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    Thursday, February 7, 2008

    The ABC’s of TVB is a new feature brought to you by where we explore the alphabets of TVB!

    A is for Anticipation
    TVB is the most highly viewed channel in Hong Kong and with its competition to stay at the top, it constantly comes out with new series and new ideas. Anticipation is what TVB hopes viewers will do after watching there sales presentations. This year, 2008 I have plenty of my own anticipations from TVB:


    Forensic Heroes II 法證先鋒II
    Episodes: 35
    Bobby Au Yeung, Frankie Lam, Kevin Cheng, Charmaine Sheh, Yoyo Mung, Linda Chung, Astrid Chan, Raymond Cho, Florence Kwok, Fred Cheng, Matthew Ko, Vivien Yeo, Eddie Li, Lo Yuen Yan, Kara Hui, Law Lok Lam, Stephen Huynh, Savio Tsang, Yu Yueng, Kok Fung, Macy Chan, Rosanne Lui, Lee Sing Cheung, Lam King Kong, Charles Szeto, Jack Wu, Oscar Leung, Chan Chi Sun
    The “Yes” Factor:
    Ever since watching the original Forensic Heroes back in 2006, I have been hoping for a sequel because I felt 20 episodes was just not enough. Now, TVB decides to finally release the sequel to it with 35 episodes meaning more mystery and screen time for my favorite casts. I pretty much loved everyone who was in Forensic whether they were main roles or supporting ones. I hope to see further relationships developed between Tim Sir and Madam Leung, as well as Sam and Ding Ding. Let’s also not forget Josie, Yvonne and Kong Jai! Hopefully for chemistry will spark and plenty of mystery to knock us off our chairs!

    The “No” Factor:
    As much as I love Charmaine and Kevin, I really don’t want them to be in it. It writes off Yoyo and Linda’s roles making the series seem to completely change. I think TVB should stick with the old cast so that viewers still get the familiar feeling. As well, it makes the series seem like an ex-fa dans and siu sungs series. I mean, if you think about it Bobby, Charmaine, Frankie and Kevin were fa dans and siu sungs of the 90s. I thought TVB wanted to promote their new stars to get into the best actress and actor levels…. Also the idea of placing them in kind of reminds me of a fan fiction type of thing. Where they put all the ‘big’ celebs into the story and write off the not so popular ones.

    Am I going to watch it?
    Yes! At least there’s still Bobby and Frankie and I just love these types of drama. As well, Bobby and Charmaine had good chemistry in Witness to a Prosecution so it would be nice to rediscover their spark again.

    Jewel's Splendor aka Gem of Life 珠光寶氣
    Episodes: 80
    Cast: Bowie Lam, Moses Chan, Ada Choi,Gigi Lai, Maggie Shiu, Bosco Wong, Linda Chung , Wong Hei ,Eddie Kwan, Kenny Wong , John Chiang ,Ngok Wah , Lee See Kei
    Lau Dan

    The “Yes” Factor:
    Woot! Ada Choi! Gigi Lai! Lee Si Kei! Moses Chan! Wong Hei! Linda is a villian! I absolutely adore Ada and Lee Si Kei ever since their hyped series. I started looking at Gigi differently since I’ve liked her various roles and I’m interested in seeing a different Linda. I love Moses from Heart of Greed and Wong Hei is very charming! As well, it seems like a very lessoning series behind all the drama with the theme of comparing diamonds to life.

    The “No Factor:
    I don’t think I can follow the series for 80 episodes, since I couldn’t even follow the Drive of Life for 60 episodes. Too many nasty sexual scenes based on the sales presentation. I think they were just going at it everywhere and if I remember correctly someone was kissing a veteran --- extremely gross!

    Am I going to watch it?
    I will watch the first few episodes and see if it’s easy to catch onto ( like I did with Heart of Greed) and depending on how the it goes I’ll either follow with it or just watch bits and parts of it.

    Episodes: N/A
    Cast: Lee Heung Kam, Ha Yu, Lee See Kei, Michelle Yim ,Susanna Kwan ,Moses Chan Raymond Lam ,Tavia Yeung ,Linda Chung ,Fala Chen ,Lai Lok Yi ,Wan Ka Hang , Bosco Wong

    The “Yes” Factor:
    Based on the pictures I’ve found of them it looks like there’s plenty of good chemistry between the siblings in this series! As well, I’m glad nobody got written off and the original cast is still here. As well, they aren’t going to try and continue what they didn’t finish in Heart of Greed i.e what happened to Uncle Bor and did Sai Kai really learn but instead the placements are completely different and the villian of this series is now Michelle Yim.

