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    Saturday, August 29, 2009

    On Saturday, August 22, 2009, something truly powerful sparked and revealed some deep dark secrets. Kerry! TkN! And everything L_B! These are the ingredients to the perfect combination

    But Professor Lavendar_Bluez accidentally added one ingredient to the concoction: gossip


    Thus, the interview on MetalAZNWarrior was born. Using their ultra knowledge on MAW, KforTVB, TVB Guide and In Love With TVB have come together to reveal the juiciest gossip about MetalAZNWarrior and other silly facts.

    BEWARE: reading gossip is known to cause fatigue or drowsiness due to the intense focus of the eyes…..

    August 22, 2009:

    A message was sent to a selected few [who I had on my contact list] who were friends or readers of MetalAZNWarrior:

    [9:01pm]-- As a personal part for MetalAZNWarrior's retirement, I would like to interview some of his close friends or readers to do a spotlight on him. It will act as a commemoration of his works or things he's done for the online community. Both readers and himself will enjoy re-living the moments [Metal himself does not know about it will be quite amusing for him] .

    The interview will involve only a few email that it'd seem like a real conversation/interview. As I know everyone is busy lately, I just wanted to ask if you were interested in taking this interview. I look forward to your response, whether or not you accept :D



    [TkN: 21:02:53]-- Sure thing. Do I need to provide the juicy gossips? :P lol j/k

    [Lavendar_Bluez: 9:10pm]--
    hahah yes you's a personal interview....

    speaking of which.... well i happen to google "virtues of harmony" in order to have met metalaznwarrior...
    how did you meet him?? i mean..did everyone like me..decide to google VOH?

    **Note: seems Like I'm the only one that found him through Google..AHAHAHA

    and you seem to have known him longer..and well since you're status is closer...hehe... how would you describe his personality? i mean..many of us readers may have misjudged should probably clarify :D

    [TkN: 21:20:49] --So the interview has started? I'm to answer how did we meet and how I would describe his personality?

    [Lavendar_Bluez: 9:33pm]-- yes...this is conversational...

    dont worry..u can reply whenever u want..:D

    [TkN: 22:20:53]--

    1. As I've always enjoyed Ada's acting abilities, I was very intrigued with her "comeback" show - Dance of Passion. So I was visiting forums to obtain more information regarding the production. I stumbled upon Winglin's forum for TVB series. Then I saw an ad posted by MetalAZNWarrior about his satire on the "Lady in Red" album cover. Curious, I clicked and got my first peek at TVB Musings. I enjoyed the piece for its witty writing and was soon among his constant visitors.

    2. His personality? That's quite a vague question. At the moment, I offer one word: honest. Feel free to ask more specifics. :P

    [Lavendar_Bluez: 11:14 pm] --
    AHhhh...hahah i remember that...that was pretty funny!! ooo i thought u guys knew each other longer than that..o.0 lol... well then what has been you're favourite post of his ??

    honest eh?....what fruit would you use to best describe him then???

    what would you find most likable about him? AD???...he posted an ad for his satires???

    Sunday, August 23, 2009

    [TkN: 00:18:48 ]--

    Back then, TVB Musings was very new so little knew of it. He thus posted an announcement at Winglin to gain readers. It worked. :P

    My favorite post of his on TVB Musings? Probably the first one I read - his satire on "Lady in Red" album cover. Though I suspect I'll love his last entry too. He has a way with intros and endings. :P

    A fruit to describe him? I'd say an apple because it has enough familiarity so that everyone can regard it as a "safe choice". It's also very dependable.

    What do I find most likable about him? Hmm..... Well, his wit was what had attracted me. His ability to identify his own flaws and make amends continues to be one of his strongest characteristics.

    BTW, who else are you interviewing?

