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    Saturday, April 4, 2009

    Would like to first apologize for not updating in so long...if you red my previous post, you'd know what happened and well now I finally got the chance to just finish things up for this post...

    The ABC's of In Love With TVB

    "In Love With TVB" a blog name I coined up after finding myself no matter how disappointed I get in a series, or how poorly written a series is...I still find myself enjoying their productions...atleast I only watch the ones I like. This layout's theme was Artistes Galore, but it's not just any actors or actresses (and yes I know I did say I like all...but there are some exceptions I felt deserve even more credit and biasm from me). Hence I would like to introduce some of my favourites of the bunch.

    Warning: The following does not represent ALL that I feel...the descriptions were slightly editted to fit the pattern. As well, beware as this post might be bias (I MEAN..I AM HIGHLIGHTING MY FAVOURITES HERE....) so dont bash me if you hate the choice I made or something. LOL. As well, this post was done at different times, so there isn't a consistency in my style...and I got I might not compliment some as well as I do for others. BUT just to remind you..this isn't ALL that I was editted, shorten, made weirdly to fit our theme. Thank You.
    P.s Have Low Expectations of this post....

    Please proceed if you have read the disclaimer.....

    So what does I.N. L.O.V.E . W.I.T.H. T.V.B represent?

    I is for....

    It’s undeniable that no matter what veteran comes back to TVB; Liza Wang will forever remain #1 of all their employees. She’s got the attitude, she’s got the fame, she’s got the status and she’s got the talent. She’s gives off the impression of a diva attitude which I think comes with the package of being THE #1 sister at TVB, but I think she has a softer spot that’s only available to her friends.

    She’s famous at TVB because she’s devoted so much of her time for this company from a young teenage girl all the way to her current stage in life. Her talent is also what makes her famous because she’s generally good at what she does. She’s terrific at acting because no matter what role she plays, she just does it well and I find no matter what role she plays, I end up liking her even if they are barbaric. She just has this amazing “x factor” that will always be recognized as “ah jie.” Her sharp tongue also makes her great for hosting and while her voice does has this rasp to it, she can definitely sing. I remember seeing her in Miriam Yeung’s 2004 concert where she surprised her by singing “Young Maiden’s Prayer.” This song is really high for someone her age but she did it and it’s because she put a lot of practice into it. As much as I found Liza Wang’s performance at the TVB Gala slightly disturbing, she does have skills in dancing – but please, never again do you pull a pole dancing & booty shaking & break dancing all at’s too much for me to handle -_-;;.

    Lastly, her status at TVB is inevitable because she’s always the centre of TVB gatherings. What TVB Anniversary photo is she not upfront and in the middle? Even others who share the “Ah jie” status still calls her “ah jie,” but she isn’t completely obnoxious as she does show love to her jie-sisters. I actually once wondered if Louise Lee might take over this spot, as she is running high on fame since Heart of Greed and her acting is just as marvelous. I personally think Liza Wang will forever be the #1 sister of TVB, but who knows? What do you guys think?

    Upcoming series: N/A

    N is for ....

    I’m not talking about next generation of fa dans and siu sungs, because well obviously a lot of people can end up being a fa dan and siu sung. No, what I’m talking about is the next generation of Dong Ga Fa Dan and Siu Sung -> Household Fa Dan and Siu Sungs. They are the ones who I think will make it far into sister status (so not quite ah jie but sister like Maggie Cheung, Kenix Kwok, Ada Choi etc.) and brother status. Household refers to the representatives of TVB because they have skills and are people worth promoting as a TVB artiste. Household can also refer to the fact that viewers love them and know who they are. Raymond Lam, Kenneth Ma, Bosco Wong, Tavia Yeung, Myolie Wu and Kate Tsui definitely have potential into being the next generation.

    Raymond, Kenneth and Bosco are who we can call, “housewife-killers” which means housewives absolutely adore them --this term is held up by Michael Tao (was?) and Bobby Au Yeung – but they also have young fans as well. I find Raymond to be the charming boy who’s cute and a mommy’s boy. His crying and his willingness for love melts young girl’s hearts (yes, I fall for that stuff too). I haven’t seen many of his series, but the ones I did watch, I did enjoy watching his performance. He is definitely an eye candy and is also in the singing industry, making him have a pretty good fan base.

