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    Sunday, October 5, 2008

    Random: Fashion 411 & Tease

    As many of you know, the Lighting Ceremony was held and was aired yesterday on TV. Well to be brief, it wasn't too spectacular but it was fun watching what each actor or actress say who they are supporting :D. Anyways here's my quick review on it:

    FASHION 411

    Well...I couldnt find many pictures this year, so I can only talk about some:

    I actually really like Gigi's look, makes her seem very young.
    I dont like Maggie's look. First off... the hairstyle is very unattractive. Overly round and glazed makes her entire look to be like a "dummy". The dress: too small >> her chest looks like it's going to pop..VERY SOON. I do like her pumps :D

    Ahh..Ada never fails to have a fabulous dress. I love it all and the belt =] She's really got prescence when she was modeling (you cant see it in the picture because she smiled while walking >> or maybe it's a smirk).

    okay the dress is alright..but omg i really dont like the belt!!! but i sense charmaine might be a belt person when she's wearing this type of stuff....i just dont like that belt...what on earth is it actually??... i think a full belt those big ones...wouldve been better...that one she's hideous

    I like : the dress..and
    Dont like : the hair.... i think she should have done something else with it..than to make it..round...makes her face seem round and hides her usual pretty pointy chin. and the gold...necklace...i guess it was suppose to match the dress's gold stuff...but i dont like the gold stuff on the dress either... i think she should have had more real jewellery... seems very plain at the moment...

    i like the white rimmed tux... just ..what happen to his tie??... it looks awkward...

    GORGEOUS!! OMG..if i look like her at her age..damn i'll be LUCKY... love it all...the dress..the hair..the small jewellery.everything!!.. anybody thinks she looks like Kenix ??

    LSK: ...she never fails to surprise me with some of her odd looks.... not too bad..nice celery green...i think its the top i dont like... or maybe cause i was expecting everyone to dress kind of classy or fashionable >> why didnt she just wear what TVB organized? Apparently some of their TVB Fashion Experts are really good
    Liza Wang: CURTAINS!!...guess she was trying for sexy look.. "Look Curtains **OPEN**AHHH!!!"
    DoDo Cheng: not bad...but like LSK.. I was hoping something more dressy
    Susanna Kwan: she's very into spring dresses i find..she wore spring thing last year too...not bad i guess..makes her look young though...

    THE TEASE : "Something wrong With the Veterans"

    Teresa Mo (brown leather jacket and jeans at front row): oh crap..i forgot what to do...

    Not sure if any of you guys noticed but during the Lighting ceremony that was aired..originally you see Teresa doing the hand gestures..and then right before the above gesture..there was a blink and then Teresa is missing and all of the artistes seemed to have squeezed

    Announcer: We would now like to have all the # 1 veterans and front row member to help us blow the candles
    Kiki Sheung: Oh I'm a veteran, I guess I should blow from afar...

    LOL I have no idea what Kiki thinks she's doing blowing from far never going to reach the cake...

    The Wine is served..
    Christine Ng: Oooh Wine!! TEEHEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

    LOL...who is Christine laughing to?

    Liza Wang: Oh my gosh LSK!! Stop blowing..your spit is all over it!!
    Nancy Sit: psst...Michelle..I'm should we divide it?
    Michelle Yim: just pull a big chunk for yourself :D

    LOL..i noticed LSK kept blowing when everyone stopped...
    Nancy Sit & Michelle are close friends...ROFL...they look like they are ready to pull something from the cake...

    Nancy Sit & Michelle Yim : It's not working!! Is this cake fake??!!
    Susanna Kwan: here..i'll show you the trick ! :D
    Charmaine Sheh: get me a piece too!!

    LOL...they all trying to do something..I have no clue what

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