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    Wednesday, May 14, 2008

    Nin Wong (Rebecca Chan) continues to cause trouble with her words leadin to her sister in-law (as in Sheung Family's 3rd daughter) to be punished the mother in-law (Suet Nei). Luckily Sheung Wan (Ng Wai Kwok) arrives on time to save her.

    Not learning from her mistakes, Nin Wong continues to spread rumours and gossip about her making her life difficult.

    Siu Dip (Nancy Sit) was furious when she heard Nin Wong's false accusation and ordered her to follow her.

    At the ancestor room, Nin Wong is told to kneel down and Siu Dip lectures her.

    Nin Wong could care less.

    Nin Wong: What makes you think you can hit me?

    Siu Dip: The fact that I am your mistress and you are my maid. The fact that I am the elder one and you are the younger one!

    A dispute began between Siu Dip and Nin Wong and Nin Wong began to step over the border causing Siu Dip to punish her.

    Siu Dip used a ruler to smack Nin Wong's mouth many times until her mouth was red and began to bleed.

    Siu Dip: I don’t care if you feel it’s unfair! I’m warning you, every time you say something wrong means every time I will hit you!

    Meanwhile, Sau Hang (Christine Ng) was haunted by Fei Fei (Nancy Wu) and worried she was going to take revenge on her.

    Sau Hang began to turn to alcohol for relief. She continues to believe that everybody was wrong and she was just doing her job.

    Towards the end, Siu Dip and Hor Yi (Charmaine Li) were finally okay again. Both of them worry of the fate of Sheung's 3rd daughter. If Sheung Hang (Paul Chun) treated his daughter so poorly, hope is dim for his sister.

    My Thoughts:
    Oh my gosh, Fei Fei is soo freaky!!! Sau Hang is getting crazier! Ha!! Siu Dip finally punishes Nin Wong!!! There are some other information about this scene but I'll write it up in my fianl review..:P I have a feeling SHeung Hang is going to be selfish again and screw his sister over. >:P

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