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    Friday, May 2, 2008

    The Troubles of Sau Hang & Meeting the Sheung's

    The series starts off with a celebration for the Sheung Family’s Father’s 70th birthday. Already there is conflict between the wives. In the above picture, Choi Siu Dip aka Eldest wife (Nancy Sit) asks Sau Hang aka 3rd wife (Christine Ng) to go to a party for her with the husband. Siu Dip hopes to use this chance for Sau Hang and the husband to improve their relationship. Sau Hang declines and Nin Yung aka 2nd wife (Rebecca Chan) who overheard the conversation nominates herself to take the Siu Dip’s place. Later though, Sau Hang sees her ex-lover on the streets and feels a merge of anger. She comes back in time to sabotage Nin Yung’s reign of glory. Sau Hang purposely chooses the brooch Nin Yung had wanted to wear to the party. Sau Hang officially declares that she accepts Siu Dip’s request causing Nin Yung to be filled with anger. Before Nin Yung could say anything more, Siu Dip as the family guardian states that Sau Hang is to replace her at the party.

    omg! I was soo happy when Sau Hang accepted the request. You could see that Siu Dip was glad she accepts. Nin Yung kept taking things that were given to Siu Dip.

    Later on in the series, the Sheung Family’s second son, Sheung Wan returns (Ng Wai Kwok) angrily to the family after finding out that his brother, Sheung Hang (Paul Chun) has taken his wife (Winnie Yeung) and son from the hotel without telling him. He returns to being calm at the sight of his father who is happily to see all three Sheung generations. The scenes show the two son’s caring for the father but behind his back they have a shaky relationship as brothers.
    In this scene, the Sheung Wan and his family is settled in to the Sheung mansion. Nin Yung who had eves dropped on the relationship between Sau Hang and Sheung Wan takes this chance to cause trouble. She keeps implying that Sau Hang and the second son use to date. Sau Hang who is still bitter to the way the Sheung Wan had once treated her acts all excited and in love with the Sheung Hang. Siu Dip isn’t tricked though but chooses not to comment on Sau Hang’s weird behaviour.

    Sau Hang decides to show her love for her husband by being caring and wrapping a scarf around him. In the car though, the husband confronts her and tells her that he knows what she is trying to do. He angrily throws the scarf back.

    Back at home, the Sheung Family’s father finds out that Sai Jo, the Nin Yung’s song has dug out the soul treasurer to cage in his cricket. Angrily the Sheung father tells him to give it back and plans to punish him but Sai Jo refuses to and pleads him to lend it to him for his cricket. Out of anger, the Sheung father collapses.

    The chapter ends with the Sheung Hang returning home immediately and asks for an explanation. The second son points to Nin Yung and Sai Jo saying that before Sheung father died, they were pointing at them. When confronted though, Nin Yung targets Sau Hang and Sheung Wan’s past relationship to protect her and her son. She says that the Sheung’s father died from hearing his two sons fighting for Sau Hang.

    My Overall Thoughts:
    I so far really dislike Rebecca! She's so disrespectful to others because she's the only one who had bore a son for the Sheung family. I also hate how she lied and blamed it on Sheung Wan & Sau Hang!! She's causing so much trouble for Sau Hang!!

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