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    Sunday, December 28, 2008

    With so many excellent series, there are just as many wonderful theme songs. Theme songs should be easy to sing to and has a very catchy tune. The theme song is what introduces or captures the viewer’s attention. Beautiful music is paired with a wonderful singing voice. They simply flow together all the way until it ends. Let’s take a look at our nominees…

    1. A Journey Called Life – Linda Chung & Steven Ma
    2. Moonlight Resonance – Susanna Kwan
    3. Silver Chamber of Sorrows – Ivana Wong ft. Nancy Sit
    4. War of In-Laws – FAMA ft Liza Wang

    *drum roll* IN LOVE WITH TVB presents this year’s BEST THEME
    SONG to….

    The Results : Like mentioned before, first column represents ranking. Second column is nominee. Third Column represents poll results. Fourth Column represents the additional special guest votes.

    Who can’t recognize the series when you hear the amazing piano introduction at the beginning of the song? Who doesn’t know that pitiful tune that climaxes to an emotional outburst? With Susanna’s powerful voice, she makes everyone fall in love with Unintentionally Harm You. Every pause to it has an impact and we enjoy every moment of her singing. My favorite part of the entire song is obviously the climax which is paired with the theme video of everyone throwing red streamers into the air. It leaves a strong impressions as if I need to throw red streamers too (I know..i think I have a bad case of weirdness). Let’s no forget the never ending scenes of slapping, falling and yelling that comes after it =] Of course, it’s no Speechless but it still has the feeling of a classic grand production to it. The words are still catchy and fun to sing along with. It definitely takes me vote for being the best themesong of the year. Let’s take a recap of the beautiful theme song.

    Special Version credits to TVBmedia (strongly recommend this user if you want to see the full 4 minute version of themevideos. [this one isn’t the one I described, but just wanted to share it with you])

    For anyone else who’s interested, I must give 100% credits to KTVB… I just found out Moonlight Resonance has an OST CD…o.0. it’s been awhile since TVB has released an Original sound track for their series…or maybe I don’t pay enough attention..LOL…

    Views on Other Nominees:
    War of In- Laws by FAMA ft. Liza Wang
    They were all really good. I'll probably be the only one choosing this. But Susanna's always great. Her voice is just. Wow. Hahaha, and I actually really like all the theme songs, although SCOS's is a little too slow for my liking. It's not something I'd put on repeat on my ipod. It kind of gives me the chills, but I think that's how it's supposed to be. AJCL's theme is really nice and I don't mind this duet. WOIL2, I think chinese rap is hilarious -ahem-MC Jin-ahem- and then the lyrics and everything seem to match really well with the whole concept of the series. But yeah, the song makes me laugh so points for that. – Flor.a

    Silver Chamber of Sorrows by Ivana Wong ft. Nancy Sit
    I actually liked all those theme songs but i thought this theme was very meaningful and matched the series very well and Ivana's singing is so great. – Simply FungYi


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    I absolutely adore Teresa Mo & Stephen Au!! I quite like Off Pedder =] Credits to TVB obsessions

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