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    Thursday, August 13, 2009

    General Info:
    As most of you would know, the Behind the Glamour has a "fan-ter-view" section on the spotlighted person. Dining With the Netizens is a segment of the feature where your webmistress, I..Lavendar_Bluez will interview...and some what dine with the selected netizens to discuss about the spotlighted artiste. The Interviews will be seperated into segments where I dine with one netizen at a time prevent fights in case anything happens you know? Now I shall start the ..ahem...meal?

    Tavia Yeung Spotlight: Dining with the Netizens - Hyn5

    Lavendar_Bluez: Welcome to Dining with the Netizens and I [Lavendar_Bluez] will be your host today.

    Today we will be eating in a sushi parlor and our guest is none other than Hyn5. For those of you who do not know, Hyn5 is the webmistress of the informative blog Hyn5 @ Fortune City. She's recognized as being the one with many interesting tidbits on upcoming TVB productions and behind the scenes of the TVB world. She's recognizable in the Online TVB English World [but she very humbly denies it...sigh..such humbleness] Let's welcome her....

    Hyn5: Hi Lavendar_Bluez!! I didn't know your name is [CENSORED]! That's a very nice name. :D

    Lavendar_Bluez: haha thanks!! i like your name too --[CENSORED]!!
    Thank you for accepting my interview, it's short but requires paragraph answers..possibly [ laughs]

    For appetizers, we have seaweed salad! The delicious sesame-ness makes it very addictive. Hopefully Hyn5 likes it....but well she can't control today's menu.

    Hyn5: I would be happy to accept an interview from you. As long as you have them in question form I will answer them. :) [One can tell Hyn5 is a very happy person and very nice too!]

    Lavendar_Bluez: You seem like someone who really love the older generation, but I noticed Tavia is one of your favourites. What is it that you like about Tavia Yeung?

    Hyn5:I really admire Tavia's personality. She is straight-forward and outgoing. As an artiste, she understands her position very well in TVB, and that is focusing on acting. Her acting is natural; it does not seem as though she is "acting" it out. She is able to convince the audience to believe that she is an ancient person that knows kung fu. Tavia's crying skills are controlled and not forced.

    Lavendar_Bluez: I think so too, she makes me really believe she is that character. And her crying has definitely been acknowledged many times by her seniors. I always cry with actors who make me believe it's really painful what they are going through.

    This is dragon [tempura] roll ---very delicious indeed. I enjoy the crispy eel and eel sauce that's drizzled all along it. And the only time I like avocado is with of for now.

    Lavendar_Bluez: There have been many analogies of younger generation becoming the next older generation. And there's been many talks about fa dans becoming #1 sisters at TVB. What are your opinions about Tavia becoming the new generation of Dong Ka Fa Dans or are they simply irreplaceable? [I anticipated the answer...despite knowing what the answer might be]

    Hyn5: The "Dong Ka Fa Dans" are very distinctive, and their acting roads are different. They each have their own strengths in playing specific roles. That is why the "Dong Ka Fa Dans" do not overlap each other. Their images and unique acting define them as a "Dong Ka Fa Dan". I do not see any of the younger generation of fa dans replacing the "Dong Ka Fa Dans" because Tavia and the other younger actresses have their own style. The audience cannot expect young actresses to be like the "Dong Ka Fa Dans". We live in a world of change. The roles found in today's TVB series were not considered to be a leading role back then. I believe the thing that differentiates Tavia from the other younger actresses is that Tavia is more experienced and more polished.

    Lavendar_Bluez: Ah....well said. Hyn5 is very insightful and best explains many of our thoughts. If it were me, I'd be talking in circles and no one would really understand my point [smiles sheepishly]

    Before we have our desert, I know present the Sashimi boat....the part where we don't get stuffed with rice...=]

    Time to dip into wasabi & soy sauce =]

    Lavendar_Bluez: To conclude this interview, I'll end off with a nice "IF" question. If you were to choose a role that you think Tavia would portray well, which role would it be?

    Hyn5: [she thought for a moment and I saw a sparkle in the pair of eyes] I am looking forward to her evil role in "Beyond the Realm of Conscience" because it is a role that Tavia has not portrayed in the past. It is also a character for Tavia to explore her acting and really show the audience what she can do. Another role that I would like Tavia to try to portray is a girl with a physical disability such as a mute. I believe Tavia would play this role very well because Tavia has a pair of windows to the soul in acting. When people smile with only their mouths, the smile can be fake, but when the eyes are included in the smile, then the smile is real. Tavia understands how to use her eyes in acting, and she uses them well.

    Lavendar_Bluez: Haha...Hyn5 makes me responses look bad, but nonetheless expresses what I think similarly. Since this wasn't a real conversation between me and her, I will now go to the dessert...

    Well, I present two deserts that seems to always be available:

    Green Tea Ice Cream....~


    That concludes tonight's dining and it was absolutely enjoyable. Come back next time to see where we eat next and who we talk to next and what my questions are.[ Yes...each guest gets different questions that specially created. ]

    I would like to thank Hyn5 again for taking the time to dine with me! I enjoyed the interview and I enjoyed learning more views on Tavia. Seems like we have some similar thoughts but you put it out better than i do..LOL! Thanks again!!!

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