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    Tuesday, May 27, 2008

    English Title: The Silver Chambers of Sorrow
    Chinese Title: 銀樓金粉
    Cantonese Title: Ngan Lau Kam Fan
    Vietnamese Title: N/A
    Paul Chun as Sheung Hang
    Nancy Sit as Choi Siu Dip
    Rebecca Chan as Nin Wong
    Christine Ng as Sau Hang
    Nancy Wu as Fei Fei
    Ng Wai Kwok as Sheung Wan
    Winnie Yeung as Wing Tung
    Shirley Yeung as Chau Guk
    Jack Wu as Zi Sing
    Length: 21 episodes (Cantonese) // 16 tapes (Vietnamese)
    Release Date: April 2008 (Canto) // June 2008 (Viet)
    Genre: Period Drama
    Week 4 (Episode 16 - 21) : 34 pts peaking at 40 points almost at 42 points. Rumoured to do better than WOIL2.
    Week 3 (Episodes 11 - 15) : 31pts peaking at 34 points breaking the record for the 8pm slot.
    Week 2 (Episodes 6- 10) : 29 pts peaking
    Week 1 (Episode 1 - 5): 29 pts peaking at 33 points.

    *****WARNING: spoilers ahead*********

    Living by ancient customs
    Smiles can only be slight smiles
    Pain can only be slight pain
    Life, maturity, sickness and death
    Separates the compelled from the arranged

    Sheung’s Silver Chamber is one of the largest gold jewelry companies in Foshan in the Guang Dong province of China. It has established its importance and connections for several years. No matter where the Sheung’s go, they are looked up to and no one dares to disrespect them. Yet behind all the rich and glory is a family ruled by ancient customs and betrayal. Being women was like being an animal. Either give birth to a son to establish the next generation or find yourself to live life in shame. Men can lust all they want while making one simple mistake can cause a beating for the women. Silver Chambers of Sorrows takes you to see China’s adaptation to new legal structures in which family beating is not accepted and drowning your wife is considered illegal. Women would always get the disadvantage but it would not be long before the Sheung Family’s women strike back…

    My Notable Characters:

    Sheung Hang (Hung) aka Big Master, Master Sheung or simply Master
    Sheung Hang is the owner of the Silver Chamber which was passed along to him from generation to generation. As the eldest son and master of the Sheung family, he was raised to expand the Sheung Family for a future generation and maintain the family business. Being a very traditional man, his acts are selfish and he is stubborn. In order to save the family business, he even tricks his younger brother into marriage. He loves glory and he will demolish those who try to ruin it for him. Yet what comes around goes around, and things will not always go the way he wants it to…

    Played by Paul Chun: Bravo to Paul!! Usually he plays the nice guy in series but in Silver, he does not fail as the villain. His character is very schemeful and too filled with traditional customs. Everything he does is all meant to lead to his own desires. He’s cruel and at one point, he just seemed inhuman. Paul really plays this character well and he does have that “manly” aura. His facial expressions and his tone of voice are terrific!

    Choi Siu Dip aka Madame (Dai Lai Lai), House Keeper ( Dai Dong Ga), Siu Dip
    Choi Siu Dip was from a well bred family and was arranged into marriage with Sheung Hang. She was only able to bore a daughter and after many more attempts, she was unable to bore another child again. Sadly, one of her personal maids she married along with seduced Sheung Hang and became the second wife. Siu Dip was humiliated and further more so when the maid was able to bore a son for the family. Yet she is highly respected by everyone for her work as a house keeper and a mother. She is trusted by Sheung Hang and is often the one he makes decisions with. Feeling she did not do her part in helping to proceed the family, she does all she can to please her husband. She even finds herself sacrificing her daughter for her husbands needs and looking away from her conscience of ruining her daughter’s future. But eventually she wakes up and finds herself doing things against her husband’s wishes. Her place in the family begins to tumble…

