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    Friday, August 22, 2008


    Hahaha...I'm still very fond of Silver Chamber of Sorrows..and have continued to promote it to others to watch...and I found this video that TVB did for promotional use!!! Ahhh....i love it!!..Makes it seem more dramatic and I finally get to share with you guys those commercial break scnes they use for the series. It's really pretty!!

    I temporarily wont be able to update cause I'm going to be busy for a week!!! =] lol so you can continue to leave messages -->> I'll reply as frequent as possible!!! WOOO!!!~~~

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    Tuesday, August 19, 2008

    Rating's Kings & Queens

    For as long as we remember, ratings were always part of the TVB world. Ratings were what judged a series popularity and as time flied by, us viewers have also used this to judge whether or not we're going to watch this series. Good ratings meant a good plot was guaranteed with something for everyone. But if we look back, good ratings were also guaranteed by good actors and actresses. With the information provided by Kitson @ tvbchinesenews who has become our #1 choice for weekly ratings, I was able to pull out ratings that dated back all the way to 1997. I decided to acknowledge those who have given us plenty of joy while watching tv as Rating Kings and Queens.


    To become rating King or Queen, you must:
    • have been a main character in atleast 3 series
    • the series you played main character must have had an average rating of 30 points or higher
    • you must not have more than 2 series where you were the main character and had an average rating of LESS than 30 points


    • the new fa dans and siu sungs will be put in a seperate category which will be in a seperate post from the more experienced actors or actresses. Thus will be titles "Ratings Princes & Princesses"
    • warehoused series are NOT included
    • not all actors or actresses were recognized in "Ratings Kings and Queens"

    RATING KINGS (in no particular order)

    Bobby Au Yeung
    Series with A High Average Ratings:
    Armed Reaction II

    Cast: Bobby Au Yeung, Esther Kwan, Marco Ngai, Joyce Tang

    Average Ratings: 36 PTS

    First Week Ratings: 32 PTS

    Final Week Ratings: 39 PTS

    Peaking: 47 PTS

    Other Series:
    • Forensic Heroes
    • Taming of the Princess
    • Dicey Business
    • Take My Word for It

    Bowie Lam
    A Series With High Average Ratings:

    Healing Hands

    Cast: Lawrence Ng, Ada Choi, Bowie Lam, Flora Chan, Nick Cheung, William So, Astrid Chan, Steven Ma

    Average Ratings: 34 PTS

    First Week Ratings: ---

    Final Week Ratings: 41 PTS

    Peaking: 46 PTS

    Other Series:
    • War and Beauty
    • Vigilante Force
    • Misleading Track
    • Untraceable Evidence

    Nick Cheung
    Series with the highest Average Ratings:

    Secret of the Heart

    Cast: Gollen Lo, Felix Wong, Amy Kwok, Sunny Chan, Nick Cheung, Cathy Chow, Ada Choi, Jessica Hsuan

    Average Ratings: 35 PTS

    First Week Ratings: 31 PTS

    Final Week Ratings: 41 PTS

    Peaking: 45 PTS

    Other Series:
    • Ups and Downs in the Sea of Love
    • Legendary of the Four Aces
    • Healing Hands
    • Moment of Endearment

    Louis Koo
    Series with the highest Average Ratings:

    A Step Into The Past

    Cast: Louis Koo, Jessica Hsuan, Sonija Kwok, Kwong Wah, Raymond Lam

    Average Ratings: 33 PTS

    First Week Ratings: 31 PTS

    Final Week Ratings: 35 PTS

    Peaking: ---

    Other Series:
    • Burning Flame.
    • Man's Best Friend
    • Detective Investigation Files
    • A Recipe for the Heart
    Kwong Wah

    Series with the highest Average Ratings:

