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    Thursday, September 13, 2007

    I wasn’t really sure where to post these ideas since they could make it as actually posts alone so I just made one filled with lots of random stuff. =]

    My thoughts on my recent Playlist:

    You know its funny how at first when these series came out, I was all like I don’t think I’ll like it. So I don’t bother watching it like everyone else. But 1 day I was looking through the series my mom had ( she has soo many new TVB series its not funny) and I found them. And one by one I popped them into the DVD machine as I do some chores or w/e and I find I’m so into them that I cant get out! And I’m watching multiple series at once!

    Best Selling Secrets:

    I wanted to watch this series from the start but my first episode’s impression of it wasn’t really good so I didn’t continue. Then like I said, I popped it into the DVD machine and found that the following episodes get better! I found myself being a fan of Esther all over again. I only really like her in the series because she was so smart and calm! Then the grandma that I hated before due to her accent I began liking then I began liking everyone ( well almost everyone!) Anyways I hope to finish this series to write a review =]

    The Family Link:

    I wanted to watch this series but I wasn’t really urged to. I was like “Hey! It’s out… okay what’s next?” I think the main reason was that I was more anticipating of HOG and the idea of Sheren being a housewife didn’t really grasp me. I like the roles of people being all mean but are really nice later on. Anyways I just popped… blah blah and I found myself watching like 6 chapters a day ( hey it was summer time and was before I left on my trip =]. Oh my gosh I love Kiki! She’s so funny and like I said, I prefer Sheren as the independent woman type. As well, I didn’t really enjoy the Sheren&Michael relationship as much as I did in LFD. Anyways I’m thinking on writing a review but I don’t have the same type of passion for it like I do for BSS.

    Devil’s Disciple:

    I never wanted to watch this series. I never really like series that was CG. When I watched it, I wasn’t really paying attention either. From what I saw, it seemes pretty okay except the whole big twist of the leader being the bad guy. I knew it was coming. Maybe it was because I read TVB-G’s mini review first but it was long before I actually saw the series or because the beginning pretty much told me everything. Duh! This so talented in kung fu guy (Bosco) is obviously that baby in the arms of the parents [Anne Heung & Michael Mui ( omg did they really agree on just playing cameos?)] that was being killed by the leader Bosco later on took as the master. Anyways this was also the series that made me disappointed in Bernice. Her acting in here kind of lacked in something and the part where she was holding down her father to tell Bosco them to go was just “Aiyah!” to me. The worst part though has the be the last episode! I swear, I was just like “Are You Kidding Me?”

    Price of Greed:

    Another series I didn’t really want to watch since the female leads weren’t too good. If they aren’t a Gigi Lai or a Sheren Tang, atleast be a Myolie Wu or a Tavia Yeung. But no. It was neither. Anyways I’m currently watching it and I have to say I like it so far. The only problem is the fact that my dad who watched it before me decided to sit next to me and tell me a sumamry of it ( and it was only the first episode!!!) so the big twist isnt going to really hit me like it should but I’m still interested in knowing how it all works. Anyways I love Bosco Wong, Kingdom Yuen and Shirley Yeung. I absolutely hate Sammuel & Kate at the moment. Sammuel because ..well he’s the bad guy but I guess because he already looked the cocky type so it makes it worse. Kate, it has nothing to do with her acting ( well I did question it the first time I saw her) cause she convinced me when she went insane but its really just her role. I hate how she’s just so oblivious or atleast at the moment. If only she listened to Bosco 3 years ago this wouldn’t happen! Anyways I cant wait to finish it and write a review! =]

    On the First Beat:

    I never watched The Academy so I didn’t think I would watch On The First Beat either. Right now I’m not really watch On The First Beat really since I’m just watching wherever my parents decided to start off on. I have to say I’m quite annoyed by the characters at the moment. Especially Sammuel and Ron. Ron for being too quick minded. He doesn’t listen when Sammuel told him to mind his own business causing Sammuel trouble. Sammuel because of just certain things he does, not sure what personality type he is. Maybe its just because of Price of Greed. =P What I don’t get: Why is Michael Tao nicer to Ron than to Sammuel?

    OMG! I See Them Her So Much…I like her even More=]

    Florence Kwok

    She’s been in Dance of Passion, Men in Pain, Forensic Heroes, Dicey Business, Best Selling Secrets, On the First Beat and upcoming : Gem of Life.

    I absolutely adore Florence! I don’t know why but something about her acting makes me love her. I was really excited when I heard she was coming back and her acting is just as good as before. In Forensic I loved her as the smart Yvonne. In Best Selling Secrets, she portrays the evil little sister really well. In On the First Beat, lol I love how she seems like a wolf. I laugh everytime she seems like she’s harrassing Ron & Sammuel! Anyways, I cant wait to see her in Gem of Life too… if I watch it. =]

    Are they the same people?

    When I saw this girl in On the First Beat, I automatically felt that I’ve seen her somewhere and then I remembered she was the girl in FH. Then when I watched Forensics again, it turns out the girl I saw was Fala Chen. In On the First Beat, this girl is the one who keeps calling the police saying that her boyfriend it harassing / annoying her. In Forensic, Fala is suppose to be the girl that’s dead but pretended to be the best friend. I keep rewatching the scenes and they look alike but I honestly don’t know. I also don’t know how to read chiense so well so I cant check the ending.. Anyone can tell me?

    The Same Scene:

    I’m pretty sure this scene of Hong Kong is pretty popular thus has shown up in many series. What makes these two scenes special is because they have the same background but what people are doing is the same. In VOHII, this scene was shot mainly for the themevideo thus had nothing to do with the series itself. In Steps, I’m not sure if it’s the same. The simialrity though is that both series used this backgroudn to have a dance sequence. For VOH it’s used everytime Nancy sings those repetitive “Zun Zun Zun….Yun Yun Yun… Bom Bom Bom” while for Steps, I’m thinking its for a scene where Bernice is teaching a class out doors.

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