    Played by Nancy Sit: Nancy truly fits her title as “Ah Jie!” She was one of the enjoyable actresses to watch in this series. Her expressions and actions to be evil is pretty heart shattering because I was literally scared of her. She also didn’t fail to have that “in charge” aura and I cheered whenever she was handling things. The character Siu Dip is a complex character, she’s smart but she isn’t capable to do everything. She is evil but you can’t blame her. At first I didn’t really like the character because she seemed pretty weak to me and I was really frustrated but eventually I realized who she truly was. I absolutely loved her! Nancy Sit didn’t fail to play this role, whether she was crying, yelling or simply being capable, it was captivating.

    Ching Sau Hang aka 3rd Mistress or 3rd sister in-law
    Sau Hang, since marrying into the Sheung Family was given the privilege of living a peaceful life. She was careful to not get into trouble and was barely ever forced to do things she didn’t want to do. But the moment she saw Sheung Wan again, her hurt burned with anger and was dragged into trouble. She found herself doing everything to make him jealous or make him notice her. But her love for him overcame her hatred and that moment began her troubles. She was not trusted by Sheung Hang and was given a beating. She realized her best friend in the family had deceived her and Sheung Wan was refusing to elope with her. Twisted by love and hate she finds herself no longer trusting anyone. And those who have hurt her will have to regret…

    Played by Christine Ng: A splendid performance by Christine Ng. Although the character, Sau Hang I had found despicable at times and foolish, Christine really played the part well. Sau Hang’s character is more complex than Siu Dip because the character does lots of evil deeds but she also feels guilty. She often finds herself having split personalities and a bad addiction to alcohol. Christine was able to express those emotions really well, and I haven’t seen such performance since Charmaine Sheh’s role in 2000’s Heavenly Sword & Dragon Sabre. Although Sau Hang takes my negative remarks but Christine gets my thumbs up.

    Everybody gave it their best and I loved many of the actress/actors! Whether it was the head maid, Dung Mui (sorry unsure of her real name) or Rebecca Chan’s Nin Wong, everyone played their part well. Their were some that didn’t captivate me as much but the rest of the cast makes up for it :D

    Family Locks:
    One of the themes, from beginning to end was freedom. The women of this story suffer so much pain, that they all want to leave the Sheung Family. At first, it appeared like only Sau Hang wanted to, but by the end of the show, it turns out many of them did and the final one to admit it, was Siu Dip. They’ve all had enough of the fights for power and they’re all sick of being abused by Sheung Hang. From what appeared to be a desire for only one woman, turns out to be a desire for all of them. They no longer want to be trapped behind the Sheung’s locks, they are tired and they are sick of it. Power no longer becomes worth craving for.

    The Chemistry
    The Chemistry:

    Sheung Wan x Sau Hang:
    Do they really love each other? Yes but I don’t think the relationship was built strong enough. Sheung Wan was always there for Sau Hang, trying to protect her and save her. Sau Hang, went through all that trouble, just so she could be with him. But what their love really lacked were some actual “couple” scenes. They had scenes where they were…hugging but it always ended up being Sheung Wan pushing her away. They never did have that moment where they were seen having fun together or a moment of understanding. They were the main couple yet I felt there was no warmness in it. TVB made this couple seem like they suffer so much together but they forgot to actually add in moments of actual “love” in it. I really enjoyed how they finished this relationship; there was finally that “understanding” between them.

    Zi Sing x Chau Guk:
    They started off really funny because Zi Sing was really a jinx to Chau Guk. As much as Zi Sing tries, Chau Guk would not like him. There wasn’t a chance for them to actually develop a relationship until the end because during the whole time, Zi Sing was still trying to woo her. If there were more after the ending, with them, I’m pretty sure they’d be a cute couple.