    [Lavendar_Bluez: 12:50am]--
    tsk's a secret :D wont tell ..LOL

    oh i see...haha..promotion..i should do now being affiliated with someone is good promotion too :D hehehe

    really...lady in red ...hmm..i actually dont know what my favourite post is.... too hard..and read too many good things....hahah ...i anticipate yet dont look forward to the last entry....well then do you have a favourite feature of TVB musings? i u like his reviews..his fun with titles..his comics...his series 411...or like his satires..or his re-castings? which one u like most? man eh?? HEHE's like saying...when he knows he has a flaw..he fixes it...then...wouldnt he become a perfect man?!!!! good catch...good catch...

    what do you like least about him...that he hasn't fixed yet??

    speaking of least....what aspect of TVB musings do you like least...?? or not your type of reading

    btw....are you a VOH fan???

    [TkN: 01:02:52]--

    My favorite feature of his? Satires. My least favorite? The focuses on Linda Chung. Since I'm not a fan of hers, the reads become tedious.

    And yes, he's definitely the family man type.

    Making efforts to overcome your flaws do not necessarily mean you can succeed at it. :P Some things are just habit, almost "innate". What do I like least about him? Geez, the article is supposed to commemorate him, then why are we discussing his flaws? :P In any case... hmm... I'd say it's his lack of self-confidence when he tries new ventures.

    And no, I'm not a VOH fan. Its humor is too nonsensical for me. Sorry, I know you love VOH. And yeah, isn't it ironic that his online world revolves around VOH and Linda but I find neither appealing? lol.

    BTW, please let me read the article before you post it. :)

    [Lavendar_Bluez: 1:08am ]--
    ahahah...sure...but its not an article..its basically what you say here is what i share...:D...i'll delete some parts if you want :D

    hehe..well im sure he'll want to know..LOL

    ah no...i just found it interesting..haha..i guess it really is opposites attract XP

    what do you think he has succeeded the most in doing? i mean he is a well recognized TVB veteran...who's marked his name in a lot of place! LOL

    what do you think you'll miss most after he retires?

    [TkN: 01:16:12 ]--
    I'd still like to see what you intend on posting before you actually post it. :)

    **this never happened because I never got a response back from I had to just post it!**

    Opposites attract, but it takes more than that to sustain the attraction. ;)

    His success in the online community? That he was able to create an impact whose works and personality are both welcomed by many.

    Actually, I don't think I'll miss "TVB Musings". He'll wrap up his blog nicely. And besides, our contacts are constant. :P

    [Lavendar_Bluez: 1:28am]-- also wrapping up this interview nicely haha...

    Any special words would feel comfortable sharing with others... for MetalAZNWarrior?

    [TkN: 01:30:29]--
    I guess we're done. :P

    [Lavendar_Bluez: 1:32am ]--
    that's really nice special words...>XP

    [TkN: 01:33:13]--

    Let me know if you have more questions. :)

    You ought to tell me who else you're interviewing though. I have the right to know. :P

    [Lavendar_Bluez: 1:17pm]--
    ahahah...i'll tell you when i've gotten my responses..LOL

    speaking of it..i just sprouted another question

    well..since you guys are close..and well i know metal likes to talk when he's not happy with stuff...what do you guys do when riots occurs or something bad happens to the blog?? do you advise him? is he easily pursuaded to cheer up..or does he eventually think it through himself??

    [TkN: 3:35:11PM]--
    I do think I'm his no.1 support system. However, online activities rarely affect him to the extent where he'd need advice. To vent, maybe, but nothing more. When it comes to being a listening ear and talking through issues, it applies only to his personal life.

    Shortly afterwards, I got a response from KTVB…


    [KTVB: 15:43:59]--
    I should be able to answer a few :)

    As KTVB likes to answer under the question, the format has changed:

    Sun, 23 Aug 2009 22:44:36

    Lavendar_Bluez: hahah...take this interview like a conversation sort of answer when you like and how you like...

    speaking of which...

    How did you come to know of MetalAZNWarrior? I mean i googled Virtues of Harmony..and his site was first on the list...and well i was amazed by the immense amount of knowledge... how bout you?


