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    Tuesday, November 20, 2007

    I'm currently busy with some school work since it's getting lcose to the holidays and teachers give out lots of summatives during that last 6 weeks... but THE BLOG IS STILL HERE.... I'll be updating soon because I have loots of new ideas for the holidays!! So check back soon!

    | 8:27 p.m. |

    Sunday, November 18, 2007

    The beginning started off with clips of all the actors and actresses walking on the red carpet which was pretty fancy since they all entered in a car. There was something like a run way and fans and paparazzi where on either sides. Below is some of the entrances and how they were partnered.

    Then after they’ve all walked the red carpet, the show is brought back to the actual place where the awards ceremony would take place. As you can see below, they’ve really glamoured it up.

    Where Eason Chan started up the ceremony by singing a happy song followed by the grand entrance of Dodo Cheng who was the mc of that night along with Amigo Chui.

    Then Amigo announced the grand entrances of the celebrities again where they were partnered differently this time. Then everyone started moving into positions:

    And then Eason sung another song only shorter and that was how the ceremony was launched. Unlike usual though, since usually Sir Run Run would start it off with him and the two pageants touching some sort of ball to light up the place. TVB’s really influenced by the American ceremonies now. =[

    Then we have the awards and in between, there’d be some clips showing some interesting things about past anniversaries. Although they fail to mention that it’d use to be livelier with skits and stuff.

    Award’s Results:

    First Award was given to Harlem Yu and Patrick Tang for best hosts I believe for Food 2 Shoes which also won Most Creative Variety Show award.

    Best Variety Show Award

    On the Road

    Best Promotion Clip Award

    The Drive of Life

    Most Improved Actor
    Amigo Chui

    Congrats to Amigo! Although a lot of people felt he didn’t deserve the award because he wasn’t in dramas, I think they forgot most improved doesn’t necessarily mean he has to be in dramas. As an mc, he’s really improved starting from his small hosting job at music shows to JSG to TVB Events. He’s gotten better, faster and quicker reflexes.

    Most Improved Actress
    Kate Tsui

    I was glad Kate Tsui won because I really felt she deserved it. Compared to the first times I’ve seen her, she’s gotten better and you can see it. TVB just got to make sure they don’t give her tom boy roles because it makes her more exaggerated.
    Side Note: Oh my, Kate I adore you and all but your make up is too strong!! Especially the eye shadows, really unappealing.

    Best Supporting Actor

    Louis Yuen

    Really big congratulations to Louis because he’s been working for TVB for so many years and he’s finally gotten the recognition he deserves. And trust him to bring some laughter by taking out his long list of people he wants to thank. Lol but thank goodness it was “Bobby’s”.

    Best Supporting Actress
    Fala Chan

    Congrats to Fala! First year acting and has already won best supporting actress. Although I feel sorry for Florence Kwok and Mary Hon but Fala’s not a bad choice either.

    Outer seas’s Favourite Actor and Actress
    Raymond Lam & Gigi Lai

    Congrats to both of them although I find it funny how Stephen Chen denies it being an “pork chop” award. I know Raymond got it for Drive of Life but not sure what Gigi got it for. Is Raymond the first out the four siu sungs to get an “actor” award from TVB?

    Best Series Award
    Heart of Greed

    Big congrats to Heart of Greed and the producers, casts and etc! It was a terrific series! I loved seeing all the casts members coming up on stage! Hehe after they were up there were so many empty spaces where the actors and actresses sat.
    I love this scene below:

    I loved Dai Kai and Dut Dut Dei’s relationship in HOG and I’m glad to see that outside of the series they still act like mother and son.

    My Most Favorite Female Character:
    Susanna Kwan

    Dai Kei and Sai Kei hugging each other anticipating who’ll win. Lol the person giving the award was really funny here.

    Congrats to Susanna! A lot of people may wonder why she got the most favourite when she played the villain but on the radio interview she explained that people thought she was cute when she was talking fast and stuff. Yea I don’t get it but it was either her or Lee Si Kei.

    My Most Favourite ale Character & Best Actor
    Moses Chan

    I love you Dut Dut Dei! Lmao! Moses started off as playing cameo’s and I’m glad he’s finally made it to being a male leading actor and is getting his recognition. I really enjoyed Dut Dut Dei’s character but it needed a good acot r to pull it off! So congrats to Moses. And did I mention the thousands of his fans I saw waiting for him?

