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    An extremely well written fanfiction by Waking Dreams titled, "Broken Masks". The story features Bernice Liu, Charmaine Sheh, Myolie Wu, Julian Cheung, Raymond Lam, Bosco Wong and many other minor characters. With thrilling ideas and constant mysteries, Waking Dreams keeps us reading chapter after chapter. Despite being incomplete, it is definitely worth beginning and commenting on! Be sure to give this story a try.

    Want the latest news on upcoming series? Want to know what's up with your idol? TVB:A Way of Thinking truly is the place for series gossip on who's filming for what. View exclusive photos on the latest costume fittings at TVB: A Way of Thinking

    Missed the good old days of talent and expression? Miss the 90s of Flora Chen, Kenix Kwok, Maggie Cheung? Visit Hyn5 @ Fortune City to revisit the good old days...or read interesting posts you wouldn't find anywhere else!

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    Tuesday, September 30, 2008

    TVB 2008 Best Supporting Actress
    Joyce Tang (War of In-Laws 2)
    Bernice Liu (Wasabi Mon Amour)
    Sharon Chan (Catch Me Now)
    Nancy Wu (The Silver Chamber of Sorrow)
    Claire Yiu ( Speech of Silence )
    Krystal Tin (Love exchange)
    Lei Heung Kam (Moonlight Resonance)
    Tavia Yeung (Moonlight Resonance)
    Fala Chen (Moonlight Resonance)
    Kate Tsui (Moonlight Resonance)
    wow tough..I'm rooting for all 4 of the Moonlight Ladies... and Nancy Wu :D..but add oil to them all!! =]

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    TVB Opening Ceremony - News coverage it just me but the front row goes from tallest on left to the shortest on the right? lol..but either way enjoy!

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    TVB Anniversary Awards 2008 Nominees (Part of the list)

    **this is only part of the may still be subject to changes**

    My First Reaction : What?!

    But, now that I look at it, almost every series had a representative that amde it onto the list...but there are some categories that I really am confused about...

    Best Actor Category
    Kenneth Ma - Survivor's Law II
    Roger Kwok - D.I.E
    Damian Lau - Catch Me Now
    Frankie Lam - Forensic Heroes II
    Michael Miu - Love Exchange
    Ha Yu - Moonlight Resonance
    Moses Chan - Moonlight Resonance
    Raymond Lam - Moonlight Resonance
    Bobby Au Yeung - Your Class or Mine
    Kevin Cheng - Last One Standing
    okay..not bad ...but why isnt Paul Chun from Silver Chamber of Sorrows up here? He did a magnificent job!! I mean..he should definetly be up there!

    Best Female Category
    Liza Wang - Wars of In-Laws II
    Sonjia Kwok - D.I.E
    Linda Chung - A Journey Called Life
    Nancy Sit - The Silver Chamber of Sorrows
    Charmaine Sheh - Forensic Heroes II
    Kate Tsui - Speech of Silence
    Louise Lee - Moonlight Resonance
    Susanna Kwan - Moonlight Resonance
    Michelle Yim - Moonlight Resonance
    Sheren Tang - Your Class or Mine
    Okay....where is Lee Heung Kam??!! I know she died...but Lee Si Kei's Dai Kei won last year and she died before Ha Yu did and won best actress....where is Lee Heung Kam?!! ...And well not to be mean..but I dont think Kate should be up there for Speech of Silence.... maybe something because compared to the veterans ... it wasnt that great...but if they've got the other people up there..I guess why not?