    Sheung Hang x Siu Dip:
    They didn’t marry out of love and throughout the story; we know Sheung Hang doesn’t love her. But towards the end, TVB gave them “couple scenes” and you can tell that although they do not exactly love each other, they do have a relationship. They both understand each other really well and at one point in time, you could tell Sheung Hang had really loved Siu Dip. I think it was because Sheung Hang was busy with the other wives and the business that he neglected his feelings. It was really surprising since in an interview, it was stated that they aren’t suppose to have an actual relationship but by the end of episode 16, and the beginning of episode 17 you notice it.

    Sheung Hang x Sau Hang:
    This was a single sided relationship. Sheung Hang I believe actually loved Sau Hang. There were many scenes where Sheung hang just treats her better and times where he shows his true feelings towards her while she’s unconscious. It showed a really different view of Sheung Hang and you can tell he does have some softness. Even when he found out all Sau Hang has done to him, he saves her and sets her free.

    Siu Dip x Sau Hang x Nin Wong x Fei Fei:
    Although they are all love rivals but besides the times when they are scheming against each other, there are times when you see some “sister-ness.” At some of the most down times, in regards to her son, Nin Wong actually turns to Siu Dip for help. Sau Hang and Siu Dip do look out for each other and treats each other like sisters. Fei Fei does listen to Siu Dip and bickers with Nin Wong. In a way, behind the scemes, they all ended up having the same desire, which was to be free from the family locks.

    Accepting Fate:

    主題曲「認 命」
    作曲: 鄧智偉 ~~ 作詞: 張美賢 ~~ 獨白: 薛家燕 / 主唱: 王宛之

    獨白: 天荒地老 最好忘記
    笑也輕微 痛也輕微
    生老病死 相聚分離
    身不由己 心不由己

    唱: 曾經我不太相信定了宿命
    如果我感覺心跳沒法安靜 誰願聽

    *在歲月裡飄和沉 是我的命運
    無望中啞忍 痛苦中偷生
    用愛換最傷教訓 妄想走近

    王: 曾想過不顧一切另創天地
    如果我可以改變就勇敢地 留住你

    薛: 浮萍落花 顛沛流離
    山盟海誓 力竭筋疲
    笑飲砒霜 魄散魂離
    愛有盡時 恨無絕期

    夢會自最光變暗 讓愛轉做恨
    流下的眼淚 是我不甘心
    讓恬靜惹起微塵 我不安份

    如果我可以改變就勇敢地 忘掉你

    I decided not to analyze the song but I can tell you that this theme is really evident in this series. If you are interested in knowing, I can suggest you waiting for MetalAZNWarrior @ TVB Musing because I am anticipating this article of his too when he has finished Silver Chamber of Sorrows.

    Silver Chamber of Sorrows:

    The Chinese meaning, I have no clue if it relates to the story but the English title, it really does. The Sheung’s Silver Chamber, it caused lots of deceiving. For this business, Sau Hang and Sheung Wan were split apart. For this business, Hor Yi was forced into an arranged marriage. For this business, Sheung Hang did a lot of harmful things to protect it. For this business, a lot of characters had suffered to keep it running. Behind the beauty of the chamber that it represents, is the many misfortunes of the family.

    The Ending Thoughts:

    I’m really glad TVB didn’t choose the either really sad or a really happy ending. They gave one that suited the series, there were some good things that happened but the sad things forever remained. The series started off with Siu Dip and they ended it off with Siu Dip. The themes of this story were not forgotten and they were all given a conclusion.

    Why I love this series so much:

    So, I’m really hoping that people would give this series a chance, and not base it on a 1 episode case. I was going to give up on Forensic Heroes II cause I didn’t like its first episode but I decided to watch a bit more and I find I kind of like it. Don’t watch this series with a certain view on what will happen. Keep an open mind and you might be surprised.

    Be Sure to Read Silver Chambers Of Sorrows: All Out!! A gossip article to be posted up by me!! :D Learn all the behind the scenes and all the factual stuff about it :D

    Also hope you like my new layout!! I made it myself :D

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