    The King Of Yesterday And Tommorrow

    Cast: Kwong Wah, Maggie Cheung, Melissa Ng, Paul Chun

    Average Ratings: 34 PTS

    First Week Ratings: 30 PTS

    Final Week Ratings: 40 PTS

    Peaking: 46 PTS

    Other Series:
    • Lady Flower Fist
    • Journey to the West II
    • Legend of Lady Yang
    • Happily Ever After

    Frankie Lam

    Series with the highest Average Ratings:

    Witness to Prosecution

    Cast: Bobby Au Yeung, Jessica Hsuan, Mariance Chan, Frankie Lam

    Average Ratings: 33 PTS

    First Week Ratings: ---

    Final Week Ratings: ---

    Peaking: 44 PTS

    Other Series:

    • Forensic Heroes
    • Ten Brothers
    • On the Track or Off
    • Colourful Life

    Roger Kwok

    Series with A High Average Ratings:


    Cast: Roger Kwok, Sonjia Kwok, Margie Tsang, Kenneth Ma, Derek Kwok, Nancy Wu...
    Average Ratings: 34 PTS
    First Week Ratings: 32 PTS
    Final Week Ratings: 37 PTS
    Peaking: 44 PTS

    Other Series:
    • Life Made Simple
    • Glittering Days
    • A Trust for a Lifetime
    • At the Threshold of an Era

    Wong Hei

    Series with A High Average Ratings:
    Fathers and Sons
    Cast: Bobby Au Yeung, Wong He, Tavia Yeung, Yoyo Mung, Ha Yu, Anne Heung, Halina Tam.
    Average Ratings: 33 PTS
    First Week Ratings: 31 PTS
    Final Week Ratings: 37 PTS
    Peaking: 40 PTS

    Other Series:
    • Burning Flames
    • A Matter of Customs

    Michael Tao

    Series with the A High Average Rating:
    Detective Investigation Files III
    Cast: Michael Tao, Joey Leung, Kenix Kwok, Monica Chan, Margeret Chung, Winnie Yeung
    Average Ratings: 36 PTS
    First Week Ratings: ---
    Final Week Ratings: 40 PTS
    Peaking: 44 PTS

    Other Series:
    • On the First Beat
    • Shine on You
    • Love Bond
    • Fantasy Hotel
    Sunny Chan

    Series with A High Average Ratings:
    Just Love
    Cast : Jessica Hsuan, Sunny Chan, Dave Wong, Patrick Tang
    Average Ratings : 32 PTS
    Viewers Tuned In : 210 Million
    First Week Ratings : 32 PTS
    Final Week Ratings : 32 PTS
    Peaking : 37 PTS

    Other Series:
    • The Flying Fox of the Snowy Mountain
    • Detective Investigative Files IV
    • The Green Grass of Home
    • Secret of the Heart

    Lawrence Ng

    Series with A High Average Ratings:
    Healing Hands II
    Cast: Lawrence Ng, Bowie Lam, Yoyo Mung, Maggie Siu, Kit Chan, Moses Chan
    Average Ratings: 33 PTS
    First Week Ratings: 33 PTS
    Final Week Ratings: 34 PTS
    Peaking: 38 PTS
    Other Series:

    • The Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre 2000
    • A Taste of Love
    • A Loving Spirit
    • Fate Twisters

    Benny Chan

    Series with A High Average Ratings:
    Vigilante Force
    Cast: Bowie Lam, Kenix Kwok, Joe Ma, Benny Chan, Tavia Yeung
    View Truned In: 222 Million
    Average Ratings: 34 PTS
    First Week Ratings: 31 PTS
    Final Week Ratings: 36 PTS
    Peaking: 41 PTS

    Other Series:
    • Dark Tales II
    • Journey to the West II
    • The Demi Gods and Semi Devils 1997
    • Gods of Honour
    So What do you think? Do you tend to find these people's series to turn out better? Who is your Ratings King? Share your thoughts with us :D

    Be Sure to Come back for Rating Queens, Rating Princes & Princesses!

