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    Want an english guide on what's going on in Born Rich?? Visit TkN's exquisite Born Rich site for all the information. It's got translations to the theme song and sub song. Dont forget to listen to her podcast! It's an insight on the grand production! Fellow Born Rich -lovers, be sure to pay a visit!

    An extremely well written fanfiction by Waking Dreams titled, "Broken Masks". The story features Bernice Liu, Charmaine Sheh, Myolie Wu, Julian Cheung, Raymond Lam, Bosco Wong and many other minor characters. With thrilling ideas and constant mysteries, Waking Dreams keeps us reading chapter after chapter. Despite being incomplete, it is definitely worth beginning and commenting on! Be sure to give this story a try.

    Want the latest news on upcoming series? Want to know what's up with your idol? TVB:A Way of Thinking truly is the place for series gossip on who's filming for what. View exclusive photos on the latest costume fittings at TVB: A Way of Thinking

    Missed the good old days of talent and expression? Miss the 90s of Flora Chen, Kenix Kwok, Maggie Cheung? Visit Hyn5 @ Fortune City to revisit the good old days...or read interesting posts you wouldn't find anywhere else!

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    Tuesday, July 29, 2008

    At the moment I'm watching Moonlight Resonance and at episode 3, I'm captured by the feeling of Heart of Greed but as well as Moonlight Resonance. This episode was a time for happiness and a time for sadness. And I have to say I was hit with tears perfectly. I tried to capture the people I temporarily love watching... and pretty much all of them are here except for Linda cause she couldnt be in this scene and I havent seen the others who are to come out. I so far adore all the characters...all though some of them arent nice exactly..but are ANGELS compared to Michelle Yim, Ha Yu and Lee Heung Kam. I hate these three people sooo much right now..well not them literally but the characters...i cant even believe it. Anyways... thats my post for now...
    new banner...credits to Flor.a who shares a common love for the three siblings above..haven't seen much yet...but once we capture more photos of the siblings'll all be up there eventually.
    secondly. sad to say i cant finish my anniversary celebration due to the it will not be able to show otehr anniversary posts..but they may apear later on and my new feautrues :D

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    Thursday, July 24, 2008


    after watching the trailers...and wow Tavia has such a new role..I LOVE IT!!! go tavia!! go go! go tavia!! It seems like she has a pretty dominant role in here too if she got an entire trailer focused on her plot with susanna...<< omg susanna pisses me but terrific acting.. Lee Si Kei seems alot different this time...she isn't as powerful like she was in HOG. She loses out to her younger sister, Susanna (and omg soo not cute...her gossipness makes me HATE her already...)

    sigh i've got spit emotions right now...Root for Moonligh Resonance or not?? At the same time, I'm still fond of Silver....:P

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    Wednesday, July 16, 2008

    Good Quality Themevideo of Moonlight Renosance

    I found a better version!! Credits to Simply FungYi
    I couldn't resist sharing the song with you guys..It's beautiful!! Susanna has a lovely makes us feel like we're back in the 80s with star actors/ actress like when they were younger..20 year Chow Yun Fat..or 20 yr Carol Zheng...or 20 yr old LSK or Susanna....she really makes us feel in that drama sort of thing...

    sigh haven't been soo excited for a series since Silver...will I be having another fandom obsession??? i dont know...but i adore the song and im really anticipating the new characters...evil michelle...evil kate....evil ha yu (well not entirely)

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    Monday, July 14, 2008

    The Award Cremony

    Welcome to the first annuel award ceremony of In Love With TVB, like TVB we are OPEN TO BRIBERY :D so if necessary, feel free to BRIBE us!! In Love With TVB believes that not only should their affiliates be for publicity use, but in fact give them a sense of FAMILY. And thus we decided to acknolwedge those outstanding affiliates ( OR THE ONES WE CAN ACTUALLY ACCESS THEIR PAGE). Please clap for these honorable people as they have truly done a magnificent job. Hence, we will now commence the award Ceremony.
    PLEASE NOTE that the following awards are meant to be "special" and if you find it offensive to you, feel free to let me know and I'll give entitle you to ANOTHER "special" award.
    Let's start off the ceremony with the OH SO BORING awards that contains THOUSANDS of receipients....ho hum...

    This Year's TOP CHOICE AWARD: TOO PRO FOR ME receipients INCLUDE:

    Congratulations!!! But just becasue there are others who got the same award as you, it doesnt mean that it's not special. This award are specially given to those with outstanding layouts that I find are INCREDIBLE and too difficult for me to do. Thus, you deserve the TOO PRO for ME award.

