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    Monday, September 8, 2008


    Currently I will go on hiatus due to the confusion that is going on and the exhaustion caused by going back to school.

    I think one of the most annoying things for students is when your schedule isn’t right and you are stuck in a class that you don’t need while lessons are being taught. It’s been 4 school days already and I’m still not in the right course and my guidance still hasn’t been able to contact me or even reassure me that I’m not missing much from my other courses. Call me a geek but I really don’t like missing class especially 4 days worth of it. As well I have three sciences in the next semester in which I hope to be able to transfer out so I can take it this semester instead. And I’m also running on the hope that there is still space left for me. As well, I need to find out what class I am SUPPOSE to have so that I can get my notes copied as soon as possible since this week is when they starting giving out quizzes and test. I’ve become very paranoid because I really don’t want to screw up my marks on anything -> missing 4 lessons is a lot.

    Also getting my mind to function back to “Math Functions” (no pun intended) since the summer has made me slower. I spent a day of my weekend trying to figure out how to do something and had asked my siblings how to do it. And I completely didn’t understand since our education systems have changed so much since they were in school. Then when I got back to school, I realized two of the questions I was stuck on, didn’t matter to us cause there was some errors in the question and the other questions that I had problem with was actually in a note I had taken at the beginning of the semester. So I literally felt like an idiot.

    I’ve become tired as I finish dinner, homework and errands, its 11pm. I try to then squeeze in my daily media checks, some leisure and then its like 12:30 am. Then I have to wake up early in the morning the next day and the lack of sleep has made me tired.

    I’ve also become tired of Moonlight Resonance. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a wonderful series and I bravo to the script writer but I don’t think I can handle all that drama anymore. I’m sick of hearing or reading anything about it. I’m sick of my layout and the song playing in the background. And I can’t keep up with the constant drama…it really wears me out through watching just one episode. I think this series uses up my emotions so you know, I become mentally exhausted. I won’t be able to watch it until I get things all sorted out, get rid of my layout and stuff.

    I’ve also become tired with an indirect argument between my online brother. I refrain from telling you guys who it is because I don’t think he even wants to acknowledge my existence. A barrier has recently been made due to my change in attitude towards his idol. As well as it seems like everything I’m saying isn’t right to his ears and I don’t seem to understand him. I’ve become exhausted from trying to heal things up by refraining from being mean to his idol as much as possible (I don’t really hate the idol, I’m just not as fond of them due to recent seeing them everywhere…so I’ve become very critical) but a person can only handle so much coldness before they break down and fall ill.

    But once things are sorted out, as I’ve said before, I hope to be able to make some posts here and there which I owe you guys!! I hope that when I come back though, you guys will still be there! I hope my blog is still lively ->I will try to reply you guys at the CBOX as much as possible…try not to make too long of a comment (LOL…Zoe…) otherwise my cbox wont show up some other people’s message ->ofcourse, if necessary the comment page of blogger allows you to do that as much as you want ( lol a sanctuary for Zoe!!)

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