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    Wednesday, July 1, 2009

    An Eye on Two Grand Productions - Part 2

    Born Rich

    the Name:
    To be honest I’m not too fond of the current English or Chinese name but I’ve never seen a series go through so many names and there’s even a story to it.

    English Tentative titles:

    The Grand Entrepreneurs, Gold-Plated Family, The Crime Inducing Effects of Money, Money Leads to Crime, Roots of Evil, The Door of Wealth

    Chinese Tentative titles:
    金装豪门, 金钱诱罪

    Now the original name was actually suppose to be 金钱诱罪 or Roots of Evil. How it ended up being Born Rich or 富贵门 was due to the amount of bad luck it brought to the cast. It’s almost like the title: Macbeth…. There’s just a huge curse to it that the producers simply changed the name for good luck. Hence I’m curious to see what the series it about that it had to have such a dark title to it.

    the Background:

    When the series was first said to be filmed, it was rumored that it would be based on the richest family in Hong Kong. It was then said that the family would sue if TVB did that hence TVB clarified that it has nothing to do with them. Did TVB really adhere to there promise?

    the Cast:

    While the cast members lack a lot of youth but they are all grand actors and actresses.

    Ray Lui: (grand actor in Mainland market & early TVB actor who has mesmerized dozens of housewives. He was in the Bund)
    Gallen Lo: (TVB king: won many best actor awards, grand actor in Mainland market, singer, 90’s TVB Siu Sung) It’s Gallen Lo! I adore watching his series! Plus, he is In Love With TVB 2008 Most Welcomed Back Actor (based on poll results).
    Joe Ma (TVB 90s siu sung) : gasp left him blank (thanks to hyn5 for noticing) -- I dont have a deep impression of him probably because I havent watched a lot of his series, until WESFOTSW. I actually found his character to be interesting and I think Joe suits the villainous type of roles. I wonder how his chemistry with Anita will be?
    Anita Yuen: (grand actress in Mainland market, early TVB actress, movie actress, last scene in Love Game) a wonderful actress and she’s funny on game shows. She has a real era of being a “first sister” as she is professional is known to be very straightforward and demanding.
    Kenix Kwok: (grand actress in Mainland market, 90’s TVB fa dan, always been a hot favourite for TVB best actress)..I miss Kenix!! Can’t wait to see her again!
    Jamie Chik: (TVB 80’s Fa Dan) When she left she portrayed young teenage that she's back she's portraying a mother sort of role. I wonder what it'll be like?
    Nancy Sit: (The 5th princess of the “7 Princesses” , TVB’s elderly sister: Ka Yin jie, actress in Mainland/Singapore/Taiwan, singer, producer) excited to see Nancy in another series!
    Benz Hui Siu Hung: okay…everyone knows who he is and adores him! I love this guy! He’s a great actor even if he is the supporting actor. If I remember correctly he has won Astro’s Best Supporting Actor.
    Angelina Lo Yuen Yan: commonly remembered as Ah Wong’s mom. Another great supporting actress!
    Kenneth Ma (TVB Siu Sung, TVB Most Improved Actor) ..Ma MING!!! Teheee~
    Sharon Chan (TVB Fa Dan) Sharon is quite amusing on variety shows! Whenever I happen to watch her series though, it happens that she's the villain ~ poor girl. But in real life she's a sweetie!!
    Vincent Wong (singer, actor in War of In-Laws II)
    Grace Wong
    (winner of Strictly Come Dancing II) ..its Grace first series and she already plays Joe's wife! how weird!! lol she seems like a sweet girl so i'd like to see how she acts
    Lai Siu Ming:
    (movie actor veteran)…it’s been such a long time since I’ve seen him! Welcome back!
    Fung So Bor:
    (1st princess of the “7 princesses”, sister of Fung Bo Bo)
    Wu Fung :
    (veteran of TVB: Sau Gor, god father of many grand actors I.e Andy Lau, Leon Lai etc.)…strange fact about him is that in real life he stutters when he talks but you wouldn’t notice it when we see him in shows because once you give him a script and a rhythm he talks normally.

    the Facts:
    For those of you who would like to watch the filming of Born Rich, the sales presentation and the ending celebration, my most recommended English sites are :

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