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    Thursday, January 3, 2008

    Best Child Star:
    Jacky Jai Wong in Fathers & Sons, Family Link
    Lawrence Ng in Ultimate Crime Fighter
    劉靖琳as Fong Fong in Family Link
    陳濼錚 as Little Girl 'B' aka B Lui in Family Link
    羅芷晴 as Pui Pui in Fathers and Sons

    Jacky won as usual just like Jenny Shin would back when she was young and acting. Could it be that we didn’t see the other kids as often or was it just because Jacky was cuteR? Between Jacky and Lawrence Ng though, Jacky wins with his cute face and witty roles! Jacky’s acting was strongest for me this year was in Fathers and Sons as Bobby’s son. He was cute yet he liked acting mature in the beginning which made me laugh. The only down side to his acting at the moment is his crying scenes. He’s got to work on it a bit because he still doing the face scrunching thing and sounds.

    Saddest Death Scenes:
    Louise Lee in Heart of Greed
    Ha Yu in Heart of Greed
    Raymond Lam in Heart of Greed
    Leila Tong in Phoenix Rising

    All of them had teary moments but Louise Lee has majority of the votes in her favour. Louis Lee’s Dai Kei in HOG was a strong, understanding mother. We loved her from the start and we saw all the trouble she went through just to keep the family together. She wasn’t super women where everything that hits her would bounce off and she had her moments where she just had to leave or break down. Her role was easy to understand by everyone which made us even more involved with her character. We see her do so much for her kids and even the ones who she didn’t give birth to. She fainted and had a relapse and we all knew she was falling ill. But we just weren’t sure when she’d say good bye. She’d have the moments where she’s pale, saying good bye, fainting but she’d wake up. And the story gives us all hope when she finally is given permission to leave the hospital, it then builds up with people thanking her for being understanding, saving her son’s marriage and getting rid of the wicked 2nd wife. Yet she ends up fainting again, and this time she says her final good byes and the scenes are focused on everyon’s reaction to her final words. Taking in everything she has left to teach every one of them – especially to her new daughter in-law, Tavia. As we watch, we too are crying. Dai Kei has left a mark in everyone of us viewers that it seems like she was family and she was leaving us too.
    Wendy says Without a doubt, the saddest scene was when Dai Kai died. I weeped my eyes out. Lee Sze Kei played the role of a dying woman with her last wishes was excellent, but the credit goes not to her alone, but to everyone who was in the hospital room at that time. It was the way she clasped everyone hands, and bid them their final goodbyes; that for me was what made it the saddest. On her death bed, she wanted to be able to say goodbye to each and every one of them - it was poignant, touching and very very sad.

    Most Shocking Death Scene
    Leila Tong in Phoenix Rising
    Raymond Lam in Heart of Greed
    Gigi Lai in Ultimate Crime Fighter
    Ha Yu in Brink of Law

    Leila wins with her role in Phoenix Rising. A lot of cicumstances built around her made it shocking. The fact that she was Louisa’s sister. The fact that she was a good person. The fact that when she finally did want to be with her lover, she couldn’t because she was killed and her lover believed that Leila will never accept him. All of that builds up the shock to make her death become so surprising.
    Wendy Says I'm gonna have to go with Leila again. Again, the way in which she was killed was a real shocker in itself because of how cruel the act was. And at the same time, I totally didn't see that coming. I had idealistic hopes that she would finally give poor Jack Wu a chance and sail off happily into the sunset with him, but unfortunately, that didn't happen. Big shock for me.

    Most Disappointed Series
    Brink of Law
    ife Art
    Devil Disciple
    Heavenly In Laws

    Ha! Pretty much all of these series would win since each of the voters had different opinions.
    Wendy says I really hate to do this, because I'd anticipated this series for so long because it had both Bernice and Bosco in it and you might probably know how much I like them both. Also, the focus was on the young cast; I was hoping it would be a repeat of TOB, which was such a success and used the same format. However, it just fell flat on its face. It was ridiculous and contrived - the script couldn't decide if it wanted to be a wuxia series or a cartoon. There was a saving grace in the form of Sharon Chan and her love story with Kevin Cheng, but everything else was just so-so. It was good for a few laughs, but at the end of the day, with the stupidest ending possible, it felt like I had wasted 20 episodes of my time. Maybe it was because I had high expectations or because the ending was pure crap, but for me, the most disappointing series of 2007.
    Flor.a says Although I enjoyed Steps the way it was, and I swear I'm gonna be the only one choosing Steps to be in the category, I was still disapointed because Bernice seemed like an angel and was too goody-two-shoes, whereas when they said they were going to make Fala an evil villian, she had so much to carry at a young age and didn't mean to be bad. Overall I think the characters weren't written well to cause me to be disapointed in the series. And I can't think of anything else I watched.