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    Saturday, August 16, 2008

    Episode 13.... the significance of it:

    Episode 13 is the highlight to the full reunion of the Kam Family. Even the grandma (Lee Heung Kam) has learned to be respectful to Hor Ma (Lee Si Kei). The grandchildren Ka Ho Yuet Yuen Hing Zhung Chau are there to celebrate the grandma's birthday. Then since the next year, 2009 it is said to be a year where it's lucky for everyone to get married, Ka Ho Yuet Yuen bakery decides to promote their baked goods. Ah Ka (Moses Chan) opens up his own advertising company and his first job was given to him by Jo Bao (Ha Yu). The family eagerly talks about plans for this function and Ah Hung (Michelle Yim) is notified. Hearing the joy this function would bring to the family, she decides to ruin them. Luckily things were solved.

    As you can see above, Ah Chau (Linda Chung) out of no where appears to help out but I guess they notified her too. It took me MULTIPLE tries to get that picture!!!

    Here, the kids wish Jo Bao and Hor Ma their best wishes of staying together and happily ever after. Causing them to be a bit embarassed.

    The function ends off with them throwing wedding ribbon-bouquets like real weddings usually are.

    Far off in the corner, the whole thing was recorded by Ah Hung's mother-in-law's sister and nephew.

    The scene was then blue toothed to Ah Hung's cell phone.

    Ah Hung is extremely upset but as viewers we sense that some thing is up her sleeve. Thus the ending to this episode is really significant. Unlike other chapters, it would stop at that scene, representing a period to that specific plot. But this chapter, it watches as Ah Hung goes into their bakery before flashing back to the theme video. This is to tell us viewers, that it's not an end but in fact the beginning to the terror that is to come. Instead of a period, we are left off with a bunch of trailing periods ... (as you can see here)

    Now I'm really anticipating what is to happen next!! What will Ah Hung do now? The family will definitely be split up again but will the heavens keep an eye on it?

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    Thursday, August 14, 2008

    source credits to: Sing Tao Newspaper

    The following news was translated by Lavendar_Bluez @ In Love With TVB. Please give proper credit when posting this article anywhere else. Thank You.

    The End to the highly popular show has already been exposed all the way to the Canadian Sing Tao newspaper. The newspaper states that Moonlight Resonance is so popular with its cosntant climaxes in each episode. Even people who aren't watching the show are given the facts of what will happen to the Kam Family. So what will happen? Here's some spoilers (but remember, its not everything :D) :


    For viewers we see at the moment, an evil villain who had not yet created a major scheme yet but Ah Hung (Michelle Yim) is calm about all the things that have happened so far. Yet the calmer the villains are, the scarier the deeds they will plan. It appears as if Ah Hung begins to lose grasp of things and the happy family begins to reunion leaving her behind. But not everyone is happy. Ah Hung is left with Ah Yuen (Lai Lok Yi) who has always been filial towards her will help her harm Ah Ka (Moses Chan), his own brother. Ka Mei played by Kate Tsui will first appear in episode 22 where we will see her character use beauty to disrupt the bond between Ah Ka and Ah Yuen. Together with Ka Mei, Ah Hung will destroy the reunion of the lost family causing more disasters to Hor Ma (Lee Si Kei). Along the way, the grandma played by Lee Heung Kam will find out the truth and hidden mystery behind her dead son and causing her to lose her life in replacement. What is the full detail as to what happened to the grandma's son and her life? How will the torn apart family respond to the news? What turbulence will be caused by the evil pair? Watch Moonlight Resonance.


