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    Thursday, October 23, 2008

    TVB 2009 Grand Production

    The Grand Entrepreneurs
    Status: Sales Presentation Clip, to beging filming in November
    Producer: Tommy Leung
    Episodes: approx. 40 episodes
    Rumoured Cast:
    Gallen Lo
    Ray Lui
    Jamie Chik
    Kenix Kwok
    Anita Yuen
    Nancy Sit
    Sunny Chan
    Krstal Tin
    Joe Ma
    Kenneth Ma
    Bernice Liu
    Vincent Wong
    Toby Leung
    Angelina Lo
    Benz Hui
    Lee Heung Kam
    Rumoured Details:
    Kenix will play an ambitious lawyer who sacrifices love for career but she will regret later
    Ray will be a successful business man whose life story is based on one of the Kwok brothers, the third wealthiest family in Hong Kong. However, TVB claims that their script is “original".Gallen will play a villain and he and Ray are not getting along.
    The series will be tailor made for Gallen, it’s about revenge and family feud.Nancy Sit joins the cast as Ray Lui’s mother.Ray Lui is the tycoon and big brother of the family. Gallen is his younger brother. Wife is Jamie Chik while Kenix is his soulmate. His role will be loosely based on a certain HK tycoon.Kenix will be a tough career minded woman and have triangle relationship with Ray Lui and Jamie Chik.Kenix’s character is an ambitious lawyer who chose career over love, but regretted later.Gallen will be the ultimate villain.Joe Ma joins the cast, he will be playing Anita’s boyfriend. Also, Gallen will ‘rape’ Anita Yuen.
    Rumoured Relationships
    Ray Lui, Gallen Lo, and Sunny Chan will play brothers.
    Krystal Tin, Kenix Kwok, Vincent Wong are siblings and children of Nancy Sit.
    Ray, Gallen, & Sunny will be cousins of Krystal, Kenix, and Vincent.
    Love Life:
    Jamie Chik is Ray’s legitimate wife and Kenix plays his first love and soulmate. Jamie and Kenix are not getting along.Anita Yuen is Gallen’s wife and best friend of Krystal.Krystal plays Sunny’s girlfriend.

    Credits to:

    My Thoughts:
    Well obviously..if I post about it...I'm INTERESTED!..Lol..I've been spamming Gallen Harbour to squeeze out as much information as possible...and then went around and googled the series. I'm really excited to see this series..because many older generation actors are in it!! There hasn't been much information on what's really happening ...the original title was Gold-Plated Family...then The Crime Inducing Effects of Money...then the Grand Entrepreneurs. Either way's about RICH PEOPLE. I hope its not another Moonlight / Heart of Greed. I think I've had my share of listening to actress I really hope its more of a "At The Threshold of the Era" type of series. I remember liking the series alot. The titles give me so much imagination on what it is I hope not to be disappointed. It's said that TVB finished filming its sales presentation...and I cant wait to see it!!! I hope some company really does pick it to sponsor. Anyways I just thought I'd share with you my latest anticipation!
    THANK YOU!!!

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