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    Thursday, August 7, 2008

    Seesaw seesaw by the Seas of Revenge...
    In life there are always times when you go up up up and times when you go down, down, down. Imagine you are at a medium level, heading downwards, would you try to hold onto something? Would you continue at your best and hope you can at least stay at that level? If opportunity came, but you don’t know if it’ll go straight up…or straight down, would you take it? What happens if it gives you the chance to push down the one who pushed you down? Would you do it? This new feature article is about the actors who have been pushed down and who turned around and got revenge…

    Author’s Note:
    Of course, that description of the article was only to grab your attention…whether or not they physically did this for revenge…well it is still unknown. As well…some words may sound harsh but were only written in effect and not to offend the idols themselves.

    The Rivalry between Bernice Liu and Linda Chung

    The History:

    Back in 2001, after winning the Miss Chinese International, Bernice Liu was invited to become part of TVB. Her first series was Virtues of Harmony, a sitcom that was so well received; producers kept adding storylines and eventually produced a sequel. The original Virtues of Harmony was so well liked by the audience that the many minor actors in the series became known. Bernice’s first role became an automatic launch to fame and everyone called her Princess. Then along came Virtues of Harmony II and the success continued but part way into the show, Bernice had no choice but to leave. The big brother in the series and her male co-star, Frankie Lam was leaving Virtues of Harmony. With the public so use to seeing them as a pairing, it was difficult for TVB to continue the plot with just one of them. Thus Bernice was written off. But Virtues of Harmony was still looking for a young and fresh couple so they decided to look into the Miss Chinese International again. And in 2004, they took the winner of Miss Chinese International, Linda Chung and paired her up with Steven Man. TVB hoped they were able to replace the original pairings but they were wrong. Linda became the target for the negative comments and felt her acting was horrible. Many felt that Linda was trying to replace Bernice (only in the story) and gave all their support to Bernice. Linda who was a happy Miss Chinese International winner was sucked into a few years of hatred. Anti fans grew fast…Linda was truly pushed down...

    The Counter- Attack?

    Although the audience didnt give her a chance, TVB sure did. In 2006, Linda was given the role that win many hearts with her cute image as Ding Ding in the hit series, Forensic Heroes. Linda gained many new fans and neutralized some of the hatred but it wasn’t until 2007’s hit series did Linda truly shoot back up. Her character Seung Joi Sum became well known by the audience. Everyone watched her pitiful story in the triangle relationship where she was betrayed by her best friend. They watched as Seung Joi Sum grow up into the lawyer who fought the difficult battle for the Tong Family against the foolish Wong Sau Kam. Lastly, they watched the cute and sad moments between her and Dut Dut Dei.

    The Results?

    Linda Chung was one of the five finalists in 2007’s TVB Anniversary for Best Female Actress. She had obtained female actress quality before Bernice (who hasn’t been in the final five for best actress yet). Although Linda didn’t win, but she had gained the hearts of many people. In the year 2008, she became part of the grand productions of TVB and even took part in movies. She was close to being the winner of the best newcomer but lost to Kate instead. Linda also became known for her singing and entered the music industry. Her debut album is soon to be released and is taking part in a concert in August. Not only did Linda shoot higher in acting but as well in singing.

    After Bernice left Virtues of Harmony, she became quite successful in other series and everyone rooted for her in 2005 for her role in Into Thin Air/ Love Bond. Sadly she lost out to Nikki Chow. Her fame began to slowly descend though because many began to criticize her acting in series such as Devil’s Disciple and the Brink of Law. She was levered back up for while in 2007 for her role in Steps. She was a hot favorite for most improved actress but people felt Kate deserved it more. Of course, not receiving an award isn’t a big deal but it is a guarantee to better series. Bernice continued on with Wasabi Mon Amour but that didn’t turn out so great. Her other series were warehoused and now she has been seen acting as cameos in Best Selling Secrets and When A Dog Loves a Cat. Her next role is in Ren Jia which will hopefully leverage her back up. She is still doing fine though because she is a #1 choice for advertisements and she still has more fans.

    Both actress were linked into this seesaw from the time they acted in Virtues of Harmony. One replaced the other but the other had marked its spot. Like a seesaw, when one goes down the other goes up.

    Who would you root for?

    The original princess that just doesn't get enough chances? Or the poor Seung Joi Sum who suffered from the princess' fame and has just recently climbed up her opportunities?

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