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    Monday, August 10, 2009

    Behind the Glamour: Tavia Yeung

    Behind the Glamour’s focus for this post will be on the popular and potential household fa dan, Tavia Yeung Yi. Just last year, Tavia Yeung was the winner for TVB Best Supporting Actress and this year, she might be running for Best Actress for her villainous role in grand production, Palace Scheme. While it may seem like she’s been hit with sudden fame, many of her fans would know that Tavia has been in the entertainment industry for more than 10 years now. Unlike most current fa dans who originate from beauty pageants, Tavia Yeung is actually a graduate from TVB’s 1998 Acting School. We currently do not see as many acting graduates on screen any more and Tavia has definitely made a long battle to come through to the viewers. Having less exposure and working from scratch, how has Tavia survived? How does she maintain such a devoted and large fan base? Through this feature, I hope to find out a little more on this rising household fa dan…

    Note: This is not an article, but a compilation of segments from news articles. If you want to take the actual news articles, they would be referenced at the bottom of each segment. Or you can just scroll down to my part =] Credits to Jessie1314 for most of the magazine articles that she translated, which was really helpful in letting many of us know about Tavia.
    #2: the following pictures do not correlate to the magazines, to view originals please refer to credited sites.

    image credits to:,, tavia fans @ baidu, tungstar, asianfanatics, sina

    Tavia Yeung is up to the challenge


    Tavia Yeung Yi does not shy away from danger to deliver her best on screen.

    Manoeuvring a boat rocked by underwater explosions or jumping off a building while fighting suspended on wires is all in a day’s work for Hong Kong actress Tavia Yeung Yi. While stunts like these may be dangerous, none of them caused as much damage as a pair of high heeled shoes.

    Long periods of filming all day sashaying around on dainty stilettoes when she was filming modern series had put tremendous strain on her spine. The demure actress suffered from an inflammation in the lower back leading to an irregular curvature in her spine.

    “The doctor’s advice to me was to stop all activity and take a long break to recuperate. But to stop work totally means no income for me, so I just have to be more careful in the action scenes.”

    Her latest TV series has her playing salt trader Dau Sing Suet in Sweetness in the Salt (Sing Suet Yim Jaan, 2008). “There are many action scenes as there is a lot of fighting involved. I enjoy them but I’m also worried that I might hurt my back and aggravate the old injury.”

    Yeung also sings the series’ theme song with her co-star Steven Ma Chun Wai, who plays the male lead, Nip Ji Yuen.

    The lovely actress vividly recalled some of her most dangerous stunts in Twin of Brothers (Dai Tong Seung Lung Juen, 2004), which was filmed in China during winter.
    “It was freezing that night and I was dressed very lightly for temperatures that were likely below zero. It was quite terrifying to be floating about in the waters when the underwater explosion violently rocked the boat.”

    Another dangerous stunt saw her running and jumping off a building suspended from a wire, then landing on her feet and unsheathing her sword, all in one single take.

    “That was extremely difficult to do. I had to do more than a dozen takes.”

    Favourite Role is being the busty Mimi

    The actress says that her favourite role to date is Tam Chu Mei, otherwise known as sexy Mimi, in Dicey Business (Dou Cheung Fung Wan, 2006) where she had to wear a padded bra to portray a busty girl. She suggested to the director to give Mimi a speech impediment to make the character more adorable.
    It was hailed as her breakthrough role by her steadily increasing number of fans. Where previously she played the innocent girl-next-door types, this role saw her delivering an overtly sexy character for the first time.

    Star E-Central - Seto Kit Yan

    Tavia Yeung - Enjoys the feelings of staying at home
    Source : Feminine Issue 505
    Magazine Scans by :
    Translations: Jessie1314

    “I will not feel proud!” When Tavia Yeung received Best Supporting Actress, this was her speech on the stage that night.

    Based on her willing to learn attitudes and her humbleness all these years, these are part of the reasons of her success today. As for those that helped her, she felt grateful to all of them. “Most important is to thank all the colleagues in my company, those that helped me before and those that collaborated with me before. However, those that I want to thank them personally are my family, my fans and also my manager. They grew up with me together and they were the one accompanied me all the time no matter when I was happy or sad.”

    Manager is just like her good friend. On the 2nd year after she entered this industry, her manager started to manage her. “We have gone through a lot of things. All my works were managed by her. She brought me out for promotions, movies and advertisements. I admit that my temper is not very good and do not like to listen to other peoples but I will listen and do whatever she said. Other than my family, she is a very important person in my life.”

    Family is always most important for her.

    Tavia Yeung – After 10 years
    Source : Sister Issue 878
    Magazine Scans by :

    Entertainment industry is just like fireworks. Outshining moments are just temporary. Entered this industry for 10 years, Tavia Yeung used time to prove her ability and cherished every chances that she had. This was because she did not want to miss any opportunity that was given to her. After 10 years, she will put extra hard work and are willing to accept challenges.