    Most Improved Female Artist
    Tavia Yeung
    Toby Leung
    Nancy Wu
    Selina Li
    Sharon Chan
    Tavia already won it...she doesnt need it again..LOL...she should be in another category...-_-

    Most Improved Male Artist
    Wong Cho Lam
    Johnson Lee
    Tsui Wing
    Derek Kwok
    Oscar Leung

    My Favourite Male Character Role
    Kenneth Ma - Survior's Law II
    Bosco Wong - Wars of In-Laws II
    Roger Kwok - D.I.E
    Derek Kwok - D.I.E
    Michael Tse - The Money-Maker Recipe
    Ha Yu - Moonlight Resonance
    Raymond Lam - Moonlight Resonance
    Sunny Chan - Legend of the Demigods
    Ron Ng - The Four
    Kevin Cheng - Last One Standing

    My Favourite Female Character Role
    Charmaine Sheh - Word Twisters' Adventures
    Liza Wang - Wars of In-Laws II
    Myolie Wu - Wars of In-Laws II
    Yuen Siu Yee - D.I.E
    Christine Ng - The Silver Chamber of Sorrows
    Kiki Sheung - The Money-Maker Recipe
    Louise Lee - Moonlight Resonance
    Susanna Kwan - Moonlight Resonance
    Fala Chen - Moonlight Resonance
    Linda Chung - Legend of the Demigods
    Why isnt Tavia's Ah Yuet up there??..It's also quite popular... And still no Lee Heung Kam??

    **Tavia Yeung has also been nominated for Best Supporting Actress.**

    nominations list credits to:
    Source: Wenweipo
    Translated by: kingkongit27 @
    I'm still shocked to se some of the people in the categories. And why isnt Best Selling Secrets people up there?? They had higher ratings than Legend of the Demi Gods and possibly even Word Twister's Adventure. So I can sort of see some akward nominees up there..but I'm sure there's a reason. You can really tell TVB tried to fit someone from each of their series to make it to the Top 10....Maybe they are in the second half.

    Hopefully to see Tavia, Fala and Kate in Best Supporting Actress section.... but that section always has strong competitors like Rebecca Chan and Mary Hon whom I also hope they'd get some recognition...

    Anyways..I'll wait till the full list is out before I talk about Top 5. But the anniversary this year looks like it's going to be quite :D

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    Sunday, September 28, 2008

    The Greatness of a Hero

    Yep, my newest series I'm promoting is Legendary Ren Jia aka Greatness of a Hero. =]

    Producer: 梁材远

    20 episodes

    Airing date: Unconfrimed

    The Greatness of a Hero Cast:

    Kent Cheng
    Lee Heung Kam
    Bernice Liu
    Sunny Chan
    Sonija Kwok
    Leila Tong
    Wayne Lai
    Rebecca Chan
    Yvonne Lam
    Raymond Cho
    Claire Yiu
    Matthew Ko
    Lawrence Ng
    Mimi Chu
    Stephen Wong
    Stephen Huynh
    Queenie Chu
    Tracy Ip

    I stumbled upon this series at Asianfanatics as I was looking for pictures for my layout. When I first read the name, I was intrigues as I read it as " World Class Jerks" . In which I'm not sure if that's what it means, but I assumed it was heroes who have habits of being kind of mean and uses dirty tricks. So I decided to click on it...and wow what a star studded cast!!Well when I say star's made up of people I love watching or I feel is really good at acting. :D

    And the!! Amazingly beautiful!!! I thought I'd share some with you guys:

    Left to Right: Leila Tong, Stephen Hyunh, Tracy Ip, Sonjia Kwok and Bernice Liu
    *apparently Sonjia will be playing Bernice's mother*
    The costumes are soo pretty!! and the hair!! Soo pretty!

    Talk about studded!!
    Left to Right: Lee Heung Kam, Wayne Lai, Lui San San (i think thats her name...she's a old singer who acts here and there...played Kevin Cheng's aunt in FHII), Rebecca Chan, Queenie Chu, Tracy Ip!! Once again..the costumes!! soo pretty!!

    This picture is the cameos who dont make it big..but there acting is pretty good.
    Left to Right: Josephine Shum, Karen Lee (she's actually really good..dont get why she didnt make it big..) and Queenie Chu. Two maids and Empress Wu

    Left: Rebecca Chan: she will be an empress. Such pretty designs!!
    Right : Bernice and Terrence, the boy from The Ultimate Crime Fighter. Just cute pic.

