head) but I kind of want infidelity and angst. Possibly watching them cry will make me cry. However, I’d prefer to bawl watching the pain etched into their eyes and face instead of crying along with them. I think it would be a good idea to stop here.
    Lavendar_Bluez: That is why i suggest Flor.a to go into creative! I just gave everyone a free review of a future drama production..LOL!

    Well then, I would like to thank Flor.a for accepting this interview. It was all very amusing for me and I learned a bit more about Tavia myself! Let's wish Tavia gets more opportunities in the future! Cheers!

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