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    Wednesday, December 24, 2008

    In Love With TVB 2008 Year End Review Part 1

    First I have to apologize for the long wait...I finally present the first part of the year end review! Let's see the results that have been kept in secret. Was your choice the winner? In Love With TVB would also like to present tonight's special guest who you may all be familiar with! Please welcome the following through the red carpet:
    TVB Think, Flor.a, Simply FungYi, TVB Obsessions, TVB Today, Teddieburr@TVB: A Way of Thinking and Xue Ting/Shirley @ TVB Connection.

    As well as special shout-outs to Mimosa @ Gallen Harbour, Aeris @ TVB Reflection, Sehseh @ Seh Seh's Blog who were unable to make it tonight but had sent best wishes to all the contestants!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! Don't feel disappointed if you weren't in the special guest lists, it was because I couldn't find your email...or you haven't check your email in a long time thus didn't realize i left you an invitation..LOL. Nows lets start the YEAR END REVIEW!!

    **DISCLAIMER: these results do not necessarily represent my opinion but as majority of the voters. Results may not be the way you want to..but don't EGG me...**


    The year 2008 has to probably be the most fruitful year for TVB. This year with many highly rated series, viewers are sitting at the inch of their chair. Many series became the hot topic amongst everyone. This person did this, this and this, while that person did this, that and that. Every time a series aired, there would always be speculations of it making it to the anniversary. But could it be that we haven’t seen excellent dramas in awhile, that we completely forgot what a good drama is made up of? Or was it because of its star studded cast? Or is it the screaming and yelling that we have fallen in love with? With so many series being highly rated, it makes it all too mysterious to believe. Could there have been one series we made a mistake on? Let’s take a look at our nominees…

    1. Catch Me Now
    2. D.I.E
    3. Moonlight Resonance
    4. War of In-Laws

    You voted and now I have it. Which series seemed to run too high?
    *drum roll* In Love With TVB presents this year’s MOST OVER RATED SERIES to...

    Let's take a look at our results in case people don't believe it:

    The first column simply shows what the placement for each series is. The second column is what you guys voted and the third column includes our special guest's choices. As you may notice, the overall number of votes hasn't been changed. This is the special guest's privileges.

    Here is what some of our special guests' reasons were:
    I felt as if this series had too much hype and it didn't have as great of a storyline as Heart of Greed did. – TVB Think

    And as much as I enjoyed the series as a whole, some parts were kind of draggy. Some characters were either very well written or poorly written, or the artiste didn't portray their own individual role well enough that kind of caused the series to be boring to watch at times. The family feuds were...annoying in some aspects. Some were too over the top but I think there were better series this year, and that it's great that MR doesn't fall under the spell of all sequels. It was good, but definitely overrated. - Flor.a

    MR was a good series but it did not live up to the high expectations that everyone made it to be. - teddieburr

    Well the results actually shocked me because I thought there were many Moonlight Resonance fans. I personally voted for D.I.E but I can also see why Moonlight earns most over rated. Some of the problems with Moonlight are character developments; there were some that were perfectly nice while others that were perfectly evil. The ones who were in between had some development, but still not convincing. Most confusing part is that the villains even though have been revealed of their evil plans…still manage to somehow stay with the good guys. Either the family is stupid or TVB writers get drunk each time they write a scene and forget what they wrote previously. As well, the chemistry in this series was just ridiculous or poorly written. Some parts I felt were just trying so hard to make a “family-time” scene while some parts were really trying to push us into crying. This series also gained a lot of its points during the argument scenes… meaning every episode. For me, I didn’t understand why the series peaked at 50 points during that last episode where Yu So Sam returns the money to Hor Ma and Jo Bao. I honestly expected it to happen, it was no surprise. Maybe it’s because the scene peaked at 50 points because people have never seen Michelle Yim screaming so furiously which I applaud but I wouldn’t expect it to reach 50 points. But the fact is that… the series did peak at 50 points. How, I still don’t know. But one thing for sure, many of us question how Moonlight Resonance managed to grab such high ratings with so much flaws to its series.

    Views on other nominees:
    Although i like this series but I still wonder how it got the ratings it received in HK there really wasn't much of a storyline there. The ending the D.I.E was just horrible and nonsense IMO it really didn't make sense and i felt they should have kept the original ending with Roger dyeing. I think the ending just bought the series as a whole down. – Simply FungYi

    War Of In-Laws II
    The show was focused on Myolie &Liza. I don't know whether it's the script or the acting, but Myolie &Liza tend to be too exaggerated at times (especially the former). So instead of being funny (like it's meant to be), it gets quite irritating. xD – TVB Obsessions

    Not only was TVB fruitful in ratings but they were also fruitful in storylines. Some were refreshing with its idea. Others were refreshing with its acting. Yet some how these series didn’t receive higher ratings when they were up to par to the highest rated. Could it be the lack of cast? The lack of family drama? Let’s take a look at our nominees …

    1. Last One Standing
    2. Love Exchange
    3. Silver Chamber of Sorrows
    4. When a Dog Loves a Cat
    Which series was under credited for its work and storyline?

    *drum roll* In Love With TVB presents this year’s MOST UNDER RATED SERIES to…

    The Results [column explanation is same as previous]

    What Our Special Guests Had to Say:

    I didn't watch SCOS and WADLAC, I didn't finish Love Exchange and LOS is a really well written, well acted series. Although I think it took me longer to get addicted to the series, whereas I've read reviews where a lot of viewers got hooked right from the beginning. But from episodes 10+ it really did it for me, and I couldn't stop watching it. Roger's aesthetic appeal in the series reminds me of my cousin so it's kinda weird, I think it's the hair. Anyway, Kevin shows that his acting is capable of winning an award. Award in general, not one of tvb's er, rigged one..aside from this year – Flor.a

    I thought this series had a well written plot and was really interesting plus big improvement in acting for Kevin and good to see Roger in a villain role for once. The series was very suspenseful and always had me at the edge of my seat wonder what was going to happen next to the characters. –Simply FungYi

    I haven't watched this yet but from what I heard from fellow bloggers and's very very good. WDLC and LE were so boring to me and TSCoS was just ok so that's why i choose LOS. – teddieburr

    Like many others, I too was shocked to find Last One Standing to have such poor ratings. I actually think it’s the best series of 2008 because of the wonderful acting and plot. It was refreshing from the pile of family dramas with a totally different genre. This intense series was heart gripping and shocking. It truly pushed out the acting capabilities of the cast members and everything was daring. Everything was thrilling whether it was watching Roger Kwok choking Elaine Yiu or Kevin Cheng fighting for his life in the office. You just couldn’t miss a beat and the music in the background went so well with everything. It just had a completely different feel to the series we were so use to. It really did have a classic series feel to it because you would just fall into character with every one of them. You know something is lurking around the corner but you have no clue what it is. All you can do is scream at the screen to tell the cast to run for lives. I am extremely shocked and disappointed to find this series not even making it into TOP 10!

    View on other nominees:
    Silver Chamber of Sorrows
    This series should have been promoted more because it has a great storyline. I think this series was better then Moonlight Resonance. –TVB Think

    Last One Standing was great, but it wasn't underrated, was it? When Dogs Love Cats had a pretty lame storyline to start with, &Love Exchange was such a big disappointment (the sales presentation was so exciting, but reality was...). Silver didn't have a popular/young cast, but it did great even without so much promos~ TVB Obsessions





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