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    Friday, May 30, 2008

    Silver Chamber of Sorrows: Did You Know?

    o Silver Chamber of Sorrows, a series that was not highly promoted, a grand production or contains the most popular cast was able to peak at 42 points, rumored to have beat Liza Wang, Myolie Wu and Bosco Wong’s War of In-Laws II

    o Originally, Patrick Tang was suppose to be Zi Sing and not Jack Wu

    o Christine Ng doesn’t like acting for period dramas and often declines them, this is a series she made an exempt for

    o Originally Nancy Sit was afraid that her motherly image would be ruined by her Siu Dip role and was going to leave during the early filming stages

    o It has been 6 years since Shirley Yeung and Nancy Sit have co-operated together

    o Although the series is tragic, the cast once off screen loves to fool around and laugh their heads off. They also help each other a lot too since everybody is very professional

    o Many of the abusive scenes are real,
    For example in episode 4, when Shirley Yeung is being whipped by Rebecca Chan

    In episode 13, when Rebecca Chan was repetitively smacked by Nancy Sit
    While filming this scene, Rebecca had offered to let Nancy smack her with a stick. She had to keep her mouth closed with her lips in. Both veterans were hurt; Rebecca more painfully on the mouth (as can see in photo) and Nancy pulled some arm muscles while trying to carefully but painfully hit Rebecca

    o In the final episode, everyone questions how Ng Wai Kwok’s Sheung Wan could have possibly survived the car crash when it made a nose dive down a cliff. Apparently there wasn’t enough time so TVB had to cut it out. Which is why sometimes the scenes are sort of cut off due to the fact that they were running on time

    o In order to suit her role, Nancy Sit was actually given more padding and wore many layers of clothes to get the fat image

    o Nancy Sit and Paul Chun, both childhood stars/ friends has only filmed 2 series together, including Silver Chamber of Sorrows. After 40 years of knowing each other, their cooperation is considered very low compared to other veterans

    o The theme song was originally to be sung by Nancy Sit or Ng Wai Kwok (he can sing?) but both decided that it would be best to have someone else sing it  this hints that these two cast may be the leading stars of the show (incase you are still wondering)

    o While Silver Chamber of Sorrows was airing, Christine Ng and Nancy Wu were participating in Strictly Come Dancing II, Paul Chun paid them a visit both at practice and as a judge at the competition. He even commented on Nancy Wu’s dancing skills.

    o Nancy Wu actually had wish for some more screen time for some bickering with Rebecca Chan but was killed off in episode 11

    o In the cover of the series, there is one man in the picture who only plays a cameo in the series. He makes no contribution to the actual plot while the female actress who plays Siu Dip’s personal paid, Auntie Mui who has an important role isn’t in the picture.

    o Shirley Yeung in real life is really afraid of frogs and cried when she had scenes where she interacted with them

    o Although in the actual series, Nancy Wu’s Fei Fei is always seen in the water for a mere 10s but in real life, she spends a much longer time in the freezing cold water

    o Although Nancy Sit doesn’t remember, but Ng Wai Kwok and her have actually cooperated together before for a picture and Ng Wai Kwok has kept it up till today.

    o In the scene where Nancy Sit, Ng Wai Kwok and Shirley Yeung are crying in front of their ancestor’s room, Shirley wasn’t able to cry the way the director wanted and had to constantly apply eye drops. In the end though, the director decided to only have Nancy Sit’s crying into the series and faded Shirley off.

    **wow, they must have done this scene many times cause even Nancy’s crying sounds…eh terrible but in the actual series, in which the director most likely chooses the best scene, she does a lot better.

    o One of the topics, male having more power than females actually is really relevant to modern day woman too. The director/ producer made a comment when he read someone post their relevant issue.

    **It’s actually still quite relevant to many of us women. My father for example, tends to treat my brother much better. It is important for him to do well but when it comes to a female, it’s less of an issue. I remember one time when I wasn’t able to do an errand and my dad said to me, “There’s no point in being good in academics if you can’t even do such simple task.” I literally was like WTF?? Because one being that he wanted me to grab him a tool and he said it in Chinese. How the heck am I suppose to know that it meant for the sanding thingy? Secondly, psh if my brother wasn’t able to do something he wouldn’t say shiet. Thirdly, if it didn’t freaking matter if I do well in school then why the heck did you discipline me until I did?! BUT before I drag along and getting emotional, I would stop there.

    And that's all for now on Silver Chamber of Sorrows: Did You Know?

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