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    Thursday, August 14, 2008

    source credits to: Sing Tao Newspaper

    The following news was translated by Lavendar_Bluez @ In Love With TVB. Please give proper credit when posting this article anywhere else. Thank You.

    The End to the highly popular show has already been exposed all the way to the Canadian Sing Tao newspaper. The newspaper states that Moonlight Resonance is so popular with its cosntant climaxes in each episode. Even people who aren't watching the show are given the facts of what will happen to the Kam Family. So what will happen? Here's some spoilers (but remember, its not everything :D) :


    For viewers we see at the moment, an evil villain who had not yet created a major scheme yet but Ah Hung (Michelle Yim) is calm about all the things that have happened so far. Yet the calmer the villains are, the scarier the deeds they will plan. It appears as if Ah Hung begins to lose grasp of things and the happy family begins to reunion leaving her behind. But not everyone is happy. Ah Hung is left with Ah Yuen (Lai Lok Yi) who has always been filial towards her will help her harm Ah Ka (Moses Chan), his own brother. Ka Mei played by Kate Tsui will first appear in episode 22 where we will see her character use beauty to disrupt the bond between Ah Ka and Ah Yuen. Together with Ka Mei, Ah Hung will destroy the reunion of the lost family causing more disasters to Hor Ma (Lee Si Kei). Along the way, the grandma played by Lee Heung Kam will find out the truth and hidden mystery behind her dead son and causing her to lose her life in replacement. What is the full detail as to what happened to the grandma's son and her life? How will the torn apart family respond to the news? What turbulence will be caused by the evil pair? Watch Moonlight Resonance.


    Since the original's Heart of Greed was released Linda Chung was praised for her wonderful acting as Seung Joi Sum. Many people wonder if she was going to do the same in Moonlight Resonance. It appears to not be the case. Linda's triangle relationship with Bosco and Raymond Lam doesn't seem to be the highlight pairing of the series. Unlike in Heart of Greed, the pairing is no longer between Seung Joi Sum x Alfred x Sui Mak Mak. Instead the focus with most climax may be the devastating pair of Ah Ka and Ah Yuet (Tavia Yeung). Their love story is said to be full of mishap events as Ka Mei enters the relationship. Then it turns out that the pair will be hit with devastating news that could make them similar to the modern day Romeo and Juliet. What will be the result of the Kam family's children?

    And unlike last year, Linda was a female lead as Seung Joi Sum in Heart of Greed. But this year, with the focus changed, the 5 lead characters would be Lee Si Kei as Hor Ma, Raymond Lam as Ah Ho, Ha Yu as Jo Bao, Michelle Yim as Ah Hung aka Hung Yi and Susanna Kwan as Sa Yi. They will be the highlight characters of the show as events run through these characters one after another. What will happen in the end?


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