    I'm really looking forward to this series, it has a lot of great actors and actresses.

    Kent Cheng > loved watching him in shows
    Lee Heung Kam> noticed her since Moonlight, so looking forward to see more of her
    Bernice Liu > I use to be very edgy about her acting but I saw great improvement from her in When a Dog Loves a Cat, so I'm hoping she continues to surprise me
    Sunny Chan> funny guy and good actor
    Sonija Kwok > enjoyable actress!
    Leila Tong> missed seeing her from the fa dans!!
    Wayne Lai> hey..he's born to act!
    Rebecca Chan > love watching her!
    Yvonne Lam > she always surprises me!
    Raymond Cho > another great guy!
    Claire Yiu> great!
    Mimi Chu > just love her!

    In general, I'm just excited to see such great cast. I mean its been a while since they haven't used the promoted people in a series ( like I havent seen Bernice & Leila actually have a series in a while ) or the M.I.A actors and actresses. I feel like its Silver Chamber of Sorrows all over again ... some of you may say they are B-List actors and actresses...but these cast members have lots of talented people...and I mean, to me many of them are A-List..

    Anyways, just thought I'd share with you on what my new playlist is going to be,,, When it does come out... :D

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    Friday, September 26, 2008

    Such Hideous-ness

    I know...and I apologize to those who have eye sores looking at my layout.. I'm really didnt come out right....the picture I had in mind was a very powerful image of the war between actresses...but my mouse wasnt I couldnt do my blends and fill-ins it just looks weird

    But I have to use it because it's to inform my readers (YOU) on what to expect upnext...

    Anticipating the Bigger Drama.... is about my curiosity to see the Annivery Awards of TVB 41st... bad order of words.. With SOO many veterans acting this year and many terrific series..I'm curious to knwo the results.

    Yet I feel ashamed to give it such a title..because the layout isnt as I expected. I am hoping to be able to get another free day to remake the layout....

    Anyone interested in taking my requests?

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    Saturday, September 20, 2008

    I'll Be Back SOON:

    Sorry for not updating in so long, and thank you for everyone's concerns. I will be back soon, hopefully with a new layout and of course, MY posts.. :D

    By the way, I think word got out I'm a Tavia Yeung fan --> in which I am, she has great potential...

    Anyways I've recently become affiliated with many Tavia Yeung websites, all are terrific!! So if you are a fan or see potential in this artiste, be sure to check these sites out!

    Of course, if you feel like browsing around my links, its also recommended as my affiliates are all terrific bloggers, webmasters and webmistress :D

    As to put a little bit of hope in everyone, I'm letting you guys have some choices on my updates:

    Some possible suggestions, if you dont have any in mind:
    2008 TOP 10 SERIES?



    I hope to hear some suggestions from you guys!! :D

    | 11:50 p.m. |

    Monday, September 8, 2008

    Meanwhile, in hopes that everyone is still happy when I'm back. I'm sharing some videos with you guys. Anybody remember this?

    Remembering Virtues of Harmony...

    Haha I was bored so I decided to search up VOH..and I found these fan made videos uploaded by
    LiNkWuVeR @ Youtube. So I thought i'd share it with you guys. It's composed of the funny moments of VOH :D Videos are by Thaobacco...?

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    Currently I will go on hiatus due to the confusion that is going on and the exhaustion caused by going back to school.

    I think one of the most annoying things for students is when your schedule isn’t right and you are stuck in a class that you don’t need while lessons are being taught. It’s been 4 school days already and I’m still not in the right course and my guidance still hasn’t been able to contact me or even reassure me that I’m not missing much from my other courses. Call me a geek but I really don’t like missing class especially 4 days worth of it. As well I have three sciences in the next semester in which I hope to be able to transfer out so I can take it this semester instead. And I’m also running on the hope that there is still space left for me. As well, I need to find out what class I am SUPPOSE to have so that I can get my notes copied as soon as possible since this week is when they starting giving out quizzes and test. I’ve become very paranoid because I really don’t want to screw up my marks on anything -> missing 4 lessons is a lot.