    I gotta say I don't really remember how..I must have just googled some TVB series and got to TVB Musings lol I'd drop by now and then but didn't really follow his updates. ( The most entertaining bits were still his comics! )A little while after, I started my own TVB blog and.... that was about it! lol We didn't really talk and to be honest- I found him quite intimidating back then lol . The name says it all "MetalAznWarrior"..its so long,and well...Metally lol (he seemed a bit like a snob too *cough*cough* who was just way too proud of himself lol! Don't worry, I've told him about that already haha)

    That all changed when I got to know him behind TVB Musings interface and through MSN. Something happened and we eventually got in contact with each other and we started talking. Before you know it; we became really good TVB buddies haha was good to find a online TVB friend (sorta feels like making friends when you first get into the entertainment industry haha)
    He's a nice guy afterall! (and *gasp* We're the same age XD I thought he was about 3 years older ^^;)

    Lavendar_Bluez: another question.... K-TVB, TVB Musing and TVB Index are well established websites..highly viewed by me [im a little fan =] ]... and you three have established a top affiliate did it come to be? i mean were all three of you good friends and decided to just do it? or is there some regulation that goes with it??

    **I’m so subtle again! Don’t need to thank me for revealing the mystery…[LOL..just kidding]**

    KTVB:Sounds like someone is curious :P
    It came abouts from a causal chat during January 2008 when the idea came up. Firstly, we've been good friends for a while; we support each other and appreciate each others efforts that we put into our blogs and we started relatively around the same time (so we share that common 'generation' of blogs in 2006 when there weren't that many- perhaps the 2nd generation of TVB Blogs that arose?) At that time, our blogs were continously expanding; being large and well established and most importantly- they were actively updated. Our blogs also each offered something different and unique so they complement each other quite well..

    TVB Index also fitted in that category. Despite being small back then, we both liked her quality posts and saw its potential to grow so we wanted to help her; and include her with us.
    We didn't know how long our TVB Blogs will live for/last; but we knew we would have made a difference- a contribution- to the TVB Community, together :)

    Lavendar_Bluez:are you friends or just readers? cause that leads to my future questions too HEHE =]

    KTVB:I'm more of an online friend than a reader XD both though really :P

    Mon, 24 Aug 2009 20:25:20

    Lavendar_Bluez:ahahha...its okay..i find him intimidating still.... lol..actually you and metal go under my list of superior 5s .lolz...well now that you know him...what do you think about him??

    KTVB:lol...superior 5s...XD I doubt i come out intimidating tho lol

    The first word that comes into mind is..sensitive. I think Metal is quite a sensitive person (not meaning to ruin his 'cool' image haha). I'm surprised that he actually cares when I get ticked off by him (we've had a few arguments before lol); and he'll genuinely apologize and try make up for it.

    Metal does get a bit proud of himself at times; but ah...I'll just let him be lol

    Lavendar_Bluez: guys are the same age?? look younger than 22 o.0 ...ahaha i use to think Metal was a female too LOL

    why thank you XD Yea..I'm quite surprised a guy would be so into TVB and all haha (not meaning to sterotype)

    haha i guess you can say curious for the readers...i knew about it when i first saw it...hahha..i cornered Metal until he told me XD
    **NOTE: I am not a bully…*cough cough*

    lol, I should have made something random up and see if you believed what said; or metal had said XD

    i that's how it just sprouted? haha...well the three blogs have definetely made a strong contribution...with all the latest news about TVB series...reliable reviews and everything..and all three have their uniqueness to it...:D

    what has been your favourite TVB Musing post then? what's you're favourite feature?


    I can't think of my favourite TVB Musings posts- I generally like ones I agree with HAHA Particularly don't like it when he trashes the series I love (e.g Dicey Business & Men Don't Cry XD) Favourite feature? COMICS!! I love his comics, they're hilarious! Too bad there's not that many of them...they will definitely be a feature I'll miss!

