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    Tuesday, September 2, 2008

    GIFTS I'd Love to Share

    I've recently received gifts from lovely new friends and I realized that other people wont be able to see it and it would be a waste of their time if only one person (ME) saw it. So I thought I'd share all my lovely gifts and creations with you guys and acknowledge those lovely givers :)

    First off, I have my sis : ZOE from Promise Under Starlight

    very pretty, n'est pas? i love it :D i wonder where she got this pretty pic of Tavia?? (yes I have problems searching for pics...)

    Next we have Janeal from TVB Graphics or TVB Obsessions who most of you would recognize by now, since she is who has helped me with my codings (as i've mentioned) and with the lovely Silver Chamber of Sorrows Creations :D

    ahh...I LOVE IT!!!! i think she caught on that i absolutely HATE Chris's hair..and either she photoshopped it down...or she spent efforts looking for a non ugly chris hair pic...LOL... :D

    many you may have seen this around.....ahh how i miss Silver Chamber of Sorrows...I really love the banner I think people at forums will mistaken me for a fan of old timers..LOL...oh well... =]

    She's also made layouts for me..but they're too I dont like to shrink it to ruin the look :P
    Then we have Flor.a, member of Simply FungYi my sis as well and whom you may recognize her as well, she's done plenty of works for me (many of my layouts!! linkies are made by her... :D i love them too....first one she made was the celebrities one and then the second one is the silver chamber of sorrows one that she made =D
    look its my display pic!! yes it's kenix and yes she is a fan of kenix =D
    i would like to give you guys a BIG

    These creations have brought a lot of joy to me and the BLOG :D sorry for not posting all your creations to give you guys FULL credit but I cant post up things without your names or they cant fit into the post size...but I'm sure EVERYONE will know it from looking at my past layouts =]

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