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    Wednesday, August 6, 2008

    My Thoughts on Moonlight Resonance so far...

    I have to say, I'm incredibly surprised in how much I'm enjoying it. It seems like I like it more than the original, Heart of Greed. I guess it could be the fact that there is A LOT less romance...SO FAR.. I guess I'm just not the romantic type..or I just dont like to watch two people start yea Moonlight goes easy with the relationships. Not much focus on couples yet.
    What I like So Far

    The constantly new and refreshing details to the stories in every episode! It's absolutely incredible how every chapter seems to reveal new information or has new drama to it. But it contines to flow so perfectly...
    It never fails to make me bawl out and wet my face with tears AND Keep me staring at the screen for a very very long time.

    The climax to the end of each episode is terrific. I never feel that the song doesnt suit the ending to the episode..I remember one time watching Heart and I believe Susanna was angry that she had nothing in the family and refused to go home. By the end of the episode she made up with Louise and Louise made a promise to her and Susanna was about to say some thing "Ah jie..." (it was deleted scene) and BOOM the theme song blasted out. I was like "Wha?" it was kind of random since the music was dramatic but the scene wasnt even ended yet. Anyways Moonlight hasnt failed to have the satisfying ending that matches soo well with the ending music.

    I love Hor Ma's side of the family, i.e the grandpa, Ah Yuet, Ah Ho and Ah Hing AND Auntie Sa AND the housewives that learn from the shop and Nin Zi Yung (Wayne Lai) and technically Ah Ka. Pretty much the story is revolved around this side of the family since Lee Si Kei & Susanna are female leads and thus the people around them would be highly involved which I like. i LOVE how the family well bsides Susanna always comes together to help each other...i.e when Fala had to do the delivery thing..or Tavia being unable to face the family (ep. 5 >>really touching episode!!!) But the bad guys from the other side of the family do add to the story :D
    My New Thoughts on Characters

    Joe Ba (Ha Yu) isn't as bad as I thought...well yea he's still a jerk and stuff but I'm glad he still has a a sense of conscience in him that I saw in Episode 8. He still believes that the rich life is considered happiness but I'm glad that he realized some of his actoins were wrong and saw what Ah Hung did.

    The grandma isn't as bad either (Lee Heung Kam)...see she has pity and she isn't a complete B*TCH. I think after she realized what really happened to her son she started to be nicer to Lee Si Kei. She is still b*tchy cause she keeps thinking Lee Si Kei is trying to win Ha Yu back but I think through her eyes..she kind of pities Lee Si Kei after she hears what has been happening.
    Both characters I would say were blinded by Michelle Yim's Ah Hung like Lee Si Kei's Hor Ma had said in episode 8.

    Auntie Sa ....kind of cute...I mean she has a young heart but she really does anger people since she’s very ….hard to explain her personality on the spot...but her interactions with the kids are hilarious...

    omg and just recently her ineractions with Wayne are funny..I have a feeling she's going to have a triangle relationship with Wayne and Louis Yuen
    Characters Im Looking Forward to See
    The kids from the rich side i.e Ah Yuen and Ah Zhong..they havent had much to say yet. In the descriptions it looks like Ah Yuen will be supporting Michelle Yim but he's been in the many scnes where Michelle Yim is obviously evil...I wonder if he knows yet....Ah Zhong hasnt said much yet but Lee Si Kei has revealed his sad story and IN pictures he seems to have joined Lee Si I wonder how that works.
    Linda's Ah Chao hasnt had much yet TVB Musings they say she is suppose to be female lead for younger generation..but she hasnt been involved really..even her spot light in ep.6 was dimmed since ray's character forgave her easily. but after watching ep.8 where linda realizes what her mother sure theres more for the character now
    Kate Tsui... where are you??!! SHE looks pretty in the song :D...
    Anyways...I'm done for now...SOO MUCH excitement in this series.

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