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    Wednesday, October 15, 2008

    TVB 41st Anniversary Nomination Thoughts:


    Ha Yu, Moses Chan, Raymond Lam, Bobby Au Yeung, Frankie Lam

    Ha Yu: my ideal choice because I honestly think he deserves best actor since last year. He's always got this powerfulness to his acting. It's really believable when he's beinga jerk and when he's being a dad. I enjoyed his performance and I dont think anybody else could have played Jo Ba. I really hope Ha Yu gets it this year!
    Chances of him getting it: 90%, he's not under TVB contract. But he did do a splendid performance and everybody watched Moonlight Resonance. Unless he is planning to sign a contract with them..then he has 100% chance.

    Bobby Au Yeung: I personally wouldn't nominate Bobby for this specific role, mainly because it wasn't special nor did people even acknowledge it. But if TVB does give him best actor, I dont mind either mainly because Bobby has done a splendid performance in all his other roles and he's really deserved it for a long time. He's a magnificent actor just this specific series he was nomianted under was covered by Moonlight body really cared about Your Class or Mine.
    Chances of him getting it: 50% chance. He's not under TVB contract and because not many people were paying attention to your class or mine.

    Best Actress:

    Liza Wang, Sonija Kwok, Linda Chung, Nancy Sit, Charmaine Sheh, Kate Tsui, LSK, Susanna Kwan, Michelle Yim, Sheren Tang
    This is a sensitive
    Lee Si Kei: I admit, she's a great actress but I would definetly not support her this year. I find TVB OVERLY milked her character as Hor Ma in Moonlight. I just felt that TVB wanted everyone to really love Lee See Kei --> in which it did end up happening , so they made Hor Ma the most wisest, pitiful and nice person you would ever meet. Which I find is unreasonable. This character doesn't exist in real life. I was extremely disappointed...because its really similar to her past roles in Heart of Greed and A Kindred Spirit...except the character is 100% ideal good person. It's really a waste of Lee Si Kei's acting thus I'm waiting to watch her in The Gem of Life where she seems like she will be a monarch person. Thus I will support LSK at the anniversaries next year....
    Chances of Her Winning: 100% because she's under TVB contract --> she signed around TVB Anniversary time last year. And because everyone well like I said TVB milked her character and everyone watched Moonlight Resonance, therefore everyone would pick her.

    Susanna Kwan: Ahh..Susanna blows me away again. Although not as powerful as she was in Heart of Greed, but I still enjoy watching her as the instigator in the series and the cute Auntie Sa. I really wished she got more powerful scenes but when she did have them, she did really well :D I think she realy deserved best actress last year.
    Chances of Her Winning: 90% because she's under TVB contract, everyone watched Moonlight Resonance but is currently overshadowed by Lee Si Kei's Hor Ma and Michelle Yim's Ah Hung.

    Michelle Yim: I have to say, Michelle did a terrific job as the villain of this series. She really has that b*tch look or maybe its the hair that pissed me off. Either way, Michelle was wonderful in this series but I still feel she lacks something compared to her in The Brink of Law. But bravo to her because you can tell she used alot of her eyes and measures of voice to portray this character.
    Chances of Her Winning: 85% because she's not under TVB contract and for some reason, I think TVB never gives best actor or actress to villains. But who knows...Michelle's getting alot of support so maybe TVB will do something right...and give it to her...

    Liza Wang: I think she did a splendid performance this year. I like her more in WOIL2 than WOIL...less exaggeration. I actually quite liked watching Liza in this series.
    Chances of Her Winning: 70% because she is not under TVB contract...but she is #1 jeh at TVB. She has that power to make TVB give it to her...

    Nancy Sit: Another splendid performance. Going from comedy to tragedy, it was pretty good. Haven't seen Nancy do such indepth characters iin a long time. Hope to see her in Crime Inducing Effects of Gold , a grand production with Gallen Lo, Kenix Kwok, Ray Lui etc.
    Chances of Her Winning: 70% because she is not under TVB contract...but she received lots of acknowledgement during Silver Chamber of Sorrows...but probably cause Silver didnt have many young not everyone watched it. But then she's also a jie who has power...except she doesnt use her power the same way Liza does ...(lol...she wont throw a fit...)

    Sheren Tang: like Bobby..i wouldnt nominate Sheren under this role....not many people watched it...but she has been rigged of the award many times...she really does deserve it :D GO SHEREN!! =]
    Chances of Her WInning: 60% chance...under TVB contract but not many people watched...

    Special Note to Voters:
    I understand many fans out there are not voting for Moonlight Resonance people...but a note to you guys : BE CAREFUL... because there are many more people in favour of Moonlight..and if Moonlight people dont get it...NETIZENS AND VIEWERS WILL attack the one who did get it. So I understand you guys have your thoughts on why non-Moonlighters deserve it....but if you dont want your person to be HATED might be best to just let Moonlight win this year. It's not worth it to have your idol win..but then be hated by everyone....just wanted to tell you guys that...PROTECT YOUR IDOL =]


    Derek Kwok, Wayne Lai, Paul Chun, Johnson Li, Chow Chung

    Honestly..all 5 of them deserve it....I just chose Chow Chung because he's funny grandpa and well I just chose him. But I'm fine with either of these 5 getting it because they are terrific actors who all deserve it =]

    MY TOP 5 Best Supporting Actress

    Nancy Wu, Tavia Yeung, Fala Chen, Kate Tsui, Lee Heung Kam

    Once again..ALL 5 Deserve it :D All 5 under TVB contract. Nancy Wu may have a disadvantage as Silver Chamber of Sorrows wasnt watched by everyone. BUT I LOVE ALL 5 :D

    My TOP 5 Most Favourite Male Character

    Ha Yu, Raymond Lam, Roger Kwok, Derek Kok

    I just likes Jo Ba's character more :D

    My TOP 5 Most Favourite Female Character

    Lee Si Kei, Susanna Kwan, Fala Chen, Liza Wang, Myolie Wu, Yuen Siu Yi

    I loved all 6 characters!! But my favourite is Auntie Sa...just hilarious and cute!! =] Dont mind if either wins though :D

    Most Improved

    Derek Kwok: mainly if he doesnt get the other award...he better atleast get this award....but to tell you the truth...from one view it's like a slap in the face because he's been in the idnustry so long...kind of cruel to insult him like that..on the other hand..if he wins this...means we get to see him more :D and because he has improved since whenever...he just gets better and better =]

    Most Improved

    Nancy Wu, Selena Li and Sharon deserve it...if Tavia gets it..its like a slap in the face...but also means she's constantly improving....and we get to see more of her :D

    Best Series:

    War of In Laws, Moonlight Resonance, Silver Chamber of Sorrows

    Loved these series even though there were some bad parts in all...but in general..these are my favourite series of the year :D

    ATLAST.... FINALLY DONE...I originally didnt intend to.....but I realized I had some things I wanted to really say out to people...because I just dont agree with them or I just wrote it :D

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