    The “No” Factor:
    The new additions to the cast: Lee Heung Kam and Wan Ka Hung seem really awkward. First of all I don’t know who Lee Heung Kam and Wan Ka Hung is but hopefully they will not be stealing the screen time from the cast. The new couples are going to be hard for me to accept since I’m so use to Jackie & Gilbert and Dut Dut Dei & Seung Joi Sum.

    Am I going to watch it?
    Yes because I want to see the chemistry between the siblings! The pictures of them jumping and laughing are cute! As well, I’m rooting for Lee Si Kei, Michelle Yim, Susanna and Ha Yu!

    Sharp Plans 尖子攻略
    Cast: Bobby Au Yeung, Sheren Tang, Derek Kwok, Benz Hui, Benjamin YuenEddie Li, Macy Chan, Rabee'a Yeung

    The “Yes” Factor:
    I love the cast, especially Sheren and Bobby :D
    The “No” Factor:
    The idea of the examination system doesn’t sound too appealing…

    Am I going to watch it?
    I don’t even know if they’re really going to release it. But if it does, I’ll see what the ratings for it are before watching.

    Silver Mansion Golden Dust - 銀樓金粉
    Episodes: 20 episodes
    Cast: Nancy Sit, Shirley Yeung, Paul Chun Pui, Ng Wai Kwok, Christine Ng, Rebecca Chan, Nancy Wu

    The “Yes” Factor:
    Most of them will be playing different roles i.e Nancy (Sit) as a villain, Shirley as a pitiful maid etc. As well I love watching Nancy Sit and Paul Chun series. The idea of a family secret revealing causing lots of drama is also quite appealing too.

    The “No” Factor:
    The cast lacks in a popular actor or actress. I think it might end up being warehoused.
    Am I going to watch it?
    Depends on the ratings for it and whether or not the themesong gives me any hints to what it’s about.

    Suspicious Love 疑情別戀
    Episodes: N/A
    Cast: Michael Miu, Anita Yuen, Christine Ng, Ellesmere Choi, Angela Tong, Tracy Yip,Crytal Tin, Mandy Cho, Power Chan, Jimmy Au

    The “Yes” Factor:
    The sales presentation for this made it really exciting and mysterious! Krystal Tin is also worth watching ever since seeing her in Phoenix Rising. As well, I’d like to see Anita Yuen act again, although I’ve mainly only seen her in movies before.

    The “No” Factor:
    I’m not that excited to see it since my favorites aren’t really in there.

    Am I going to watch it?
    I think I will watch bits and parts of it.

    Walking With The Enemy 與敵同行
    Episodes: N/A
    Cast : Roger Kwok, Kevin Cheng,Yoyo Mung, Kiki Sheung , Yu Mo Lin, Elaine Yiu,
    Ho Yee Wan,Yvonne Ho, Chun Wong, Lui Shan, Evergreen Mak, Fiona YuenYeung Ying Wai, CHan Mei Si , Law Lok Lam ,Lam Yuen Ying

    The “Yes” Factor:
    Yoyo!! Kiki!! As well it seems very heart throbbing to watch it. Lots of vengeance and misdeeds. And it looks like as if Kevin and Roger are being villains.

    The “No” Factor:
    I don’t know if I can handle this type of series. I mean from newspaper, I know there are people getting pushed down the stairs and then the pusher acts as if they cared. It’s one of those series that kinda of push you into wanting to hit the person on tv.

    Am I going to watch it?
    If it’s short and easy to catch on to, I think I will.

    Hu Xue Yan's Lady Chef (胡雪岩的廚娘)
    Episodes: N/A
    Cast: Bobby Au, Charmaine Sheh, Joyce Tang, Wayne Lai, Kwok Fung

    The “Yes” Factor:
    Bobby!! Cooking!! I love shows that inforporate cooking in their themes! As well it looks like Joyce may be playing a main character and their might be some rivalry between her and Charmaine.

