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    Tuesday, January 8, 2008

    I'm pretty sure I'm not the only person who gets the the head turning from TVB. But even if you dont, I'll explain what TVB does to me...

    Remember War of In- Laws 2 and how disappointed I was by their trailer and themesong? Remember how I bet Best Selling Secrets is the lowest sitcom TVB has ever made? Remember when you go to a blog and when we discuss about dramas we would watch and I'd list a whole bunch i.e The Price of Greed, On the First Beat, The Family Link, The Brink of Law and Devil's Disciple?

    Anyways I found out that I alwasy ended up watching them eventually and then I'm sucked into TVB's world!

    I dont know what it is, could it be that TVB wants their viewers to not have such high hopes of certain series that they make really unappealing trailers so that when people actually watch the series they're blown away? Cause that's what happened to me. I wasn't interested at all by the idea or the trailer but some how everytime I get a break and I end up watching all of them!

    The next thing you know, I'm done the series and realize hwo wrong I was...with a few exceptions ofcourse i.e Devil's Disciple = WORST SERIES EVER!!!!

    Oh an remember how I complained War of In Laws 2 themesong wasn't good and how I complained it "sucked" ? Guess what song was stuck in my head all day...well except for now? I've literally taken a second look for everything about War of In Laws 2!

    So it makes me wonder...
    ...does TVB like to give their series they feel less comfortable with a horrible trailer, lack in promotion or bad music videos so that viewers wont have such higher expectations? it just the magic of TVB? Their series are just too well scripted no matter how lame the idea is? it the magic of American Series? I mean WOIL 2 is a remake of Devil Wears Prada...Family Link was supposedly made from Desperate Housewives

    ... or am I just too in love with TVB?

    *Side Note: My exams are coming up at the end of the month so I got to do lots of for now I'm not going to be able to do posting uncle probably February :D I hope I dont lose my readers!

    By the way, which size font do people like?



    Oooh, and when I was bored I decided to play around with the TVB 2008 calendars, but as you can see it's really horrible since I dont have photoshop and only paint. =P Since it's January I'll only post up January:

    Yea, I had to cover up the site I got it from but I lack in the tools :P

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