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    Friday, October 10, 2008

    Tavia Yeung: A Women of Perserverance

    Original Title:"To Be or Not to Be"

    Translation: lissy


    During the final episode of Moonlight Resonance on 21st September, Ms Lok was on the same dinning table as the main actors and actresses. Before dinner actually started, Ms Lok sudddenly raised her glass and said “Ah Yuet(Tavia), for your beautiful crying scenes! Cheers!”This stated two points. 1. Ms Lok doesn’t only favour Kevin Cheng. 2. Tavia stood out from the crowd of Linda, Kate and Fala within the same series.

    Only a year ago, same venue, also for HOG’s final episode, Tavia was also amongst the crowd. Yet she seemed so distant from the whole situation. “I actually got quite impatient. I envied others and wished that the light would shine on me too.


    This is an age of criticism. As long as you know how to type Chinese then you can criticize Linda Chung for being dense or Kate Tsui being over the top. Tavia managed to stay away from this. Not just away as in not being commented.

    After HOG, I was disappointed, seeing others being commented on, I wanted to be part of it too, be it positive or negative ones. At the end, no one did.

    This is a reflection of Tavia. Good? Not the best. Bad? Not the worst. Forever standing in the middle of it all. “I totally lacked in sense of threat, thinking that I could survive if I just walked along slowly. Never considered the crowd of people who is rushing forward.”With Linda and Kate’s achievements, Tavia can only envy them.

    “How come other can achieve so much in such a short period of time? I have no background or support, what can I do to compete against them? I was impatient but had no way out.

    Public Housing Estate Tavia grew up in a public housing estate in Shatin. Her dad died before she turned two and her mother remarried. Her step dad was a typical Chinese man. Every night after work, he would sit and watch the horse racing and news on ATV. “My sister and I would go down to play in the park, but really, we wanted to watch the drama on TVB”After she grew up, she didn’t enjoy socializing, or more like, she didn’t know how to.

    I didn’t feel inferior, but with my background, there wasn’t much to be talked about. You drink red wine, but I ate on street stalls. I didn’t feel at home when I was amongst a crowd of people.

    Knowing very well that rumours would help her, knowing that some dispute would get her more publicity. Tavia just couldn’t agree to it. Her pace was slow, but there is still a path ahead of her. This is pretty rare for a TVB actress. She is one of the very few successful ones from the TVB training course.

    “I agree that if you’re from a beauty pageant, at least you will be known to the public immediately. However having come from the training course, you could be a step behind. I have never seen a journalist coming into TVB to interview the trainees.”

    At first, Tavia just saw it was a job. During the training period, there was an allowance of $3000 and $6000 after completion. There weren’t many options for a form 5 graduate anyway. Her first turning point came after she carried out the Best actor award which was rewarded to Gallen Lo. The next morning, she received a call praising her. “All the others hated that job, I was the only one who smiled. People actually noticed! This phone call gave me the driving force I needed.”There, from simply earning a living to getting minor roles, Tavia had set her mind to make her name in the industry. Very soon, she got her chance due to her alikeness to Maggie Cheung Ho Yi in appearance and had to chance to act as Maggie’s younger sister in The Awakening.“Looking like Maggie helped me at the time, but from then on, I had to clear that idea from everyone’s mind.”

    The Dress that Cost over $10000

    The real Maggie Cheung reached the top but then fell ill. The fake one couldn’t carry it off.

    This industry is pretty realistic. If you don’t corporate, then no one would write about you. No one writes about you then no one would know about you.

    I was impatient, but there were also a lot of things which I couldn’t accept. To really continue in this business, you really need to convince yourself on many different issues.

    The first step is to wear less. Tavia has never been pretentious. “Everyone likes to see less clothing, then less it is. At least I had to proved that Tavia Yeung had the figure to wear less. It was proved that wearing less did earn a bigger response. At least I was seen on the news and magazines.”Before entering the industry, Tavia didn’t like the idea of girls in swimming costumes being criticized by the public. So is it hard to wear low-cut now? “I did struggle, but it wasn’t hard. The first time I decided to let it go was when I bought a dress for the TVB anniversary. I saw a dress at D-Mop, over $10000, not too much but expensive enough. I went back to see it three days later, looked at myself in the mirror and imagined the effect it might create. I said to myself, this will work.”

    Remember Me

    Lee Sze Kei said that she sees Tavia as the top pick for the award and since then the paparazzies have been waiting for her 24 hours a day.