    Upcoming Series that I’m interested in Watching: Picking Stars of Adventure

    I really like watching Bosco act, because I always fall into his character. He can be the spoiled rebelling jerk who can accept the fact that his brother is Ah Wong. He can be the foolish guy in Aqua Heroes who gets picked on by everyone. He can also be the calm, intelligent guy (my favorite type for him) who has these fancy glasses that make him look daring but rich. He has acting capabilities and he’s charming off screen. He’s definitely someone people would like to follow up with.

    Upcoming Series that I’m interested in Watching: Picking Stars of Adventure

    Kenneth is probably the least active of the two because he’s generally playing more minor roles than them. He may not be the best looking guy, but I really like his shyness –which is a trait very popular with girls. He seems like the gentleman type who cares a lot for old people. Kenneth has charm on screen and he’s very genuine off screen as well. He has a lot of fans even though he doesn’t play more major roles.

    Upcoming Series that I’m interested in Watching: Born Rich aka The Door of Wealth aka Roots Of Evil aka The Grand Entrepreneurs

    Tavia Yeung is an actress I’ve slowly grown to really like. Her acting is terrific, whether she’s playing someone soft spoken, weak, teen mother, spoiled, diva, sentimental, ill or blunt. She makes me really feel like she’s that character (so I often confuse myself for her real personality.) She also has this distinct beauty to her, and off screen charisma that makes me like her. She is quite popular and has many friends in the industry. Her choice of path has built her to be who she is, giving her the experience and professionalism dong ka fa dans need. She is a representative piece of the acting academy and is well applauded by veterans.

    Upcoming Series that I’m interested in Watching: Palace Scheme (if it’s not too long)

    Myolie Wu, has “hei jut” off screen, no wonder Liza Wang adores her. She has that aura to her where she’s free to chat with the older generation yet knows her place at the same time. She has this “sisterly” quality to her that shows confidence but not egoistic which is important in the industry. Myolie is a pageant but I must say she’s not as bad as some of the other pageants I’ve seen. Myolie can play someone with a disability (Golden Faith), someone soft spoken, someone determined or someone barbaric. Her role as Chow Lai Man in War of In Laws II is probably my favorite of hers. Her crying has improved and can be beautiful while her yelling scenes are quite powerful too. She also has singing capabilities and in my opinion, most preferred of the recent fad of running from actor to “singer” route. Her “hei jut”, acting and singing makes her one of the better products of pageant winners (in recent years).

    Upcoming Series that I’m interested in Watching: Chau Heung angers Tong Bak Fu

    Kate Tsui is also probably the least active of the other two girls. She still needs some brushing up on her acting, but she’s improving. I think she caught my attention with her off screen personality. She has this little girl side to her despite having very mature and pretty face. She has potential and she has been complimented as very hard working.

    Upcoming Series (to be confirmed) that I’m interested in Watching: Heaven and Earth

    L is for...

    Christine Ng has an entertaining off screen personality, because she’s very bubbly and silly. She loves laughing – even if there’s nothing THAT funny thus laughter is represented by her. If there’s anyone who I really like watching on variety shows, she’s definitely one of them. She has this funny personality to her that just makes me laugh. She can be talking and then break into laughter. Yet she remains professional and not let this side of her affect her filming. Hence, it comes unexpected when watching her off screen to find that she’s this “Dai Siu Goo Por” type of character. She just uncontrollably laugh that makes others around her really happy and laughing too. But actually, Christine hasn’t been able to fully laugh until her Twin of Brothers debut. Why? Actually, Christine use to be labeled as a “bad women” because her first marriage was to a man who was 30 years older. 13 days later, he died leaving her a huge sum of money in his will. Since then, many viewed her with eyes of disgust and when she married again (her current husband) people felt she was lazy. What did Christine do wrong? She didn’t kill someone, or start a fire but she was treated as if she did. Even TVB didn’t take her seriously which caused her many years of pain. In 2004, while filming in China though, it seems as if TVB saw her for who she was and since then we see Christine a lot. Since then, many people seemed to have changed their views on her and Christine slowly revealed her happy self. I guess I’m really happy now that Christine can laugh maniacally.

