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    Tuesday, May 13, 2008

    Side Note: Oh my freaking gosh!! Is it possible that all the evil characters show up in one episode??? ARgh... whoever wrote Silver, they did a good job of portraying the evil characters!!!

    Sheung Family Turned Upside Down

    The episode starts off with Hor Yi (Charmaine Li) finally being allowed free from the attic. Sheung Hang (Paul Chun) angrily yells at her and seeing this, Sau Hang (Christine Ng) goes and comfort her. While chatting about a women's fate, Hor Yi accidently tells Sau Hang that it was Siu Dip (Nancy Sit) who helped break the arranged marriage.

    Meanwhile, Siu Dip finds out Sheung Hang intended to kill Fei Fei (Nancy Wu) and tries her best to warn her but she is interferred. Fei Fei is captured at the moment she started fooling around with Sheung Wan's brother - in law (Eric Li). Sheung Hang gathers people to beat them and send them to the river.

    During this time, it is the moment of confrontation between Siu Dip and Sau Hang. Everything began to make sense and now Siu Dip knows that if Sau Hang was not going to let go of Fei Fei and she herself wont be either. Sau Hang intends to take revenge.

    At the river, Sheung Wan (Ng Wai Kwok) and Wing Tung (Winnie Yueng) are threatened / black mailed by Sheung Hang. Sheung Wan has no choice but to oblige in order for the lives of his brother in law and Fei Fei.

    Back at home, Siu Dip continues to worry if Fei Fei was alright. She goes to Sheung Hang and finds that Sau Hang was with him and that he knew the things Siu Dip has done to rebuttle him. (Sau Hang told on her) He angrily threatens her again causing Siu Dip to be flooded with pain and anger.

    At the end of this scene, we can tell that Siu Dip and Sau Hang have sort of switched places. Sheung Hang now only trusts Sau Hang.

    Later on that night, Sheung Hang tests Sau Hang's loyalty through killing Fei Fei.

    Another character enters the story which is Sheung Family's 3rd daughter's mother -in law (Suet Nei). This mother in law was amrried to a lawyer that was given special treatment by the Emperor. With this status she is picky, rude and single minded. She brings lots of trouble to the Sheung Family!

    Here the Sheung Family's 3rd daughter just accidently said the wrong card ( the in-law is blind) and as punishment, the mother in law pours hot tea on her!!

    My Thoughts:
    I cant believe this but there are soo many more people to hate now!!
    X Sheung Hang (Paul Chun)
    X Sau Hang (Christine Ng)
    X Nin Wong (Rebecca Chan)
    X Mother - in law (Suet Nei)

    I cant wait to see episode 13 though!! Siu Dip finally releases some anger!!! And Sau Hang is going to be haunted for what she did. I swear, I really hope Sau Hang clears up and realize that the real bad guy is Sheung Hang!! She's practically ruining the lives of everyone!!! First Wing Tung (Winnie Yeung), then Fei Fei, then Siu Dip. ARGH!! She use to be such a nice person!!!

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