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    Thursday, January 3, 2008

    Atlast, I've finally finished part of my 2007 year end review! After getting votes from a few selected affiliates and TVB fans, I've finally gotten my results. BUT just so that it doesn't make people think I was acting snobby and not letting other people vote it's just that I didnt have enough space to make so many polls and some of the selected few never replied me when I asked :P. Anyways, here is inlovewithTVB's
    2007 Yearend Review
    Author's Note: The bolded nominees are the ones that were actually voted in favour of. As well, videos in this post aren't uploaded by me, so please if you use them, do give credit to the original uploader. Thank You.
    Biggest Villain (hands-on killing)
    Louisa So in Phoenix Rising
    Joe Ma in Drive of Life
    Kevin Cheng in Ultimate Crime Fighter
    Wai Ka Hung in On the First Beat
    Evil Master in Devil’s Disciple
    As big of a jerk Kevin was in TUCF and killed his loved ones and those whole blew his cover, Louisa So’s role in Phoenix Rising wins the title of “ The Biggest Villain of 2007” with majority of the votes in her favour.Let’s take a look at who she’s killed:
    ·Her mother
    · Krystals’ Foster mother
    ·Ben’s Father
    · Leila
    · Her father
    Basically, anybody who gets in her way, she’ll get rid of them physically – even if they’re family.

    Wendy @ aglazeovertvb says: For me, Louisa's character was most definitely the biggest villain. It wasn't only the way she killed, although the way in itself was violent and cruel in itself. It was also who she killed - her birth sister. Louisa's character, Pui Wu, set out from the very beginning to trap So Fei. It was planned, obviously thought-out beforehand and executed cold-bloodedly. She lured her sister to the abandoned warehouse and bashed her to death with a spade, and as if that wasn't enough, nailed her shut into a crate. It was one of the most memorable killing scenes in TVB for me, and what made it even more poignant was the way they intertwined that scene with Jack Wu's character leaving and thinking that she didn't come for him, when in actual fact, she had. That, and the way she was found, with the marble made the whole scene very memorable for me.

    Best Parent-Son Chemistry
    Louise Lee & Moses Chan in Heart of Greed
    Ha Yu & Moses Chan in Heart of Greed

    Esther Kwan & Vin Choi in Best Selling Secrets
    Ha Yu & Wong Hei & Bobby Au Yeung in Fathers & Sons
    Ha Yu & Steven Ma in The Brink of Law

    This was a hard one because both chemistries were just so well developed and expressed, which is why I call it a tie. Firstly, the relationship between Louise & Moses’s Dai Kei & Dut Dut Dei. Even though they aren’t actual mother and son but they continued to treat it as if they were. Dai Kei was willing to guide and forgive Dut Dut Dei while Dut Dut Dei was always there to Dai Kei watch over the family and truly understand what Dai Kei needs. The scene that best describes their chemistry, I would say was when Dai Kei was in the hospital and Dut Dut Dei was being yelled at for telling her the events that was happening at home.

    Ha Yu & Moses’s Dai Bao and Sai Bao ( Dut Dut Dei) was less touching between the two but there were more scenes expressing their relationship. We always see them laughing together and have resembling personalities. As well, whenever Dai Bao had a problem, he’d turn to Sai Bao and Sai Bao would always help.

    Wendy says : think Heart of Greed takes the cake for having the best family/parent-son relationships. I thought long and hard whether it would be dad-son, or mom-son, and in the end, Ha Yu and Moses won. Whether they were having fun together with their signature laughter or disagreeing with each other over marrying Susanna Kwan, there was no denying the consistent comfort they had with each other. They worked extremely well as the playful father and son throughout the entire series, but also generated so much angst when they were fighting and yelling at each other. Even then, despite all the ribbing and jokes and fights, you could truly see the respect and love for each other. Great work by the both of them.

    Best Storyline
    Heart of Greed
    Phoenix Rising
    The Drive of Life

    The Ultimate Crime Fighter
    The Brink of Law

    Heart of Greed once again wins with majority of the vote. Heart of Greed’s popularity was shown during the period it was airing and after it was airing. It became the topic during dinner conversations, it was the targetted cast for commercial use, it was on people’s playlist of Must Watches it was so popular that it reached pretty much everywhere.

    ·Concerts: JSG – an entire show was dedicated to Heart of Greed, Susanna Kwan’s Concert , Heart of Greed Banquet
    ·Awards / Nomination : Pretty much most of the cast was nominated for an award, Best Drama, Susanna Kwan’s “Speechless” for HOG has received numerous awards
    ·Commercials : A lot of the cast has received more offers to promote their products from advertisters and in recent news, part of the cast is listed as top earners due to their earnings from advertising
    · Media: they were on magazine covers, becoming magazine stories i.e Tavia’s Bad Girl Image, Tong Family’s 4 children, they were on billboard ads, they were constantly on shows like Scoop, cooking shows, Stephen Chen’s Be My Guest etc.
    ·News of having a sequel arrived within less than a year! It was so popular, TVB knew they had to make a sequel!
    Most Refreshing Pair:
    Charmaine Sheh & Jordan Chen in Word Twister’s Adventure
    Angela Tong & Bobby Au Yeung & Toby Leung in Marriage of Inconvenience
    Christine Ng & Alex Fong & Tavia Yeung in Building Blocks of Life
    Bernice Liu & Sunny Chan in Slicing of the Demon
    Jessica Hsuan & Joe Ma in The Drive of Life

    As refreshing as Bernice& Sunny or Tavia, Christine & Alex may be, it couldn’t compare to the freshness of Joe & Jessica but I blame myself. Why? It turns out on a real poll, Joe and Jessica would be disqualified because this wasn’t their first time cooperating. And I didn’t realize that until I started writing this post after votes were in.

    Flor.a says It may have been their storyline that this pair has captivated my attention, and although they've paired before I gave them my full attention although the overall plot of DOL wasn't that popular.

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