    “I enjoy the spotlight and I treasure it, cos I know I could be forgotten in 2 months’ time. In this industry, being good enough is not sufficient. You have to keep thinking of ways to keep yourself fresh in people’s memory. I want people to remember me, honestly, I don’t want to turn back…”

    **The Rest of the Article and original pictures can be viewed here **

    My Thoughts:

    I shall openly admit it, because I dont want to seem like a bulls--ter but I haven't really noticed Tavia Yeung until Shades of Truth// Heart of Greed -> which then led on to Fathers and Sons, The Building Blocks of Life etc. So firstly, I wouldn't say that I know what type of person she is, because I wasn't there watching her from the start. I was influenced by the fact that I happen to have many of her series (I dont know why..I just do.) and thus when I watch series over my holidays, I began noticing her. My first impression, descent. I knew she was a newbie but while watching I didn’t sense any “exaggeration”. It was not great but compared to how some of the other fa dans started out, she was … descent. As time went by, of course it got better as she acted more in series. Now, she’s even hot favourite for this year’s anniversary and this is my first time reading her interview.

    I was surprised by the amount of truth she revealed. She wasn’t the girl who shot to fame due to her beauty. She wasn’t the girl who participated in the talent shows. Nor was she the girl who happened to be related to any celebrity. She was the girl who took the harder step…by going through TVB Acting Academy. Now you may say…how is that hard? Well if you think about it, back then TVB Acting Academy WAS the ideal choice where all the big celebrities came out of. Yet what happened? I can’t really say but it seems as if talent was also found at pageants. Not only were these celebrities beautiful, but they could act. We have Amy Kwok, Barbara Yung, Anita Yuen, Ada Choi … just to name a few. I guess TVB built this idea that it was much easier to promote these beauties since they’ve already been exposed to the public than the girls who aren’t pretty enough in the acting academy. Of course, this is just my view as to why pageant actresses are more dominant at TVB. Thus, I would say Tavia chose a difficult road because I feel she has less chances of becoming big. She openly admitted that she was impatient. We all dreamed of becoming stars before. We’ve all dreamed of glory. And she was no different. Tavia was made of jealousy. She did wonder why others shot up in fame so fast but she knew it was because she had no background.

    “I didn’t feel inferior, but with my background, there wasn’t much to be talked about. You drink red wine, but I ate on street stalls. I didn’t feel at home when I was amongst a crowd of people.”

    I remember reading at a forum, someone had posted that they thought Tavia was a god digger. They had posted a video with the Moonlight Resonance cast at JSG and the interviewer asked Tavia what she thought of Moses and Raymond in real life. Tavia had said that she would be interested in Raymond because of how rich he was. She was immediately criticized by that person who posted the video. My thought: Tavia was slightly joking but as well, for someone who had been living in her lifestyle, its normal for them to be a bit more about money. As well, in the entertainment industry you never know how much you are going to make. If you’re lucky, you’ll be casted in a series. If you’re not, you may have no income for weeks. To make it to the series, it’s really true: you do need connections. You need to make friends with big people who can suggest you for jobs. Yet what do big people really talk about? What are they mostly doing? They talk about business, they talk about their charities they are doing etc. How could someone from the lower level of people relate? How can they make friends? You’re not always lucky to be found by a Liza Wang or a Nancy Sit. They say one word and you’re wanted for jobs. It isn’t like that.

    Why I think she's a women of perserverance:

    Like she had mentioned, she was always in the background of big gossips. She was always overshadowed by the experienced or the promoted. She really didn't have much chances to feel glory. Yet she had her morals and she stuck with them. She waited for her chance to shine, and it has come. Viewers are acknowledging her acting and they love her. She raised to fame not through promotion. Not through some bigger celebrities' help. And definetly not by any dirty tricks. She's up there because she's deserved it. Her potrayal as Ah Yuet has caught more people's attention (including my mother~).

    My Word's to Tavia:

    I really does hope her success keeps going up. I hope she gets more opportunities to shine because she is a wonderful actress. I see potential in her in the sense that, I feel she can become one of the #1 ladies. And I hope that she continues to stick to her morals and continuing to let herself be realistic. I hope more people would acknowledge her and approve of her acting. She has inspired many others who may not be pageant - perfect but are talentful to continue to work hard. Dont downgrade themselves and continue to perservere. I wish her the BEST OF LUCK!

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