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    Wednesday, November 12, 2008

    Fashion 411 : TVB Sales Presentation 2009

    With TVB Anniversary month coming to an end soon ( TVB Awards this Saturday and then Anniversary Celebration on the 19th) I guess I'll have to squeeze in as much Anniversary posts before the gossip is over. So on November 11, 2008 TVB helds its Sales Presentation Event in which TVB tries to sell its upcoming series to potential sponsors. it's also a night for TVB to promote its ofcourse..there is going to be the GOOD, the Bad...and the Heck- That's Really Bad. Ofcourse, hopefully there werent any this lets take a look:

    Sammuel Chan: Look a JOCKEY!! The outfit looks the sense that it makes him look like he's got a big body...but short stubby legs...

    Bernice Liu: one of my favourite outfits: nice simple hair left down with the creamy gold coloured dress and simple black heels.

    Kate Tsui: I like the peep toes..and the dress is okay... but i think the hair style..dsnt look to nice...looks weird with that middle hair...and too much beads!! bead earrings and bead necklace ..o.0

    Myolie Wu: Looks like she and Liza switched some fashion tips. Liza last time had curtains at the Opening Ceremony...and Myolie takes the entire carpet.. I was really disappointed...since Myolie usually has some nice outfits for these events...

    Selina Li: she's really into lingerie looking stuff.....the last time there was a sales presentation..she wore lingerie looking stuff too...but I dont like this outfit..because it makes Selina's hips seem really huge...the necklace is pretty though...

    Linda Chung: this reminds me of her other dress she wore for the TVB Song awards..but now she has this long left side...the look is okay...but the dress is like..vibrant... if she wants to take away the staring of the colour..she can try a necklace that is more chunkier..atm that necklace looks like strings....and how come she hasnt changed her hairstyle yet...its the same evil middle hair she has in MR... she looked really nice the other day when she was promoting her reloaded album...-_-;; TVB must of did this to her hair!!!

    Shirley Yeung: ahh..Shirley keeps improving her dresses..bringing along the TVB fashion advisors was a good idea. I like the overall look. I cant exactly see the jeweleeries she's wearing..but maybe a bracelet..or necklace...wouldn't make it seem so simple

    Michelle Yim : firstly..i guess i cant blame her for the weird looking hair style..because she had it for a performance...but that dress....i dont know about you guys..but i find those dresses where they have only one strap and it goes diagonally across..makes it look like those pageant banner kind of makes me just stare at that strap...its so out of place...but the overally colours and design is okay...

    Shermon Tang: reminds me of those dresses pregnant women wear.....i think its because its plain white..with some added stuff at the top looks funny and because it's short.

    Nancy Wu: omg...the mushroom cut!!! I absolutely dislike it...was really disappointed by her choice of outfit this reminds me of those leotards ballerina's wear for their performances and they just slab on a skirt when they arent performing

    Kevin Cheng: quite nice...

    Ada Choi: as usual Ada has a nice dress ...i really like the nice purple shade!! definetly one of my favourites..almost made a mistake there..because i found i better quality looks much better!!

    Natalie Tong: the look is okay..not bad..i quite like the colour

    Toby Leung: did she travel to ancient Rome?? the dress doesn't look that great...especially since it's pure pink..all the way...if she had cut it shorter...and wore black tights too...i think it'd look many people have the pink tights it the new look??

    Angela Tong: the look is okay as and Natalie both wearing headbands

    Personally..I like guys wearing dark suits....but I'll forgive Ron in this case...because..WHOEVER that is in the picture...wearing that hideous look with the stripes or checkered red pants and ...suspenders and belt...looks REALLY BAD

    Yoyo Mung: i think its the simplicity of the dress..that makes it unappealing.....those rings....and the overall simplicity of the dress...reminds me of shower curtains...oh well...i hope she'll do better at the anniversary

    Fala Chen: the overall look is nice..but the hair!! Omg....those..bangs...what happened?

    Tavia Yeung: Another favourite look....the dress hugs her quite nicely...and good matching of jewelley..i really like the shade of the dress =]

    Bowie Lam: i quite like that look..just htose brown leather shoes

    Liza Wang:...a pear!! i guess its okay but i dont know why she chose that grees dress that goes all the way up her neck...maybe if the dres..gave her some exposure at the v-neck..or something...

    Dodo Cheng: i really like that dress she's wearing..and it matches quite nicely with the peep toes =]

    Thanks goodness these werent there realy outfits...hahah..Raymond is really into that pose!!!

    Charmaine Sheh: i quite like that dress of hers...but it reminds me of something she wore last year's anniversary..but her hair was up..this tossed hair style is nice though...but the belt seems a little bit out of place..maybe choose a wider belt? not quite sure..

    Oh dear....hahha..this must have been quite a spectacle....i think they were in wrong ordering...because the colours are suppose to match...but Raymond (green) is opposit of Susanna (blue) while Bosco (blue) is opposite of Michelle (green)

    Raymond Lam: I like this suit

    But then..when you see in this picture..the scarf if too long..and hangs out...weirdly. Anybody think in this picture..the tope part of from the shrug and up..its look like her character in War of In Laws I?...actually in this picture..Liza looks nicer ...i think its because of the shrug...

    Kara Hui: I like that shade of blue...but i think she should have paired some jewelleries...atm she looks very plain

    Louise Lee: i guess its not too this year its pure silver..last year was pure gold.. but i like this silver outfit more than that gold suit she wore last year at the opening ceremony

    Susanna Kwan: how come she didn't dress up?! not sure if this is her first year being at a sales presentation ....maybe thats why...

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