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    Tuesday, May 6, 2008

    Siu Dip's Woes

    The episode starts off with Hor Yi (Charmaine Li) running away to escape her arranged marriage. Luckily Choi Siu Dip (Nancy Sit) was able to find her before she went any further.

    Back at home, Siu Dip scolds her daughter for being so ruthless but is angered when her daughter yells back. Hor Yi confronts her mother that she feels she (Siu Dip) would do anything for her father (Sheung Hang) and that she (Hor Yi) refuses to be her dog anymore. This caused a major outburst of anger from Siu Dip.

    After lecturing Hor Yi, Siu Dip is confronted by her 2nd sister-in law (Winnie Yeung) and is overheard by Sau Hang. Sau Hang bursts out in disappointment that the one she trusted the most was the one who hurted her the most.

    Meanwhile, Hor Yi continues to try to escape but Siu Dip’s intelligence was much higher. Even Chao Guk (Shirley Yeung) began to disobey her. She had no choice but to use the family punishment.

    Chao Guk had two options, either she brought punishment tools to punish Hor Yi or all the maids and servants in the household were to be punished.

    The scene becomes more and more scarier as Siu Dip picks out the whip but Chao Guk’s comment makes Siu Dip stop

    “In order to protect all the maids and servants in the household, you rather sacrifice little mistress ( Hor Yi) than to harm everyone else. You now know how I felt when I had to make the same decision 8 years ago!! ( referring to deceiving Sau Hang)

    No body understands the troubles Siu Dip has and it didn’t help that everyone treated her the enemy. Siu Dip knows she made the wrong decision back then but she cant do anything to replace the shattered heart of Sau Hang. All she can do is wish her the best and try to help her out. In this scene, Chau Guk enters the room explaining that she understood the woes of Siu Dip and that she was grateful Siu Dip was willing to go through all that trouble to explain to her.

    This scene makes Chau Guk and Siu Dip seem like mother and daughter since Chau Guk was able to see the things Siu Dip was trying to do and the way they talked to each other was very warm.

    Meanwhile, Sau Hang was falling ill due to all the things that have happened. The other wives hopes to cure her by taking her to a priest since the doctor was unable to cure her. Sheung Wan (Ng Wai Kwok) rushes into the temple and angrily yells at his sister in-laws. Sau Hang is then taken to the hospital.

    On the other hand, Fei Fei has finally recovered and is back out into enjoying her modern culture. She then sees her ex again and trouble begins to stir.

    My Overall Thoughts:
    Bravo to Nancy Sit for being able to deliver such a performance in this episode!! Very convincing!! I was really scared when she yelled and stuff. I also pitied Siu Dip because everyone just saw her actions to be evil and Siu Dip knew she was wrong but everyone just wouldn't let her explain herself. I have a feeling Sau Hang is going to do something very terrible to Siu Dip based on the trailers for the series. Siu Dip's life is going to be living hell for the next few episodes or she will be planning something bigger in the middle of the drama!! As well, looks like Fei Fei might have an affair...which is really bad. Especially since its with a man she's related to.

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