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    Tuesday, June 30, 2009

    I’m back from my exams and have a little break before my summer course starts so thought I’d better post something before my blog is completely deserted!

    An Eye on Two Grand Productions-Part 1

    For months the two grand productions, Beyond the Realm of Conscience and Born Rich have been one of the highlights of entertainment news. Both series are highly anticipated by many of us TVB viewers and recently it has been said that these two grand productions will be the anniversary series of 2009. Beyond is said to be released on October 19th, 2009 in Hong Kong as well as TVB’s representative pieces in the Mainland and Korean market. I’m just as excited as everyone else to see both productions and I’ve finally caught up on all the news I missed out while being away. Allowing me to compile a list of reasons to watch the series when it comes out:

    Beyond the Realm of Conscience

    The Name:

    Now while the English name sounds confusing but it has mysterious tone to it. “Conscience” is a sense of what is right or wrong. The title gives [ME] the impression that the drama will have a lot of heart wrenching characters. They might even be good people to begin with but the fact that they live in the palace makes them do things they know is wrong. But they do it anyway because that’s the only way they could survive.

    Tentative Titles:
    Lau Sam Ho, Jewel in the Palace HK version, Palace Scheme

    Out of all those titles, I prefer the current English title.

    The Chinese title: 《宫心计》 has a nice ring to it even though it’s very straight forward. I prefer it over 《刘三好》 because then that just narrows the story into having to focus only on the main character Lau Sam Ho (Charmaine Sheh). As well 《宫心计》 has a more tempting title like any drama with the word “Fung Bo” or “Fung Wan” seems to attract a crowd. The idea that its about schemes within the palace is all the more reason to watch. Who doesn’t like a cleverly planned plot against other characters that involves betrayal, deception and a major smack in the face?

    The Background:

      Beyond is said to be based on the popular Korean Drama, Jewel in the Palace that caused a major entrance of Korean dramas in Hong Kong. I remember for a long period every single Chinese channel seemed to play a Chinese dubbed Korean drama since Jewel in the Palace aired. Even HK entertainment news focused on interviewing Korean celebrities. While I wasn’t fond of Jewel in the Palace (one reason being it was too long), I think I’m going to like Beyond. The reason is that it’s shorter, I know who the cast are, I don’t have to read subtitles to understand and well I didn’t really finish Jewel in the Palace so it’ll seem refreshing for me. Besides the producer is Mui Siu Ching (梅小青) who’s made series such as Where the Legend Begins and The Breaking Point

    The Cast:

    This has to be one of the most tasty bunch of cast members. Now when I say tasty, I mean the leads are people with big fan groups but the co-leads or minor characters are also a popular bunch. It’s a refreshing co-operation because for once its not a “War and Beauty” or “Dance of Passion” or “Heart of Greed” mesh. Okay, maybe like a few from each put together but it’s better than an entire ensemble.

    The fan favourites:
    Charmaine Sheh
    Tavia Yeung
    Kevin Cheng
    Moses Chan

    The “Red” Ones:
    Michelle Yim
    Susanna Kwan:
    I hope she’s singing the theme song or at least a sub song!
    Susan Tse : since seeing her in Rosy Business, I’m extremely excited to see her again!

    The Minor Characters:
    They always seem to play minor characters but every role they portray is done to their best. Hence as viewers we recognize who they are.
    Kara Wai Ying Hung (part of the Hung Martial Arts family, 3rd wife in Rosy Business)
    Rosanne Lui San (she’s a singer in real life, the mom in Last One Standing)
    Mary Hon : who doesn’t know Mary (Ma-Lei jie)? I love watching her!
    Yvonne Lam Yi Kei (the aunt in Virtues of Harmony aka Sister OK or Einstein)
    June Chan: she’s always a minor character but I think she acts really well (psst..the one who’s newly married to Jack Wu)
    Krystal Tin: she use to work for ATV but she’s so good TVB got her (woot!). Probably best remembered as the Louisa So’s nicer sister/main actress in Phoenix Rising.
    Lee Kwok Lun (11th brother in Virtues of Harmony)
    Lau Dan: gosh …everyone knows who Lau Dan is ….he’s practically in every series.
    Kwok Fung (Linda Chung’s father in A Journey Called Life)
    Tang Zhi Kwong I love this guy! It’s rare to find him in series now a days, I think he’s more selective. Probably best remembered as Ah Fuk in A Kindred Spirit.

    The Facts
    For those of you who would like to watch the filming of Beyond, the sales presentation and the ending celebration, my most recommended English site are :
    An Eye on Two Grand Productions - Part 2 (ft. Born Rich) is coming soon! So be sure to check back later!

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