    This Year's TOP CHOICE AWARD: Most Informative receipients include:

    Congratulations!!! Like I've said before, just because others have the same award, it doesn't mean you're not special. These awards are specially given to those sites who constantly update for us the latest TVB information. Whether its just a quick glimse of the newest show, translations or even reviews, you have provided so much help to the rest of us who aren't able to share the same entertainment.

    This Year's TOP CHOICE AWARD: episodic reviews:

    Congratulations!! These two sites or blogs are recommended by me for some episodic reviews on some of the latest series. Of course, that is not to say YOU dont have good enough episodic reviews, I'm just trying to specialize my affiliates with different awards. Besides, there's next year. OFCOURSE, I RECOMMEND VISITORS TO VISIT ALL MY AFFILIATES.
    Now for the More.... DIFFERENT AWARDS....

    Congratulations to my good buddy Emma! HAHA..ofcourse if this offends her, I hope she knows I'm just poking fun at her. She has many posts about TVB but of course lots more on Britney Spears. lol. It's one of my few affiliates who doesnt have the word "TVB" in the name ( due to the fact that its not a TVB fan blog) but suprisingly if you visit it, you'd see DOZENS of TVB affiliates.

    Congratulations Chandelier!! That is not to say that other visitors aren't my fan BECAUSE I CANT KEEP TRACK OF YOU if you're a silent reader. BUT YOU ARE ALL MY FAVOURITE VISITORS. Haha but Chandelier takes this due to the fact, that this is currently my most frequent visitor who isnt a TVB blogger and whom I know of their existence!! Thank you very much for your support Chandelier and ofcourse thank you too to my SILENT READERS :D

    I'm not sure if you guys noticed but the coloursoftvb blog is truly COLOURFUL. Last time I visited, WOAH, the patterns were soo bright and beautiful!! So they take the cake for having the most patternful blog!!

    Haha!! Me just teasing you Celsius. Why is it the most contradicting blog name? Well Celsius-thoughts is a blog dedicated to the news on the Taiwanese band FARENHEIT. GET IT??!!! (My sense of humour is really slim...TOT) CELSIUS...FARENHEIT?? hello its temperatures!! Blog for FARENHEIT but name is celsius??? Like supporting for Farenheit's rivals...??
    I have a feeling no body got it...Celsius if you'd like a better award, feel free to let me know...i thought it was quite CLEVER though for me to notice....TOT

    Amelie is always M.I.A. I dont think she even blogs anymore.... Hope she updates soon!!

    HAHA...Alice where are you???!!! You only show up once a month...sigh when I first met were always blogging or replying me its like you either post once a month or drop by once a month....

    OMG...i cant tell you guys how much I love this fan video Wendy did using the song "Umbrella" by Rihanna!! I loved it SOOO much I decided to change my layout...remember the scrap book layour I had Flor.a make for me??!! Well that was after I watched the fan made video by Wendy. It's a shame TVB caught this one.....SPOIL SPORTS!!

    Well the name tells it all, there use to be another Myolie site by Kimbo aka MetalAZNWarrior's mom...but she closed it down. Now this REALLY is the #1 source on Myole Wu and it's very helpful with udate to date news on Myolie!!

    Yes...#2...being that I'm #1!! and Janeal@ Tvb obsessions wooh...we went soo crazy for Silver Chamber of Sorrows!! We still are even...I think. It's okay..even if we are the only two fans (not many people watched Silver Chamber of Sorrows....) existing at the moment (I'm exaggerating there are MANY MANY more of us who had the foresight to watch it and love it)

    R-E-S-O-U-R-C-E-F-U-L!! I know..I thought it meant informative actually means CREATIVE... And TVB Musings are one of the few blogs I know that does creative writing on their blogs. I.e his satirical posts, comics, Re-castings etc...while many more blogs just write reviews. And I find TVB Musings to be very creative and full of many fun filled posts :D could be the fact that we're brother and sister...sigh but that's the way of TVB

    LOL...I'm poking fun at Loelle but if you visit her blog, her post says that she hopes to get back in the mood of updating again...that was 8 months ago!! Come back soon Loelle!

