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    Friday, May 2, 2008

    The Jinx

    In this episode, Fei Fei (Nancy Wu) has officially become the Sheung Family’s 4th wife. In this scene Nin Yung (Rebecca Chan) complains about not being served tea in the morning ( like tradition). Siu Dip (Nancy Sit) snaps back with a remark which makes me laugh.

    Whoever writes the script for Siu Dip and Sau Hang (Christine Ng), they’re good with snappy remarks! Nin Yung’s face turns black.

    Later on, the series turns its cameras to Chao Guk (Shirley Yeung) who is the personal maid of Sau Hang but was bought as a child by Siu Dip. Chao Guk is very loyal to Sau Hang and is grateful to Siu Dip.

    Chao Guk later meets again with her jinx, Chow Zi Sing (Jack Wu) who brings nothing but bad luck to her! He breaks her Buddha which cost her $2 plus the jade Siu Dip gave her. Then when he pays her back, she got so excited she bumped into Dung Mui aka Auntie Mui who was the leader of the maids and breaks her jade bracelet. Chao Guk ends up paying Aunti Mui back with the money Zi Sing just gave her , plus deductions from her pay check for 4 months!!

    Later, Nin Yung, Siu Dip, Fei Fei and Siu Dip’s daughter (Charmaine Li), are playing mahjong. In this scene Nin Yung who is still bitter from not being served tea, constantly eats the tiles Fei Fei wants. Nin Yung hints that she was thirsty. Upon hearing this, Fei Fei calls out : Chun Heung! Chun Heung! Immediately Nin Yung’s face turns black. Fei Fei remarks that she accidentally call Nin Yung’s ex-name as a maid. She also comments how smart Nin Yung was for betraying her mistress, Siu Dip and sneakly brought herself to Sheung Hang and became the 2nd wife.

    I absolutely afore having Fei Fei here! She is much more witty than Nin Yung (once again the script writer did lovely snappy remarks!) and is always insulting her.

    In this scene, it shows how male are treated better than females. Siu Dip’s daughter really wants to explore life outside of the Sheung mansion but never gets to. Chao Guk helps her buy a book but Sai Jo, Nin Yung’s son takes it and teases the two. Sheung Hang catches them and is furious the book was in the mansion. Sai Jo is punished by having to copy out 300 poems. Meanwhile, Chao Guk and Siu Dip’s daughter is going to be punished severely. Luckily Siu Dip saves them.

    Later Chao Guk accidentally gets in trouble with Sai Jo and he plays a prank on her. Zi Sing (Jack Wu) happened to walk by but because Chao Guk previously told him to stay away from her, he didn’t bother to help. Chao Guk cried with fear but help wasn’t coming anytime soon ...

    My Overal Thoughts:
    This episode was less dramatic, mainly because it was focused on Shirley's scenes which are pretty funny since she has the worst luck! As well with Nancy Wu added to the family, Rebecca is always going to be insulted!

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