    Best Actress
    Louise Lee Si Kei

    Absolutely Congrats to her! She really deserved it. I mean everyone stood up and was cheering for her and congradulation her:

    I really enjoyed her performance in HOG and I’m sure a lot of us did. And her speech was really heart touching. She spoke for a lot of actresses.
    “From the start, I didn’t really care about whether or not I received an award. Then I went to being anticipating what the results may be. And then after the many days of pressure from the paparazzi and everyone’s congradulations, I was really afraid of what I should do if I didn’t win Best Actress. Opportunities come and go and when I grow older, and if ontop of my mantle, there isn’t a best actress award I’d regret it..” ( word’s not entirely translated word by word). In general it speaks out to us. One being that we should take opportunities when it comes and also it explains the feelings of other actresses. Sometimes when people are so confident of you doing something you become really scared and nervous if you disappoint them. Which is true because then they’ll be like “oh…you didn’t win…”

    Life Time Achievement Award
    Lydia Shum

    The most touching moment of the ceremony. Lydia Shum as we all know is ill and a lot of us are worried for her health. She’s no longer as plump as she use to be and she’s weak. But I was happy to see her yesterday. Everyone was happy to see her and clapping for her!

    One of her most touching words were, “everyday I will get better and better. I will not fall down to my illness and I will not give up my tv career...” ( something along those lines).

    Afterwards, her daughter and one of Lydia’s best friends sang a song. A lot of people went emotional:

    Hope you get better Lydia!!


    I think this is the first time in a long time when I’m actually satisfied with the results. Congradualtionsa gain to everyone who won!! Some final things:

    TVB’s got to choose better award presenters, some of them are really horrible. They’re either really not funny but trying to be or they just waste a lot of time
    TVB’s tech crew: omg it was really horrible when they did the Best Promo clip because they were suppose to show the “And the Fianl 5 are: blah blah” but it went straight to the winner. It went so uncoordinated.Why were certain artist’s sitting in the audience? I mean there were plenty of artists who weren’t in the final 5 sitting with the rest of them. I think I saw Angela Tong and Vivean Yeo in the audience. Really weird


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    | 6:54 p.m. |

    Friday, November 16, 2007

    I didn't realize that the final 5 for Best Actress and Actor was already released. I just found out today when I was looking on youtube!

    Top 5 Best Actors:
    Bobby Au Yeung – Dicey Business
    Ha Yu – Heart of Greed
    Moses Chan – Heart of Greed
    Damian Lau – Drive of Life
    Raymond Lam – Drive of Life

    Top 5 Best Actress:
    Charmaine Sheh – Pearl of the Orient
    Jessica Hsuan – Dicey Business
    Louise Lee – Heart of Greed
    Susanna Kwan – Heart of Greed
    Sheren Tang – Family Link

    I honestly hope Best Actor is won by either Moses Chan, Ha Yu or Bobby Au Yeung =]

    As for Best Actress...

    I really hope Susaana Kwan or Louise Lee wins and whoever doesn't get it should atleast get my most favourite female character award!

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    Thursday, November 15, 2007

    What is a vase? Well basically, it’s meant to be a container to hold flowers. But really, it’s just there to make your flowers look more eye catching and pretty. Do we really need it? Not really. Is it of any use? To hold flowers.

    Chinese people often use the term “Flower vase” or pronounced fa jun with the acquainted with the word “pretty” to form “Pretty Flower Vase” aka lang fa jun. What’s the difference?
    Well, suppose you were to purchase a really elegant vase (like the one above). And you take it home and when you put the flowers into it, you realize the flowers don’t go well with it. Both are very beautiful and when you put two really beautiful things together, it turns out like trash. Thus you rather put your flowers into a simpler vase.

    So what do we do with this pretty flower vase? Nothing. We use it as decorative furniture. Do we really need it? No. Is it of any use? No. In other words, it’s just a really pretty vase that is of no use.

    Thus, when we use the term pretty flower vase with celebrities, we mean this actress or actor is all looks but they have no talent and are of no use.

    A Message From the Editor: Ratings are compared to the actresses’ other series. If the actress had shown more than one good performance, rating for that role may be lower.

    Who Was or Is Considered A Pretty Flower Vase:
    Charmaine Sheh

    Charmaine Sheh is the 3rd place of Miss Hong Kong 1997.

    Charmaine started off her acting career with many criticisms. People didn’t like her chicken voice and felt her acting was lacking something. She was literally called a pretty flower vase.

    Charmaine began improving herself and taking the rude remarks into constructive criticism. And with luck, TVB also gave her many likeable roles that increased her popularity with viewers. Today, she is one of TVB’s leading ladies and has won 2006 TVB Best Actress award.