    Like Ive mention before, K for TVB is one of my choices for episodic reviews, well Kerry is the webmiss and she has done this for a LONG time. And every time, she always include screen captures and like Ive mention in my previous posts...making screen captures is TIME consumind. So for Kerry to consistenly do this, I bravo her since she does it for practically every series she watches..

    I guess it's because the blog is soo informative that ts filled with too much information and pictures that it's hard for her bog to load. I really dont know why but I find it hard to visit. TOT number one resource actually for links to Celebrity blogs :D. It takes alot of work to keep track of which artisistes have blogs and which blogs are actually real.

    #1 source for Selena Li info. All you need to know about Selena and all her latest info.

    Aeris RARELY updates..i dont know why. I love her sticky comics and she has some pretty insightful postings...she should post more often :D

    WHERE ARE YOU SIDNEY??!!!! Sidney was also one of my first met bloggers and she use to be a frequent updater she hasnt updated since Thanksgiving.....Many of us miss her...where are you Sidney??!!!

    Lastly, this award is presented to not only the site itself but what it represents for. Being that its my affiliate, I really love visiting here even though it doesnt update anymore. Its the #1 english site for Virtues of Harmony. Being that Im a fan of Virtues of Harmony, I LOVE to go back every so often and browse around and re-live the VOH glory :D Thus it's my All Time Favourite :D
    And that ends our first annuel award ceremony. I hope nobody felt left out because I tried to get all my affiliates down but some I werent able to access and some I havent linked yet. There's always next year and besides...these are just POKING fun at affiliates type of awards. Although they are for fun use..i do hope some of you keep them because I spent lots of time making them and finding specific things about each affiliate to specialize them with. So even if they poke fun at you, maybe consider sharing it with others?? Anyways that concludes our award ceremony...
    Be sure to check back for the rest of our Anniversary!!! Ta Ta for now....


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    Friday, July 11, 2008

    Opening Ceremony

    THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH TO JANEAL @ tvb obsessions FOR THIS beautiful gift above. I adore Silver Chamber of Sorrows

    It's finally here!!! Our ceremony is beginning to the party....with a whole new layout!! So that my guests (YOU) dont get lost, here's a quick guide around the place...afterwards some quick food will be served. :D

    Your Master of Ceremony-
    Here you will be meeting your host of the...PARTY. Just a quick reminder that I hope you guys know the party is a "Sleep Over" meaning it will last for a VERY LONG time until all games/events have occured :D

    What’s On the Menu –

    Links to special features of In Love with TVB, Award – Winning productions, In Love With TVB's sister blog: In Love With Silver Chamber of Sorrows and upcoming's Heart of Greed sister blog :D

    THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH to FLOR.A @ Fungyi Forum for the icon thingy she made for me, it was originally for inlovewithtvb but since i opened up the new branch i decided that will be their link button BUT you can still use it to link me :D or use the other one :D

    The Music Box -
    The classic golden songs that will never be forgotten and will I ever get sick of listening to them. It consists of theme songs, sub songs and songs from celebrity gatherings. These songs remain a treasure to my ears…

    If you think a song deserves to be on the music box, feel free to suggest it to me and maybe it'll make its way up there...but remember it has to be TVB!

    The Box Office –
    The infamous series or series I will never be sick of re-watching. This list is selected from the thousands of productions TVB has made, whether it was warehoused or for everyone to enjoy. They are chosen for their intriguing plots, witty dialogues or simply a classic. The Box Office is here to share with you series you might be interested in watching…

    Think a series deserves to be there? I'm open to suggestions, maybe I had forgotten about it :D

    Coming Soon.These actors have made their way into being my absolute favourites or promises excellent performance. The hall of fame shows their most difficult roles or their most memorable roles. As long as I enjoy watching them or have proven to be splendid performers have a place in my hall of fame…

    Visitors are free to leave a message ;)

    The V.I.Ps

    V.I.Ps are affiliates of In Love with TVB. In Love with TVB thanks them for their support in being partners with us

    Now, some quick info of the things that will be going on....

    Anniversary Highlights-

    ...In Love With TVB Award Ceremony
    ...“Best of the…” Videos Show
    ...Introduction to our New Features

    ANOTHER QUICK THANK YOU to MetalAZNWarrior@ TVB Musings...he probably doesn't know this but his special posts for Silver Chamber of Sorrows is a great gift for me and he said HE WILL BE TRANSLATING THE SCOS THEMESONG!!!! ***heads up SCOS fans!!!!!****

    So be back to check back for some more updates!!!


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