    Upcoming Series that I’m Interested in Watching: N/A

    LO is for .... (hard to find O words)

    Nancy Sit a household entertainer and belongs in the entertainment industry. Unlike Liza’s diva’s personality, Nancy’s “ah jie” quality is one of being genuine, kindness and principles. Don’t look down on these traits though, because when things happen, the strength of your social network shows a lot. She has status in China and has many friends in the entertainment circle. She’s entertaining off screen or on screen, making her a likeable figure. She’s the bubbly little lady who may seem “out” but her heart warming smiles hide her life experiences. Having a failed marriage, being conned, wanting to commit suicide, and being ill, it’s hard to tell because she has this radiance to her that makes her pretty and warm. She’s respected and liked by other entertainers the moment they meet her. She admits, she’s not good at acting but I think her sister status is built by who she is and how others view her. Nancy chooses to influence others by her work ethics and her personality. It’s evident how accepted she is by those older than her in the circle (i.e Paula Tsui, Liza Wang, Alan Tam etc.) and even those younger than her (i.e Andy Lau, Joey Yung, Eason Chan, Jordan Chan etc.). Her motherly trait puts smiles to people’s faces.

    Upcoming Series that I’m interested in Watching: Born Rich

    V is for ...

    Bowie Lam's part is coming soon...

    E is for ...

    Sheren Tang use to be defined as cute during her younger days, now I think she is defined by elegance in her image and her acting. Since I became a fan of Sheren (since Aqua Heroes), I always found her to be pretty. In recent years, since she’s been finally recognized, now has this aura of beauty. It could be this coolness she has to her and sometimes good fashion. Or it could be the fact that when I look at her, she looks like a woman who means business. The elegance part of her is her works. She has wonderful acting and she’s always into character. It’s as if each role she plays, she allows herself to become that character. The elegance is in her ability to make every one of her roles so believable and loveable. Her elegance has turned a minor character (Yu Fei) into a sudden main lead in War and Beauty. Her elegance has carried Hilda jie into someone who should be despised into someone who everyone loves. Sheren brings elegance into everything she does and as viewers, we love it. Beauty is an evident feature of hers and her acting makes her shimmer. Her persistence in not signing contract with TVB makes it harder for us to admire her, but every time she is on screen whether

    Upcoming Series that I’m Interested in Watching: Rosy Business & Heaven and Earth (unconfirmed)

    W is for ...

    If there’s anyone who can lighten up the atmosphere with small little remarks that cause us to smile, it’d be none other than Bobby Au Yeung. Bobby always has the wittiest remarks to questions either popped by the paparazzi or Stephen Chan. It’s not wonder we love him so much. Bobby has the image of a comedian, with a chubby face and a hilarious expression. Yet he’s not just a guy who relys on how he looks to be funny, what he says are what’s priceless to make us crack. He always knows what to say and has really good timing. Remember back in 2006, while Charmaine Sheh was saying her speech for Best Actress, she said, “I don’t know who else to thank, I’ve already said it all already..” and out of nowhere, someone calls, “Your forgot to thank me!” She asks, “Who are you?” And he says, “Bobby Au Yeung!” This was kind thing for Bobby to do because it caused a chuckle and relaxed Charmaine a bit more. On screen, he also has just a wonderful timing. Playing a comedic role isn’t easy because timing is very important and how you express it as well. Bobby can play all sorts of roles but we’re most likely familiar with his comedic acting. Thus he’s a witty character on screen and off screen, capturing many of our hearts.

    Upcoming Series that I’m Interested in Watching: N/A

    I is for ...