    Since the original's Heart of Greed was released Linda Chung was praised for her wonderful acting as Seung Joi Sum. Many people wonder if she was going to do the same in Moonlight Resonance. It appears to not be the case. Linda's triangle relationship with Bosco and Raymond Lam doesn't seem to be the highlight pairing of the series. Unlike in Heart of Greed, the pairing is no longer between Seung Joi Sum x Alfred x Sui Mak Mak. Instead the focus with most climax may be the devastating pair of Ah Ka and Ah Yuet (Tavia Yeung). Their love story is said to be full of mishap events as Ka Mei enters the relationship. Then it turns out that the pair will be hit with devastating news that could make them similar to the modern day Romeo and Juliet. What will be the result of the Kam family's children?

    And unlike last year, Linda was a female lead as Seung Joi Sum in Heart of Greed. But this year, with the focus changed, the 5 lead characters would be Lee Si Kei as Hor Ma, Raymond Lam as Ah Ho, Ha Yu as Jo Bao, Michelle Yim as Ah Hung aka Hung Yi and Susanna Kwan as Sa Yi. They will be the highlight characters of the show as events run through these characters one after another. What will happen in the end?


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    Tuesday, August 12, 2008

    NEW LAYOUT!! hehe.. hope you guys like it :D

    Sorry for not updating frequently but I'll get back to work soon!!

    Meanwhile be sure to check out my LOVELY AFFILIATES

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    Thursday, August 7, 2008

    Seesaw seesaw by the Seas of Revenge...
    In life there are always times when you go up up up and times when you go down, down, down. Imagine you are at a medium level, heading downwards, would you try to hold onto something? Would you continue at your best and hope you can at least stay at that level? If opportunity came, but you don’t know if it’ll go straight up…or straight down, would you take it? What happens if it gives you the chance to push down the one who pushed you down? Would you do it? This new feature article is about the actors who have been pushed down and who turned around and got revenge…

    Author’s Note:
    Of course, that description of the article was only to grab your attention…whether or not they physically did this for revenge…well it is still unknown. As well…some words may sound harsh but were only written in effect and not to offend the idols themselves.

    The Rivalry between Bernice Liu and Linda Chung

    The History:

    Back in 2001, after winning the Miss Chinese International, Bernice Liu was invited to become part of TVB. Her first series was Virtues of Harmony, a sitcom that was so well received; producers kept adding storylines and eventually produced a sequel. The original Virtues of Harmony was so well liked by the audience that the many minor actors in the series became known. Bernice’s first role became an automatic launch to fame and everyone called her Princess. Then along came Virtues of Harmony II and the success continued but part way into the show, Bernice had no choice but to leave. The big brother in the series and her male co-star, Frankie Lam was leaving Virtues of Harmony. With the public so use to seeing them as a pairing, it was difficult for TVB to continue the plot with just one of them. Thus Bernice was written off. But Virtues of Harmony was still looking for a young and fresh couple so they decided to look into the Miss Chinese International again. And in 2004, they took the winner of Miss Chinese International, Linda Chung and paired her up with Steven Man. TVB hoped they were able to replace the original pairings but they were wrong. Linda became the target for the negative comments and felt her acting was horrible. Many felt that Linda was trying to replace Bernice (only in the story) and gave all their support to Bernice. Linda who was a happy Miss Chinese International winner was sucked into a few years of hatred. Anti fans grew fast…Linda was truly pushed down...

    The Counter- Attack?

    Although the audience didnt give her a chance, TVB sure did. In 2006, Linda was given the role that win many hearts with her cute image as Ding Ding in the hit series, Forensic Heroes. Linda gained many new fans and neutralized some of the hatred but it wasn’t until 2007’s hit series did Linda truly shoot back up. Her character Seung Joi Sum became well known by the audience. Everyone watched her pitiful story in the triangle relationship where she was betrayed by her best friend. They watched as Seung Joi Sum grow up into the lawyer who fought the difficult battle for the Tong Family against the foolish Wong Sau Kam. Lastly, they watched the cute and sad moments between her and Dut Dut Dei.

    The Results?