    Best Supporting Actress

    Last year’s popular series in the year, Moonlight Resonance led to Tavia Yeung’s role inside, Ah Yuet to gain Best Supporting Actress Awards in TVB Anniversary Awards 2008. Recalling her speech during that night, most of the artistes that were present that night were as emotional as her. Her speech part which was being admired the most was when she firstly greeted veteran artiste, Lee Heung Kam. Respect the veterans is a virtue. Sometimes artistes would be over-excited and forgot everything when they received awards but her rational speech between her touched emotions really impressed everyone.

    Time is realistic for an artiste. In 10 years time, some artistes would be leading a smoother road, would not [be] afraid of no chances to take part in series, would not [be] afraid of no awards and would be busy all the time. Some artistes would seem half promoted, popularity not enough and no chance to take part in series and what they could do is to wait. There would be some artistes that would work hard and fight with time every day. They would insist on work hard to build up ability and popularity.

    Tavia Yeung belongs to the latter. She entered this industry for 10 years and it was a coincidence that she joined TVB Acting Training Class and entered this field. She never imagined before that something that she treated as a game would lead to a perfect career that she totally indulged in. “Last time, I did not know much about acting and I did not know what I could do. When I tried different roles, I found out that I loved this field very much and hoped that I could do better.”

    Recalling her career road all these years, she did not treat herself as a senior but she found her enjoyment in another way. “Honestly, I did not experience big success or failure in my career. Sometimes when I worked until very tired, I would feel that I did not have energy to continue. That time I would feel that I was a failure. However I always feel that although there is hardship in entertainment industry, but at least my life is colorful every day as I will do different things every day.“ After 10 years, she hoped that she could have chance to try evil role. From a good person to a baddie, she hoped that she could try a different type of role.

    In 10 years time, she experienced discouragement and disappointment but she never had the thinking of giving up. “I like acting. The satisfaction is very big and will give encouragement for me to strive further. I will always look forward for my next role after I finished with a role.”

    Inner beauty in new era

    When we asked Tavia Yeung to help us to do photo shooting for Gucci and Bontega fashion outfits, the arranged style and beauty was totally different from her. However, when she did posing in front of camera, her artiste’s feel appeared and her eye’s expression and whole outlook gave a very stylish feel.

    After she received Best Supporting Actress, a lot of people said that Tavia Yeung is TVB’s Big Sister now. She was shocked and insisted that she did not feel herself is some sort of Big Sister. This was just a name given by other people and she will just continue to work hard in her job. “For me, being named as Big Sister is not important. I will just grab chances and play my roles well.” She understands that entertainment industry is a place that will accept peoples with ability and will kick out peoples who are weak. Every year, there will be newcomers with ability and good appearance. The competition is tight so she will grab any chances that she has because she do not want to miss the chances.

    Currently, she is not dating and whenever she mentioned about her love relationship in the past, her face would be full of happiness look. She expressed that the award came from the confidence and certainness from the audiences and therefore, she will put extra efforts in the upcoming years in her work. Tavia said, “I do not want to disappoint those peoples that support me.” Dating and marriage are not her targets now. She hopes that she can try out different things like movies and singing. “Everything depends on fate. I’m not rushed into getting married. Being single is nice.” It seems that for her, the excitement in acting gave her more enjoyment than anything else.

    I asked her a question which is every female artistes’ dream : Marry into a rich family. Tavia Yeung expressed, “Hahaha. If got, of course good! But I prefer to depend on myself. I enjoyed spending the money that I earned myself and also enjoyed work hard to earn money for my family.” Who doesn’t want to marry into a rich family? If there is chance, of course good but if there isn’t, there is no need for disappointment. Tavia Yeung prefers to marry a good guy and not to marry someone because of money.

    Friendliness is priceless

    The time is nearly 11 pm. After the interview, Tavia Yeung said thank you in a good manner and her smiles still maintained on her face. She is indeed a friendly person (Is it because I have the same surname with her as she has already noticed that when I gave her my name card?) and she took the initiative to shake my hand.

    Looking at her friendly expressions, I asked her, “Do you have any close friends in the entertainment industry? Did you go out with Raymond Lam and Moses Chan privately before?”

    Tavia Yeung turned towards her manager a while and said, “They are my male friends. Raymond and I were friends for many years. We graduated from the same training class. As for Moses, he is just like a big brother for me. He is someone that I can sit down and chat with him. Normally I will go shopping with Christine Ng, Jessica Hsuan and others. Actually I’m someone that easy to make friends with and someone that easy to chat with.”

    Although I did not get my expected answer, but her friendliness came from her sincerity is something that I could not deny. I believe that based on her sincerity and her willingness to fight, soon we will get to see her outshining performance in the entertainment industry.