    In many of Ada Choi’s series, she portrays the strong lady roles who will not count on anyone but herself. She’s determined, strong and will never bow down to difficulties. She will always work with what she has and tries to stand back up. In real life, she’s just as independent. In 2000, she revealed that she had been paying for her mother’s millions of dollars gambling debts since she was 17 years old. All of her earnings since entering the pageant when she was simply 17 went to paying of these debts. As time went by though, the debts just kept increasing and Ada was forced to stop her connections with her mother. Despite Ada having some roles that are very chicken –like, I don’t think Ada’s ever used her life difficulties as an excuse as to how she deals with others in the entertainment business. Many idolize her not only for her abilities but for strong attitude. Of course, just because she’s independent, doesn’t mean she doesn’t need love in her life. After her divorce, I’m very happy to congratulate Ada and Max on finally tying the knot. I guess now Ada can be a “little lady” off screen and the independent woman we see on screen. --- (Of course, although I gave Ada, “independence” I understand very well she’s not the only one who underwent difficult life experiences)

    Upcoming Series that I’m Interested in Watching: N/A

    T is for ...

    Yoyo Mung's part coming soon...

    H is for...

    Moses Chan had captured my eye during his guest role in Aqua Heroes playing a Japanese music manager. It didn’t occur to me he was Moses then, but I was somehow amazed by the men in black aura in which he presented himself. It wasn’t until War and Beauty did I actually watch a drama with him in it. Then came along Dut Dut Dei in Heart of Greed and had watched him since. Most of my time though was enjoying his off screen personality, playing with other actors and cracking small jokes. It could be that he makes funny faces or he’s just playful. On screen, he’s definitely good at playing villains enough to make me not like him and he can definitely play the sensible good guy. Of course, my favorite though is generally his comedic type roles that make him seem a bit childish but not exaggerative. He’s amusing and can put a smile to my face. He’s also a game show favorite even though he can be put on the spotlight for his rumors. I find him humorous in the sense that he’s playful making him very entertaining to watch.

    Upcoming Series that I'm interested in Watching: Beyond the Realm of Conscience, Chau Heung Angers Tong Bak Fu

    T is for...

    Gallen Lo amazes me as an actor who can play a wide range of roles – but very well and into character. Can playing a wife range of roles - where villains can be hated to the guts and yet at the same time deserve sympathy, good guys that have cold blooded personalities or even plainly good yet not angelic - be a talent? Well I guess you can play a wide range of roles, but is it convincing? Being a three time well deserved best actor, I think Gallen has the ability to be versatile and believable. Watching him since I was a child, I’ve always loved his characters when ever I got the chance to see him. His characters were always memorable to me and I never once confused him for another role of his. It always seems like he’s someone different and he never seems to be out of character. In a way, I find his acting to be very natural and flowing, because he does put lots of effort into his works. Even playing someone of the opposite sex for a great portion of Mr. Diana didn’t seem to be a problem for him. It’s not just the appearance he focused on - with the chic bob, makeup and inflated chest - but he really did act like a woman with the talk, expressions and formality because his character was possessed by one. Gallen makes every single one of his roles special with his ability to perform and be in character.

    Upcoming Series That I'm Interested in Watching: Born Rich

    V is for...

    All of them are versatile in my opinion!! Tehee

    so that means Gallen Lo, Bowie Lam, Moses Chan, Bosco Wong, Raymond Lam, Kenneth Ma, Bobby Au Yeung, Ada Choi, Tavia Yeung, Myolie Wu, Yoyo Mung, Michelle Yim, Liza Wang, Nancy Sit, Christine Ng, Kate Tsui, Sheren Tang are all VERSATILE in my opinion :D

    B is for ....

    Well in this entertainment industry, it’s undeniable that all artistes be somewhat look-able whether or not you have talent. But to be able to defy time and to always look beautiful and young can only be done by few. Michelle Yim would always be the first person or the most common candidate for this description. If I didn’t tell you, would you even think she looks 53 years old? If there’s anyone who can play different stages of life starting from mid 30s, Michelle is your person. She’s aged beautifully and looks the same as the time she entered the industry. To be straight to the point, she’s been “keeping” very well.

    Upcoming Series that I'm interested in watching: Beyond the Realm of Conscience

    Phew ...finally posted it all up. And just in case people still wondering...I think all these words can apply to my favourites..I just divided it up so that there's someone for each part of the name. Meaning I think all of them are beautiful. All of them are humourous...etc etc.

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