    The “No” Factor:
    The cast list is a bit small, hopefully there will be more characters.

    Am I going to watch it?
    Eventually. Depends on its ratings.

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    Tuesday, February 5, 2008

    Alot of new child stars coming out lately and recently I've been quite fond with these twins as Hei Hei and Nam Nam in the comedic series, War of In-Laws II!! They're just soo adorable!

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    Saturday, February 2, 2008

    War of In-Laws II

    producer:Nelson Cheung Kin Man

    Main Cast:
    Liza Wang as Kwo Pik aka Ophelia aka O jie aka Fiona
    Myolie Wu as Chow Lai Man aka Ah Mun
    Bosco Wong as Kwo Si Tak aka Kyle
    Benz Hui as But Ping Fan
    Derek Kwok as Wong Zung Cheung aka C.C
    Joyce Tang as Ko Ka Bo aka Coco
    Vivien Yeo as Sung Zi Kiu aka Athena

    Supporting Cast:
    Vincent Wong
    Stephen Wong
    Ha Ping
    Nancy Wu
    Suki Tsui
    Ai Wei
    Eileen Yeow
    Leung Kin Ping
    Lam Ying Hung
    Chan Man Jing
    Mak Ka Lun
    Patrick Tang
    Po Ming Lam
    Oscar Leung
    Ngo Ka Nin
    Winnie Shum
    Siu Mei
    Choi Ning
    Cheng Ka Sang
    Yoyo Chen

    Guest Star:
    Michael Miu
    Mimi Lo
    Brief Summary:

    Famous Editor-in Chief of the magazine Elva, Ophelia Kwo (Liza Wang) is known for being the most stylish and intelligent women in the business world. But at the same time, those who are in the same career as her know very well that she is strict, powerful and gives no mercy to those who get in her way. In the business, any body who was working under her were to be the best of the best. At the same time, she’s also a very dedicated mother in the sense that she prefers to keep her son, Kyle (Bosco Wong) under her thumb.

    Yet her thumb wasn’t able to stop the marriage of his son and a geeky, dumb and lower class girlfriend, Chow Lai Man ( Myolie Wu). Chow La Man, originally a police left her job and later joined Elva – as Ophelia’s 2nd assistant. The opposite personalities between the two in-laws cause conflicts and problems to arise! But Ping Fan (Benz Hui) comes back in revenge on women named Fiona with the help of Ophelia, little did he know that Fiona was Ophelia herself. Pasts begin to unviel, affairs begin to speculate and marriage begins to fall apart.

    Ophelia loses her place in Elva after being framed by her assistant Ko Ka Bo ( Joyce Tang) and eventually has no choice but to resign. Lai Man continues to bunk her way up into her mother in-law’s place not knowing the trouble that was to come for Elva. Kyle is then tempted into a love trap but his ex-girlfriend, Athena (Vivien Yeo) and eventually leaves Elva which stirs up even more problems.

    With both her business that she put all her effort into and her family that’s break apart…. Will Ophelia be able to save it all?
    Character Thoughts:

    Ophelia Kwo Pik: I have to say I really enjoyed this character and I ended up watching this series for her. O jie is straight forward in her criticism, if she doesn’t like something she’ll say its crap. If you want to talk business with her, you better be someone of the upper class! Yet why do I like this character? She is witty, intelligent and she’s a great mother. The only real fault about her is an awful mouth. She judges those under her and she’ll do anything to get what she wants.

    Liza Wong as Ophelia: between this series and the original War of In-Laws I like Liza’s acting in this one. Her acting is more natural and maybe cause her roles is a lot better. Liza’s role in the original WOIL was too barbaric and exaggerating. Everything seemed like nonsense but in this sequel I find her role has more of a character and I’m actually laughing. Liza’s dialogues were well delivered and the overall performance was great. But then again, it could be just the character I’m praising.

    Chow Lai Man: I really liked Ah Mun in the beginning because she was really funny and the things she did were kind of brave. But I lost that feeling when she started suspecting Kyle of an affair. She started to lose her guard and she was always uneasy of everything. What got worse was she was ruining her mother in-law’s plans which are usually of the importance. My feelings towards Ah Mun started to get irritated because she always said the wrong things at the wrong time. I understand her feelings about possibly losing her husband but her character began to change into someone who was unbalanced. It seemed like she couldn’t control herself like she use to which led her to being used by Mark (Vincent Wong) who was her superior. Then I liked her again when she started to see things differently and took charge. You may say I’m mean but I’m glad Ah Mun divorced Kyle because that leads her to being stronger. It was during this period that she was able to see things from a different point of view and not just the negatives of her family.