    Linda Chung was one of the five finalists in 2007’s TVB Anniversary for Best Female Actress. She had obtained female actress quality before Bernice (who hasn’t been in the final five for best actress yet). Although Linda didn’t win, but she had gained the hearts of many people. In the year 2008, she became part of the grand productions of TVB and even took part in movies. She was close to being the winner of the best newcomer but lost to Kate instead. Linda also became known for her singing and entered the music industry. Her debut album is soon to be released and is taking part in a concert in August. Not only did Linda shoot higher in acting but as well in singing.

    After Bernice left Virtues of Harmony, she became quite successful in other series and everyone rooted for her in 2005 for her role in Into Thin Air/ Love Bond. Sadly she lost out to Nikki Chow. Her fame began to slowly descend though because many began to criticize her acting in series such as Devil’s Disciple and the Brink of Law. She was levered back up for while in 2007 for her role in Steps. She was a hot favorite for most improved actress but people felt Kate deserved it more. Of course, not receiving an award isn’t a big deal but it is a guarantee to better series. Bernice continued on with Wasabi Mon Amour but that didn’t turn out so great. Her other series were warehoused and now she has been seen acting as cameos in Best Selling Secrets and When A Dog Loves a Cat. Her next role is in Ren Jia which will hopefully leverage her back up. She is still doing fine though because she is a #1 choice for advertisements and she still has more fans.

    Both actress were linked into this seesaw from the time they acted in Virtues of Harmony. One replaced the other but the other had marked its spot. Like a seesaw, when one goes down the other goes up.

    Who would you root for?

    The original princess that just doesn't get enough chances? Or the poor Seung Joi Sum who suffered from the princess' fame and has just recently climbed up her opportunities?

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    Moonlight Resonance - Ah Ka changes.... Auntie Sa is a wolf!

    This episode was light-hearted but still not too bad to watch..not much drama...more evil scheming done by Ah Hung (Michelle Yim)...more romance than usual focused between Linda and Ray.... a bit more humour and it was warm to see Jo Ba (Ha Yu) with his other family whom he has more fun with :D

    Ah Ka is fired...

    It turns out Ah Ka's boss (Astrid Chan) really doesn't like Ah Ka's work ethics and has actually been bribed by Ah hung all along. And Ah Ka had though that she (the boss) was secretly in love with him...and to save his position he gave her a kiss!!

    This mini plot was pretty humourous because Ah Yuet who was working with him was really frustrated with Ah Ka. She was like "wHAT THE HELL?? YOu're so cheap!!!" Anyways after Ah Ka was fired, she reminded him of the situation and bit him real hard! Ah Yuet and Ah Ka seems like they'll be having a more comedic romance..which im fine with :D
    Ah Ho's Love

    Ah Ho turns out to have a really sad love relationship and they broke up because Ah Ho loved his family too much. Ting Ting (Tracy Yip) wanted someone who could fully love him. Anyways just when Ah Chao (Linda) thought that Ah Ho liked her she finds out he and Ting Ting got back together. Ah Ho decided to show Ting Ting to the family and it brought Jo Ba back into the warmth of the family :D

    Sadly...Ting Ting turns out to have had another boyfriend before meeting with Ah Ho again and realized she still couldn't handle the fact that Ah Ho cared alot about his family. Ah Chao happened to be there and saw everything from a distance. When Ah Ho went back with Ah Chao shortly after he told the family. They were all very supportive and everyone rushed to give Ah Ho a kiss. Grandpa & Jo Ba are SOO funny..
    But not as FUNNY as Auntie Sa (Susanna Kwan)..ROFL...she wanted to kiss Ah Ho so badly...

    So they played a game they use to play as a family..its like spin the bottle but musical chair style with people moving... and Ah Ho at first ended with Auntie Sa
    ROFL...Auntie Sa was like DROOLING..she's been waiting for that kiss for so long. LOL..but in the end Ah Ho's like " no no..not fair...i had a muscle spasm..." so Auntie Sa was really the game restarted..and in the end Ah Chao kissed Ah Ho instead.