    Lavendar_Bluez: and well..i always wondered's almost like asking for a grand production with my favorite stars [well that came true]....but have you three or even two of the three ever intended on a collaborated post??

    KTVB:I actually thought about that one haha! Thought it'd be fun, but I don't think Metal liked the idea =X It sorta turned into the Top Affiliates thing instead ^^;

    Lavendar_Bluez:well since you guys are friends...and well i know Metal does talk about when he's unhappy with his posts or something... but what do you guys do as friends to deal with it? or does he even talk about it? When there are riots that occurs...what are your advices??

    Yea..I remember in the past those kinda of things did happen- either with his posts about his personal life (before his personal blog was created) or negative feedback/remarks from the readers...he'd definately come and have a chat to me about it~ especially the ones relating to his posts/blog. Because we sorta share similiar circumstances and we both own our blogs- we can sorta relate to each other. I did feel bad for whats happened, and the least I could do was listen to him express how he felt about it; let him rant about things..just letting it all out I think helps. I try to cheer him up and not let that kinda thing get to him because it really isn't worth it

    [im sorry for so much questions..haha but you're a special selection that provides a different view of Metal :D]

    no worries lol, i feel like i'm just chatting with you XD (or gossiping about him lol)

    Tue, 25 Aug 2009 22:37:03's not gossiping...more like sharing stories about the same topic..LOL's the formality..haha..i guess it takes an opportunity to really talk to rid the formality..LOL
    or well i've had times..where i wonder if i said something stupid..LOL

    KTVB:lol! I'm really not that of a formal person XD I'm quite silly most of the time (tho I try type a bit more normal in my posts haha)

    metal's proudness...well..i've never had the guts to tell assuming you havent even mentioned it to him either??

    lol XD I've told him before. He knows that's what I think of him XD

    ahaha...omg i agree...well...sometimes he doesnt realize im upset with something he's said..hem hem..wouldnt say what it was... and i guess i myself also refuse to tell someone im unhappy with i guess that just clashes...and well it leads to a big jumble of anger..from me..HAHAHA...

    haha, except for my case I think he could tell from the responses I give him back (or my lack of response) XD


    ..haha..just out of u talk in pinyin with him?? hahah...that's where alot of our problem arise from..he really likes talking in canto pinyin..and well canto..depending on how you read it..u get a different interpretation each time..LOL

    YES!! LOL He loves it...though he types it more than I do (I think its just so much easier to type in English XD) It's fun though, I feel like I have a Canto online friend (who's really viet~ quite funny actually) I like correcting his little grammar errors ^^ ^

    at the same time..i find him..very attentive to stuff..which makes me feel bad..cause i'm not very attentive...when he's doing stuff...he really puts a lot of thought into it..
    do you have a memorable moment of him...where it shocked you...or surprised you??

    Not that I could really think of something in particular at the moment ..Well I was shocked he was viet LOL I was surprised he was a boy..and surprised we were the same age XD (I got the impression he was a lot older)..and I was shocked to find out about his personal life lol

    i know!!...i was like a guy did this?!!..haha...

    haha...he does have a very criticalness to what he ..actually sometimes i find him mean....LOL
    omg..yes...he does SOOO little comics.... haha..i actually also miss a lot of his older re-casting series..LOL

    XP..metal..spoiled it for us!!!

    what did he spoil? lol

    ahha im a horrible listener ...i use to let him tell me..and then i'd go stand up for i just dimmed down..LOL
    on occasion i'd find that i dont quite agree with him either...and just cant do anything about it...

    well then..since u guys are close...what do you guys think you share most in common?? aside from quality of stuff..haha...


    haha We both LOVE SAILORMOON XD XD XD Thats has got to be the coolest thing ever. We love it with passion (It's nice to be able to find something we can both agree on XD)

    Wed, 26 Aug 2009 21:07:10

    AHAHA....this is a side..i didnt expect to find..LOL... i dont think i would know this unless i had one of these chats..LOL

    last time i tried to say something..i couldnt really find the right words...and i said i thought he was "evil" ..LMAO...he had a big reaction funny he is viet..yet he comes up with more chinese words than me..LOL...

    eh...i shall ask on behalf of many other readers...well in the recent year...All three of you have sort of hinted this possible retirement...Metal is officially retiring...AnimeMaster [TVB Index] had previously said she might go on hiatus..and well there was one time ur twitter or something...u said u might take a arent retiring though..right??

