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    Thursday, November 27, 2008

    TVB 2009 Calendar Review about being disapppointed... this year's calendar looks..kind of put together last minute. You can tell which ones they put effort into..and which ones they just slabbed on..and gave up alst minute..just so they could get it published..... I feel like sharing my thoughts
    January - JUMP!

    This is a nice fun page….but whats with the rose cheeks? They over done it a little bit. By the way, I didn’t recognize Linda there..her pants are squary.
    February - there is so much intesity amongst us..we had to take the pictures individually ..BUT IN REALITY WE WORK well behind the screen just poking fun at the rumoured hatred between Louise & Nancy, while the award fighting for best actress amongst the 3 MR ladies..and Kiki who was disappointed she didn’t get nominated for best actress.
    ACTUALLY...MUST TAKE BACK MY WORDS ON THIS CALENDAR PAGE not being taken together..and after watching behind the scenes..they had no choice but to take only head shots...just watch behind the scenes of January, March, April:

    lol the 5 of them shows no battle in and quite too :D still i wanted them to have a more calssy photos to flame their veteran status ...oh wel..beggars cant be choosers..dont always get to see them together...and the features i complained about before only looked weird in the photo i maybe cause i saw the interview..and just adore this month now..LOLZ

    March – looks like Halloween is in March in HK

    My first thought..WTH? because I see crystals under charmaine’s eyes…if they took it would have been better. Secondly the ladies are all dress up but Roger and Michael looked shabby compared to them.

    April – it looks last minute…but not last minute

    This is simple..but it has this image its trying to represent..but I cant pin point what it is. It looks very familiar

    May – When Madonna Meets Grease

    I can't explain what look they are pulling off…but that’s what it looks like to me. Madonna when she first started out..made friends with the people in the Grease movie

    June – looks like it was planned last minute

    So last minute that they didn’t even give it a proper background and just took a group photo.

    July - Ai Ai Captain!

    I kind of like it…but what’s with the orange tan across the cheek and nose look? Is it suppose to represent sunshine or a tan? Natalie probably looks most different..only one dressed like boy in this page

    August - Ladies who are given supporting roles

    This is probably one of the simplest pages. The poses look familiar..have no idea where I saw them from. Oh well…

    September - People in suits

    The idea is quite nice; I like how they made even the ladies dress up in a suit but still have this sexy appeal to it. They didn’t proportion Michael right though he currently looks like he just stepped in at the wrong time…LOL.

    October – Okay..we're not sure what to do with them..Hey I know, why not just waste them and have them do any random pose?

    The poses are weird...It’s nice to see Bobby & Gallen!! They must miss each other..although I’m not sure if they were friends before. But they do come from the same generation of actors.

    November- We needed a romantic theme without romantic feeling to it

    The overall look is fine but something wrong with the Gigi and Ada’s hair. Gigi’s bangs are cut really weird while Ada’s hair style is pulling too much of her face. It makes her look like a witch and ruining her usual pretty face. But overall, it’s a nice page but I know this was planned last minute, because it lacks in the effort to make this page nicer. It looks a bit too plain.

    December - Liza Wang is still the Ah Jie of TVB just so happens that on anniversary night they were saying Liza is treated like she doesnt exist...but in this picture..she practically gets the spotlight to herself...
    I see the bit of class in this page but what I don’t like the head bow on liza’s head. It makes her look weird, but the overall concept is quite nice. One of the pages I find looks classy.

    Overall, I’m quite disappointed. The past years, they had made it more artistic…and put more effort. But this year, it seems like they did lots of “ just stand against the blue screen and that’s it” So I don’t really like this calendar and I have a feeling this isn’t the same photographer who did the previous years. It looks more like the one who TVB first hired….who had these simple layouts. Sigh...

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