    Myolie Wu as Chow Lai Man: once again great acting especially since her roles is always trying to change herself in some way and her personality differs a lot. Her crying skills in here are great since the entire series seems to be full of laughter only and then she has to adjust herself when she confronts O jie’s attitude towards her.

    Kyle Kwo: I like Ah Mun enjoyed him in the beginning where he was still under the thumb of his mom. He was still a childish kind of guy but then he got kind of rebelish in the sense that he wanted to prove that he was capable. It was okay for awhile before it started affecting his relationships with his family and he was still in the “Mr. 3 Minute” mode. Which he later realized was causing the trouble. Overall, not too fond of him.
    Bosco Wong as Kyle Kwo: nothing much to say but I think this series didn’t express his full potential. I’ve seen his other series where he’s done better.

    But Ping Fan: the funniest character especially when he started having feelings for Ophelia. It was really cute how he literally treated Ah Mun and Kyle as his own kids and being there for their troubles.

    Benz Hui as But Ping Fan: Benz Hui has always been an extraordinary actor for me. I enjoyed every one of his series no matter what roles he takes on because his acting is always spectacular.

    C.C Wong: the nice guy of the series. He was always doing thing of the good and never bad judging people. I loved his kids!! They are so cute!

    Deric Kwok: Another terrific actor. He was especially great here acting as the supposedly gay man. He really brought the laughter to this series with his feminine gestures.

    Coco Ko: she was not a bad person to begin with, she just took in all the outside attitudes of O jie. She thought she was suppose to be cruel since O jie appears to be that way not know that O jie did for a reason. Coco I expected to be the villain of this series because the trailer and in the beginning showed her to be of that type but she’s okay and really a great friend of Ah Mun.

    Joyce Tang as Coco Ko: it’s the first series I’ve seen of Joyce since I saw The Driving Powers be rebroadcast. I have to say some parts of her are still a bit tense because the way she delivers speech is sometimes weird. Overall though, it’s great to see her back.

    Couple Pairings:
    Myolie Wu & Bosco Wong
    Liza Wang & Benz Hui
    Joyce Tang & Deric Kwok
    Nancy Wu & Stephen Hyunh

    It’s extremely hard to find pictures and I’m too lazy to go through the entire series to pick out pictures…
    Myolie Wu & Liza Wang’s series outfits. These two have the prettiest clothing ever! I sometimes find myself looking at their outfits more than what they’re saying.

    OMG...they Look the Same:

    Left is WOIL2 and right is Steps

    I have a feeling these were originally used at one TVB Anniversary Celebration, they have so many of this design. It’d kind of hideous…

    Final Questions:
    - So did Ah Mun and Kyle end up marrying again?
    - Does But Ping Fan get O jie? (in the end, she says “If he can catch me, he catches me as in gets me if not too bad! And then they speed up their running and But Ping Fan runs faster to “catch” her)
    - Did But Ping Fan really invest in the right stocks and got the money back? Cause it seems kind of lenient…
    -How did the Elva magazines do?


    It's a good series to start the year with it's funny dialogues and characters! This series was better than WOIL and better than what I expected. I recommend it to others who enjoy light hearted series or loved Devil Wear's Prada.

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    Friday, February 1, 2008

    It's almost Chinese New Year and everybody most likely saw 2008's Chinese New Year Greetings @ other blogs, so I went and dug around for some of the older ones.

    TVB 2004 Chinese New Year MV

    Back when all the older fa dans where still with TVB they did lots of singing....
    In this video is Kenix Kwok, Bobby Au Yeung, Tavia Yeung, Raymond Lam just to name a few.....hope you enjoy!

    Thanks to babiibluez for uploading! If interest in watching the interview for this visit: here sorry they disabled embedding

    TVB 2007 Chinese New Year Greetings

    This video is from Payvision News I think, so it's not the usual ones....

    Thanks to anangel711 for uploading

    Flora and Bowie sing Happy New Year

    thanks to bambooty for uploading

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