    My Thoughts
    I started off being a fan of her since she started acting since I liked her innocent or playful roles. I didn’t really mind her voice as much as I was still young thus I thought everyone on TV was good actors. As time goes by and I start noticing the flaws, I wasn’t as fond of Charmaine. One reason may be the fact that TVB didn’t give her more challenging roles, like she use to get. As well, maybe in her recent dramas, she was overshadowed by someone I thought deserved the award more. I’m still waiting for Charmaine’s extraordinary breakthrough performance where I will have no choice but to root for her =]

    My Most Memorable Drama of hers:
    The Heaven Sword and the Dragon Sabre
    Acting Rating: 4/5
    Anne Heung

    Anne Heung was crowned Miss Hong Kong in 1998, where she snagged 3 grand awards: Miss Hospitality, Miss Photogenic and Universal Beauty Award.

    Although Anne is really photogenic and pretty, she lacks in acting skills, popularity with viewers and her vixen roles at the start of her career. When she first started acting, she played many important roles in series such as The Legend of Lady Yang and Love is Beautiful but eventually she was demoted to act as the secondary characters and eventually guest stars. What might have affected her most would have been her feline roles of ruining relationships. Since most viewers are women, they’d hate females that seduce men causing ruined relationships and broken families. This is why even though TVB is giving Anne more pitiful or pleasant roles, viewers still won’t accept her. It takes one evil role to get a bunch of haters but it’d take dozens of good roles to get some acknowledgement.

    My Thoughts:
    I find Anne to actually be a really good actress when she first started out. She played evil roles well and sometimes when we watch dramas we get so involved that we forget that they are just actors. I found Anne’s portrayal of evil characters to be convincing even though the role was dislikeable. Now though, since TVB is giving her more pleasant roles, I find it doesn’t show off Anne’s real talent thus making her seem like a horrible actress.

    Her most memorable series for me:
    Love is Beautiful
    Acting Rating: 4/5
    Sonija Kwok

    Sonija is winner of Miss Hong Kong 1999 and had also won Miss Photogenic, Miss Intelligence and Miss International Goodwill. In 2000, she then won Miss Chinese International, Miss Internet Popularity, and Miss Vegas Gorgeous.

    Sonija was like Anne; she was seen as a 3rd wheel by the female viewers and had horrible acting. Sonja didn’t start of playing evil, she actually played the nice fiancé of Louis Koo in the past and present in A Step into the Past. The only problem was that to fans of Louis and Jessica, she seemed like the 3rd wheel. Then she played evil roles afterwards in Where the Legend Begins and Perish in the Name of Love. Three evil roles were enough to kill her popularity!

    In recent years, her roles were of the extreme nice and were highly popular after On the First Beat where she showed improvements in her acting.

    Sadly for Sonija, she was linked to the cause of Michael Tao and his wife to divorce. Her popularity is again on the rocks…

    My Thoughts:
    I was never too fond of Sonija thus I haven’t seen many of her series. I too didn’t like Sonija due to her role in Perish. I did like her in On the First Beat though.

    My Most Memorable Drama of Hers:
    Mandy Cho

    Mandy was the winner of Miss Hong Kong 2003, where also won Miss International Goodwill, Miss Figure Beauty and for having Diamond Skin (?). Later at Miss Chinese International 2004, she was first runner up and had won Miss Friendship.

    As friendly and pretty as she may be, her acting wasn’t up to par compared to her previous pageant winners. She had very few series and hasn’t made it to be playing an important role.

    My Thoughts:

    Some people find her annoying, although from the two dramas I’ve seen her in (WAD & Beneath the Charm) she doesn’t seem too bad. Her voice seems a little low but still squeaky. I hope she improves.

    My Most Memorable Drama of hers:
    Linda Chung

    Linda is the winner of Miss Chinese Vancouver 2003, where also won Miss Talent, Miss Photogenic and Miss Snow Beauty. She later on won Miss Chinese International 2004.

    Her first debut in Virtues of Harmony II, as Hung Bak Lam would have been a popularity booster and a chance for familiarity for viewers but like Charmaine, she suffered the criticism of horrible acting and a chicken voice. Her acting was considered weak because her role was someone sophisticated and bossy type. Although she did end up being someone really nice and caring, she was the replacement. Originally, Virtues of Harmony had their very own pageant, Bernice Liu who had first hand as the loveable princess. Due to the fact that Frankie decided to leave, they had no choice but to write off Bernice and put in the strict Linda. People were upset to see Bernice go and weren’t as fond of Hung Bak Lam thus leading Linda to be easily compared. Thus viewers already had a reason to not like Linda leading it to be their reason for every series Linda was in. She was just not good enough.