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    Wednesday, August 6, 2008

    My Thoughts on Moonlight Resonance so far...

    I have to say, I'm incredibly surprised in how much I'm enjoying it. It seems like I like it more than the original, Heart of Greed. I guess it could be the fact that there is A LOT less romance...SO FAR.. I guess I'm just not the romantic type..or I just dont like to watch two people start yea Moonlight goes easy with the relationships. Not much focus on couples yet.
    What I like So Far

    The constantly new and refreshing details to the stories in every episode! It's absolutely incredible how every chapter seems to reveal new information or has new drama to it. But it contines to flow so perfectly...
    It never fails to make me bawl out and wet my face with tears AND Keep me staring at the screen for a very very long time.

    The climax to the end of each episode is terrific. I never feel that the song doesnt suit the ending to the episode..I remember one time watching Heart and I believe Susanna was angry that she had nothing in the family and refused to go home. By the end of the episode she made up with Louise and Louise made a promise to her and Susanna was about to say some thing "Ah jie..." (it was deleted scene) and BOOM the theme song blasted out. I was like "Wha?" it was kind of random since the music was dramatic but the scene wasnt even ended yet. Anyways Moonlight hasnt failed to have the satisfying ending that matches soo well with the ending music.

    I love Hor Ma's side of the family, i.e the grandpa, Ah Yuet, Ah Ho and Ah Hing AND Auntie Sa AND the housewives that learn from the shop and Nin Zi Yung (Wayne Lai) and technically Ah Ka. Pretty much the story is revolved around this side of the family since Lee Si Kei & Susanna are female leads and thus the people around them would be highly involved which I like. i LOVE how the family well bsides Susanna always comes together to help each other...i.e when Fala had to do the delivery thing..or Tavia being unable to face the family (ep. 5 >>really touching episode!!!) But the bad guys from the other side of the family do add to the story :D
    My New Thoughts on Characters

    Joe Ba (Ha Yu) isn't as bad as I thought...well yea he's still a jerk and stuff but I'm glad he still has a a sense of conscience in him that I saw in Episode 8. He still believes that the rich life is considered happiness but I'm glad that he realized some of his actoins were wrong and saw what Ah Hung did.

    The grandma isn't as bad either (Lee Heung Kam)...see she has pity and she isn't a complete B*TCH. I think after she realized what really happened to her son she started to be nicer to Lee Si Kei. She is still b*tchy cause she keeps thinking Lee Si Kei is trying to win Ha Yu back but I think through her eyes..she kind of pities Lee Si Kei after she hears what has been happening.
    Both characters I would say were blinded by Michelle Yim's Ah Hung like Lee Si Kei's Hor Ma had said in episode 8.

    Auntie Sa ....kind of cute...I mean she has a young heart but she really does anger people since she’s very ….hard to explain her personality on the spot...but her interactions with the kids are hilarious...

    omg and just recently her ineractions with Wayne are funny..I have a feeling she's going to have a triangle relationship with Wayne and Louis Yuen
    Characters Im Looking Forward to See
    The kids from the rich side i.e Ah Yuen and Ah Zhong..they havent had much to say yet. In the descriptions it looks like Ah Yuen will be supporting Michelle Yim but he's been in the many scnes where Michelle Yim is obviously evil...I wonder if he knows yet....Ah Zhong hasnt said much yet but Lee Si Kei has revealed his sad story and IN pictures he seems to have joined Lee Si I wonder how that works.
    Linda's Ah Chao hasnt had much yet TVB Musings they say she is suppose to be female lead for younger generation..but she hasnt been involved really..even her spot light in ep.6 was dimmed since ray's character forgave her easily. but after watching ep.8 where linda realizes what her mother sure theres more for the character now
    Kate Tsui... where are you??!! SHE looks pretty in the song :D...
    Anyways...I'm done for now...SOO MUCH excitement in this series.

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