    That's true..I sorta hinted the retirement-ish around October last year..when things in life started to get busy and all. And it sorta discourages you quite a bit when your other friends arent feeling that passion to continue their TVB blogs anymore. BUT! As you can see, I'm still hanging around lol I don't want to retire XD I won't be able to make a new post everyday like I used to with full episode summaries and screencaptures (I'm quite impressed with myself when I think back.. 'how did I do it back then? XD' haha); but as long as my love for TVB is still around- (and my blog followers continue to support K For TVB)~ I'll be around =D


    spoiled the fun!!..i actually always looked forward to some sort of grand production post..HAHAH... something collaborated by you guys

    Hey maybe we could do one LOL

    **I practically fainted with honour..~**

    haha..i dont know anyone who doesnt like sailormoon...but that shocked me to know he liked sailormoon... ahahha

    looks like we are reaching the end of the i cant seem to think of any more question with this heat.... hopefully i will be able to ask more later....=]

    yea, no probs. anytime XD

    Do you have any final wishes or advice for metal???

    KTVB:'re retiring way too early :P
    I'm expecting you to make a come back some time soon haha That's just sooo a Metal thing to do :P

    August 27, 2009 7:15:13 AM
    WOOOT WOOT!!! you're not retiring...!! goood~~~[SUPPORT]

    KTVB:lol XD XD XD


    hahaha I'd love to'd be like working with my senior!! *drool*
    but i swear...i think i want to go bug him to do a grand production-post....NO WAY..that it never can the the top 3 not work together?

    Yea..u go to that. Naggg him lol

    ahahha.....AHAHHAHAHA..... on your msg to him/.//ROFL!!!!

    thank you soo much for accepting this interview kerry!!

    No worries [CENSORED]

    My request was later replied by another fellow friend, Annisa @ Ever Star!!

    August 29, 2009 12:25:29 PM

    Lavendar_Bluez: How did you come to meet Metal?

    I generally have a bad memory over first meetings so honestly, I don't remember anything in particular. I know I noticed him at WingLin back in the day but we never really talked. I believe we started conversing at TVSF about PGSM and then somehow, it developed into MSN messenging, email, and whatever else.

    Lavendar_Bluez: How did the sister status come to be?

    Annisa:Uh, because we have the same last name? Haha, I don't know. But it happened somewhere during the run of VOH where Hawick came into the scene and became the "Big Big Brother" so that's what Metal is to me.

    Lavendar_Bluez: Are you a reader or more of a friend?

    Annisa:I was a reader but now, it's more of a friend although I still read some selected posts of his.

    **Due to time issue, we only got up to this point...haha


    Dear MetalAZNWarrior:

    As a special gift for my dear Ah Gor, I have done the ultimate thing Kam Family Four Big Beauties do best: GOSSIP…but for a straight FULL WEEK. And it’s not just any gossip, but we gossiped about someone special [another four big beauty thing ahaha]: you! This gossip was intended to bring back memories as how 4 of your friends/readers met you. Our first impressions and our current views. We discussed the classics of your works and the impacts on the TVB online community. Through this gossip, we pulled out how we’ve been there every step of the way…through thick and thin! MAW, we’re going to miss your works, but we know what you’re doing is meant for your own good. Remember to come back and visit all of us! Don’t just disappear ---we have our ways of tracking you down..XP! Wish you best of luck!

    p.s I hope you don't mind us gossipping about you~ it was all in good intentions!!

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