    After practicing keeping her voice lower and stronger, Linda was able to overcome this criticism too. And after many more dramas, her acting began improving and was shown in series such as Forensic Heroes. She then later was acknowledged of her improvement by winning 2006 Most Improved Actress Award. Recently, her breakthrough performance as Seung Joi Sum in Heart of Greed leads to her sky rock popularity.

    My Thoughts:
    I never thought Linda had a chicken voice but I did feel it was hard to link with her in her early series. I always felt she didn’t have enough breath or something which lead to me being really paranoid. I wanted to feed her a microphone so she’d speak louder. Thank goodness, by the time I watched Forensic Heroes she had managed to be louder and her acting was more flowing. I have to say, I grew fond of her after watching Heart of Greed because it seemed like the role fit her well. She was able to cry, be happy and be angry more naturally which made watching her more enjoyable.

    My Most Memorable Drama of hers:
    Heart of Greed
    Acting Rating:4/5
    Kate Tsui

    Kate Tsui is the winner of Miss Hong Kong 2004 where she also won Miss Photogenic, Miss International Goodwill and Fitness Award and later made it in the top 5 of Miss Chinese International where she also won Miss Glamourous.

    As beautiful as she may be and a successful beauty pageant but she made the mistake of openly talking about sex on a RTHK radio show which caused her popularity to fall at the start of her career. Then she was criticized for her horrible acting skills, where she was often ranked #1 by netizens as worst actress. Her exaggerated expressions and annoying roles made it hard for her to be liked. Recently, news said that TVB was planning on casting Kate Tsui in HOG II. Her popularity was shown when TVB 2008’s Sales Presentation Booklet was released; her name didn’t appear on the cast list. Did TVB decide to cut her due to people’s dislike or was it a “misprint”?

    My Thoughts:
    At first, I too was like everyone else. I hated Kate Tsui and her horrible acting skills. I hated her voice and felt she was exaggerating. That was until I watched The Price of Greed, where she played a supposedly crazy girl of a rich man who was constantly having these illusions of her fiancé. Her acting was superb in the series because she had to have many different emotions at once. Some times she was happy and normal but then she’d go crazy or in shock. I truly loved her role as Lam Ping and it gave me another look at Kate. I then followed up on her in Steps where I was fonder of her than I was of Bernice. And then when I was watching re-runs of When Rules Turn Loose, I realized her cameo was also a good performance as a psychologist. Which helped me with my conclusion; blame TVB for giving her all the tom boy-ish roles. Kate’s acting was much better when she plays femine roles than to have her play the tom boys. Kate would have been much more popular if TVB had given her the sophisticate roles first before her manly ones that has overshadowed her acting causing her to be labeled “a horrible” actress when she isn’t.
    My Most Memorable Drama of hers:
    The Price of Greed
    Acting Rating: 4.5/5

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    | 11:49 p.m. |

    Tuesday, November 13, 2007

    WARNING: The following pictures are not all of high quality. Do not view it if you are intending on yelling at me for horrible screen caps for these are taken off of youtube clips for those interested in seeing TVB artist's fashion ahead of time. As well this is not a critic article, my article on the fashion will be posted after I've seen the TVB Sales Presentation or better quality pictures have been released.

    Extra Picture credits go to : batgwa,, tung star and

    Ada Choi

    Gigi Lai (left), Ada Choi (right)

    Maggie Siu (left), Gigi Lai (centre), Ada Choi (right)

    Bernice Liu

    Charmaine Sheh

    Fala Chen

    Kate Tsui (back view)

    Kate Tsui (front view)

    Liza Wang

    Myolie Wu

    Selena Li

    Sharon Chan

    Sonja Kwok

    Susanna Kwan

    Yoyo Mung back view on the left and front view on the right

    Centre Linda Chung, Right Shirley Yeung

    Side NOTE:
    Oh my!! I just realized it's 4 more days until TVB Awards Ceremony!!! I'm excited as ever!! I never realize how close we were to the Anniversary date so I guess I won't be able to go according to my previous plan of choosing my finals. It's weird, TVB has kept this anniversary pretty secretive this year. Usually they'd tell us who made it as the final 5 and the events that'd happen at teh TVB Anniversary Special. Weird... I'm so use to knowing TVB anniversary is close when you start seeing more knews but everything's more focused on sales presentations or who feels they are going to win. Feel free to share your thoughts on who you'd think will win! =]

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    | 6:47 p.m. |