    Most Surprising Series:
    Drive of Life
    Best Bet
    Brink of Law
    Phoenix Rising

    Now, I’m not sure if people understood what I meant by surprising series, but I’d blame myself again for not making myself clear. But either way they either chose they series because it surprised them for being so good or because it surprised them a lot. The Brink of Law wins “Most Surprising Series” for whichever reason.
    Wendy says I didn't watch this series till much later on after it had ended and by that time, I'd heard all about its negative reviews and low ratings. I didn't even enjoy the first couple of episodes. But I usually never stop watching a TVB series I've started, so I kept on going, and I was very pleasantly surprised. There were surprising twists and turns in the plot that kept me wanting more. Granted, it was not as fast-paced as say Heart of Greed or Brink of Law, but it was very interesting to me in the very least. I loved watching the plot unfold around Damian Lau and how he handled it all, I loved all the meaning there was in the series, and I loved how the script actually allowed the characters to develop and mature as people and not just be cardboard characters. This was my surprise series of the year.
    Flor.a says I didn't even give Phoenix Rising any attention until I read reveiws and I decided to watch it, and it captivated from there to finish the story.

    Most Refreshing Series (topic use is new)
    Life’s Art _ Art
    Steps _ Dancing
    The Drive of Life_Cars

    Steps wins for it’s refreshing topic on Dancing. Some of you may think it isn’t since A Recipe for The Heart was about cooking AND dancing but Recipe was more on cooking while Steps was more on dancing. I guess a lot of us are into fancy dancing…like me XD. When I heard about this series, my MAIN purpose was to see some dancing which there were.
    Wendy says I don't know if there has ever been a series that has focused so much on dancing before, but to me, this is the most refreshing theme. There was a nice mix of ballroom and latin dance, and it made for a very nice storyline and very nice dance sequences and shots in the series. Everything else in the series fitted the romantic theme nicely too, from the costumes, to the love stories, right down to the lovely music and the colouring of the scenes.

    Favourite Theme Song
    Best Bet
    Phoenix Rising
    The Drive of Life
    Heart of Greed

    To tell you the truth, I can make a final decision for this topic because majority of my voters gave me their two choices. I too had two choices ( Drive of Life vs Heart of Greed) and couldn’t decided between the two.
    Wendy says Bernice's So In Love With You for Steps. It's fun, latin-flavoured and just gives off a very breezy, in-love feel. It's so fitting for Steps, and the lyrics are perfect for the story between Steven and her. Plus, Bernice's voice sounds pleasantly sweet with the music.
    Flor.a says I can't decide between Drive of Life or Phoenix Rising

    Most Thrilling Series:
    Heart of Greed
    Phoenix Rising
    The Ultimate Crime Fighter
    On The First Beat
    Brink of Law

    Phoenix wins for its evil main characters and the constants twists and surprising deaths!

    Series You Are Most Likely to Watch Again
    Heart of Greed
    Phoenix Rising

    It’s a tie between HOG and Phoenix Rising. Both are well developed series with attention grabbing scenes and chair grasping climaxes. It’s hard to explain but both series had lots of nominations in inlovewithtvb’s yearend poll.

    Wendy says Definitely without a doubt, Heart of Greed. I've already watched it twice, and now I'm watching it again with two different people separately. And I just can't get tired of it. It's easy watching in certain parts, yet at the same time so meaningful and so gripping. It's a good mix of drama, comedy and family and I just can't get enough of it. Furthermore, it's the mix of cast and characters which I absolutely love. The casting is brilliant and I really cannot imagine anyone else playing any other role, which is why I'm so wary about a sequel.

    Flor.a says I would watch episodes 40+ in DOL again, but I guess it doesn't count.
    I would watch all 40 episodes of HOG again, minus all the stupid SJS and Alfred argument parts, and half the series is full of that stupidity so I guess not.
    I would watch Phoenix Rising again as a whole. Probably except for the parts that scared the crap outta me.

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