    Also getting my mind to function back to “Math Functions” (no pun intended) since the summer has made me slower. I spent a day of my weekend trying to figure out how to do something and had asked my siblings how to do it. And I completely didn’t understand since our education systems have changed so much since they were in school. Then when I got back to school, I realized two of the questions I was stuck on, didn’t matter to us cause there was some errors in the question and the other questions that I had problem with was actually in a note I had taken at the beginning of the semester. So I literally felt like an idiot.

    I’ve become tired as I finish dinner, homework and errands, its 11pm. I try to then squeeze in my daily media checks, some leisure and then its like 12:30 am. Then I have to wake up early in the morning the next day and the lack of sleep has made me tired.

    I’ve also become tired of Moonlight Resonance. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a wonderful series and I bravo to the script writer but I don’t think I can handle all that drama anymore. I’m sick of hearing or reading anything about it. I’m sick of my layout and the song playing in the background. And I can’t keep up with the constant drama…it really wears me out through watching just one episode. I think this series uses up my emotions so you know, I become mentally exhausted. I won’t be able to watch it until I get things all sorted out, get rid of my layout and stuff.

    I’ve also become tired with an indirect argument between my online brother. I refrain from telling you guys who it is because I don’t think he even wants to acknowledge my existence. A barrier has recently been made due to my change in attitude towards his idol. As well as it seems like everything I’m saying isn’t right to his ears and I don’t seem to understand him. I’ve become exhausted from trying to heal things up by refraining from being mean to his idol as much as possible (I don’t really hate the idol, I’m just not as fond of them due to recent seeing them everywhere…so I’ve become very critical) but a person can only handle so much coldness before they break down and fall ill.

    But once things are sorted out, as I’ve said before, I hope to be able to make some posts here and there which I owe you guys!! I hope that when I come back though, you guys will still be there! I hope my blog is still lively ->I will try to reply you guys at the CBOX as much as possible…try not to make too long of a comment (LOL…Zoe…) otherwise my cbox wont show up some other people’s message ->ofcourse, if necessary the comment page of blogger allows you to do that as much as you want ( lol a sanctuary for Zoe!!)

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    Tuesday, September 2, 2008

    GIFTS I'd Love to Share

    I've recently received gifts from lovely new friends and I realized that other people wont be able to see it and it would be a waste of their time if only one person (ME) saw it. So I thought I'd share all my lovely gifts and creations with you guys and acknowledge those lovely givers :)

    First off, I have my sis : ZOE from Promise Under Starlight

    very pretty, n'est pas? i love it :D i wonder where she got this pretty pic of Tavia?? (yes I have problems searching for pics...)

    Next we have Janeal from TVB Graphics or TVB Obsessions who most of you would recognize by now, since she is who has helped me with my codings (as i've mentioned) and with the lovely Silver Chamber of Sorrows Creations :D

    ahh...I LOVE IT!!!! i think she caught on that i absolutely HATE Chris's hair..and either she photoshopped it down...or she spent efforts looking for a non ugly chris hair pic...LOL... :D

    many you may have seen this around.....ahh how i miss Silver Chamber of Sorrows...I really love the banner I think people at forums will mistaken me for a fan of old timers..LOL...oh well... =]

    She's also made layouts for me..but they're too I dont like to shrink it to ruin the look :P
    Then we have Flor.a, member of Simply FungYi my sis as well and whom you may recognize her as well, she's done plenty of works for me (many of my layouts!! linkies are made by her... :D i love them too....first one she made was the celebrities one and then the second one is the silver chamber of sorrows one that she made =D
    look its my display pic!! yes it's kenix and yes she is a fan of kenix =D
    i would like to give you guys a BIG

    These creations have brought a lot of joy to me and the BLOG :D sorry for not posting all your creations to give you guys FULL credit but I cant post up things without your names or they cant fit into the post size...but I'm sure EVERYONE will know it from looking at my past layouts =]

    | 10:20 a.m. |