    My Thoughts:

    Firstly, I would like to clarify, that I’m not suppose to have so many articles for a focus but I found Tavia had many short interviews [at least to me it felt short]. The short interviews didn’t seem to sum up enough of her experiences, hence I found more. I was really hoping she showed up on Be My Guest but I guess Stephen Chen hasn’t got to the new generation yet. At the same time, I would also like to say that it was extremely difficult for me to choose between so many wonderful articles translated by Jessie1314. I felt as if each article I read, I wanted to share it because I honestly felt they were important aspects to share about Tavia but I knew I had to limit it (due to the fact that other fans will throw stones at me as this is the second Tavia feature I have done! Sorry guys, but results showed she had most readers anticipating her spotlight. Don’t worry though, I follow the poll results hence 2nd place would be my next spotlight).

    Tavia Yeung is one of my favorite new generation actresses because every time I see her on screen, I’m captivated by her performance. Of course, in the beginning I was like many of the viewers (aside from the age factor) who didn’t really notice her. Back then, I was [and still am] a big fan of the household fa dans & siu sungs i.e Esther Kwan, Jessica Hsuan, Bobby Au Yeung, Gallen Lo, Marianne Chen etc. I didn’t really take notice of the new generation until most of these idols suddenly left TVB and I was left with new generation. At first I was kind of bitter, because I really didn’t like these sudden new faces. I was first introduced to Miss Tavia Yeung due to my younger sister, Flora. “Tavia” was literally at the tip of her tongue in most of our conversations. While I knew a “Tavia Yeung” existed because I liked her performance in Vigilant Force, I never followed up much on her. So how on earth did I suddenly grow to be a fan [yes I officially admit, I am a fan]?

    As if by some luck, I got hit with a “Tavia Yeung Series Saga.” One summer I found I didn’t have much to do, so I decided to catch up on some of the old dramas my family managed to get. And that was it. I went from Shades of Truth to some Yummy Yummy, and enjoyed the Twin of Brothers. Well after that I did notice who Tavia Yeung and very quickly afterwards somehow I ended up having every single one of her series from 2006. Creepy you would think – my parents must really like her to have them all. Usually I am the type to hate an actor or actress for seeing them too much on screen, but for Tavia it was different. Her performance seemed refreshing each time and made me really believe who she portrayed. Whether she plays a nerd-trying-to-fit-in-with-society or the big-bust-and-materialistic dumb blonde role, each performance was well delivered. Hence, began my likeness towards her.

    She’s hardworking

    Being in the entertainment industry, everyone needs to work hard in order to stay alive. Tavia is no different, and she’s been working hard for many years now, and it’s evident. Recent years, acting opportunities became more for the pageants. Back then, the system was completely different --- you had to be really good in order to survive and get jobs. Now a day, everything is more about making profit and that requires ‘pretty’ people to act as representatives of brands. I recently heard in the radio about how Renee Dang the singer who cried about finally being able to release an album after a year and a half. The reason being was that managers only promote people who they think would sell better with other companies and even if you did have talent, the fact that you lacked in appearance meant less promotion. In Tavia’s case, I think this fact is kind of applicable. I think Tavia is actually really pretty but I guess pageant winners have more title to them and have been recognized by the audience. Hence during the year 2000s, we began seeing a lot more pageants showing up on television and earning more sponsors. Tavia who just started from acting academy would obviously be affected as the focus turned to the pageants. These past 10 years, she has to work really hard and face the emotion of not being as ‘red’ as others. We’ve all heard crazy stories where people who couldn’t get popular, do some really silly things. It’s really not easy to work so hard yet not get the acknowledgement one deserves. Since the company isn’t promoting her, then gets the crummy roles or work in low budget series. Who knows when will she get her shot at fame? Less promotion means fewer jobs. When will she get the boost in income? Now Tavia is rising in popularity. I think Tavia has always been popular as she has many loyal fans that have been there long before the Moonlight Resonance stuff, but I think she’s gaining a lot more recognition from the regular TV viewers. She really deserves the promotion –like Wayne Lai and Nancy Wu whom also recently gained increase opportunities

    Final Words

    Now I do not want everyone thinking that I’m saying I know Tavia Yeung well enough to say she’s the greatest person in the world. I also know very clearly that the entertainment circle is a very dark world where it’s really foggy to know who is good and who is bad. I do not want to make any clear statements about personality stuff but I’ve read many articles about what her colleagues say about her – and they are positive stuff. Some may say that she’s rude, but I think she is more straightforward due to her long term participation in the entertainment industry. It is also this attribute which makes me like her a lot =] I wish Tavia all the best and hope that her acting career continues to run smoothly. This concludes my post, but it’s not the end of the spotlight. Next parts are special interviews from fans that you and I may recognize in the online TVB world. What do netizens think of Tavia Yeung? Why are there so many online Tavia fans? Be sure to check back next time for these exclusive fan-ter-views.

    NOTE: Just to clarify, this post is in no way comparing acting abilities of pageants to acting graduates. I’m mainly saying the turn of focus as we now see a lot more pageants on screen. It’s the management of the actors I’m talking about.

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