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    Tuesday, August 28, 2007

    Sorry for such horrible screen caps but I couldn't get them from my video so I had to take it off of youtube =[

    TVB Children’s Song Award is an event meant for children to celebrate their favorite children’s song. Every year they’d hold this ceremony in which people can vote for their favorite songs in which the singers will present it live. Back in the days it started off only as an event for children to be able to listen to their favorite tune, as timed pass it became something like a contest. Singers would have a promotion day where they try and promote their song so people would vote for them. Before it was about, everyone wins but now it has the extra “best” of the best. Of course, that’s simply my opinion. This event is also meant for children to be able to interact with their parents in sharing similar favorites. That’s why TVB added the Mommy & Daddy’s Choice Award where parents also get to vote for their favorite song.
    How the Voting Works:

    At the website, there’s a voting page in which the children tick off 10 of the little boxes next to the circle pictures that represent the singers of their favorite song. The little drop box section is for their parents to choose their MOST favorite song. At the end of the poll time, TVB adds up the scores and then make their final decision.
    About This Year’s Show:
    This year’s Children’s Song Award ceremony was made much more extravagant then the previous years. This year’s theme was Toy Castle.

    Although, the traditional MC, Lydia was unable to show up due to her illness, TVB brought back some of the old TVB children’s actors such as Margaret Chung, Ben Wong and Evergreen Mak.

    Athena Chu was there too!
    As well, they had invited all the people that use to be in the old children’s shows and interviews of celebrities talking about their favorite song when they were a kid.
    The Results:
    TVB Top 10 Favorite Children Songs: [In no particular Order]
    Angela Tong – We Are Family
    Bernice Liu & Myolie Wu - Chocolate And Vanilla
    Bosco Wong - Keroro Again
    Charmaine Sheh - Throned By Stars
    Patrick Tang – Bicycle Prince
    Linda Chung – Animal Party ?
    Raymond Lam – Be Brave! Masked Superman
    Vincy Chan, Kenny Kwan, Deep Ng, Shermon Chung – Elementary School
    Yu Mei – Fairytales Everyday
    Nancy Sit & Justina Sheh – Thick Love? Deep Love?

    Mommy & Daddy’s Choice Award:
    Angela Tong – We Are Family

    Best Music:
    Throned by Stars : Charmaine Sheh

    Best Lyrics:
    Eyes : Purple jie jie

    Best Children Song Ever:
    Nnadia Chan’s 烏卒卒

    Gold Award [ Best of the best with the most votes]:

    Throned by Stars: Charmaine Sheh
    My Thoughts:

    No kidding when people talk about how TVB may have also come to rigging these awards too. Out of the 10 winning songs, 6 of them are sung by TVB artists. As well, three other awards were given to the TVB artist’s too. Of course, I don’t watch children’s shows anymore so I probably am not use to it but when I first heard certain songs, I was just like Huh? They didn’t have the catchy tunes like they use to or the use of repetitive verses so I wondered how children could even remember them?

    Out of the 10 winning songs, I only liked:

    Bernice Liu & Myolie Wu - Chocolate And Vanilla

    Nancy Sit & Justina Sheh – Thick Love

    I also started liking Throned Stars but only because Charmaine sang it twice so I got use to it.

    My only surprise is Ron Ng. He didn’t win but could it be because he couldn’t show up? Or did he not show up because he knew he didn’t win anything?

    Finally, my final thought is for those who are reading, this show may be a foreshadow to TVB 40th anniversary! They’ve had so many old guests coming back so I’m thinking this year’s anniversary will include lots of old stars too [ crossing my fingers]. As well I have a feeling Charmaine Sheh may win a best actress? Or something just as big? Why? Last year Kevin Cheng won the Gold Award for 2006’s Children’s song award before winning his best actor. This year Charmaine wins 2007’s Gold Award. Could it be coincidental if she wins the best actress too?

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    Sunday, August 26, 2007

    Did You Know? TVB Veterans Age

    Michelle Yim Mai Suet is 51 years old

    Eric Tsang Zhi Wai is 54 years old

    Natalis Chan Bak Cheung is 56 years old

    Nancy Sit Ka Yin is 57 years old

    Shek Sau (Bill Chan?) is 57 years old

    Liza Wang Ming Chuen is 60 years old

    Lydia Shum Dinh Ha is 60 years old

    Adam Cheng Siu Chow is 60 years old

    Ha Yu is 61 years old
    The following two aren't veterans but their age shocks me:

    Kevin Cheng Ka Wing is 38 years old

    Sheren Tang Sui Man is 41 years old

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    Saturday, August 18, 2007

    Hehe... I know that probably no one would read my previous post so I had a seperate post ready for those who are looking for something else to look at.

    I found this clip on youtube and credits to : dicksonchan for uploading this opening clip to the Hong Kong version of Saturday Night Live, Enjoy Yourself Tonight!

    Many of you after watching this clip may remember some old skits, or reconize this song =]
    So Enjoy =] [ ooo...remember to pause the song on this site otherwise it'll mix with the video's sound.]

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    Chinese Title: 我 愛你 3
    English Title: Loving You 3 aka The Threat of Love 3
    Cantonese Title: Ngor Ngoi Nei 3
    Length: 30 chapters
    Genre: Romance, Drama
    Status: Still In Production
    Producer / Script Writer: Lavendar_Bluez
    Release Date: To Be Confirmed
    Alternate Link:
    Cast: Cast list is to be confirmed but it will be a grand cast. ATM:
    Bosco Wong
    Tavia Yeung
    Deno Cheung
    Ron Ng
    Leila Tong
    Linda Chung
    Steven Ma


    Continuing from the first two series, Lavendar_Bluez brings you another 30 chapters of short stories, continuing to use the same approach to bring you some more different love stories.

    If you were married to a good looking model wouldn’t you want to upgrade yourself? Read how far a common girl will go to keep her man!

    Just as you were hoping he’d take her away, something happens and changes her life…

    If you were given a chance to remarry once more, who would you choose? The rich guy? The good looking guy? Einstein? Or the husband that you have to work hard labor with?

    They both like each other but neither of them take the first step. Time flies and they have their other relationships but in the end will they be together?

    What would you do if you were married to a guy for 3 years and now he tells you he’s gay?

    And many more romantic and light-hearted stories to come!

    Author’s Note:
    Just in case you guys didn’t know this is only a fanfiction, not a real production =] I’m just taking this chance to promote my fanfic and to ask you guys who you’d like to be in it =] I hope there are people who are interested in my fanfic too =]

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    Saturday, August 11, 2007

    TVB: A Commemoration of the Past is not an ongoing feature but is my article on all the things there use to be. Now things have changed and alot of things cant be seen any more. This article is just to refresh our memories of the good old days of TVB.

    Note: I'm sorry to people who were expecting something bigger. At first my mind was set on something big but like I said in my previous post I thought of the ideas on my trip so now I think I forgot some stuff.

    #01: BIG Casts

    These are some of the stars in A Kindred Spirit! These are not the pics of them in Kindred though since its too hard to find any family photos of Kindred.

    Back in the days, it was popular to have series with big casts. The most famous series being known for that was A Kindred Spirit. In this series there are 92 characters not including special guests. There has been many other series that’ve also had the hype of big casts too but none can possibly compare to Kindred. Over the years though, that fad had began to die down a bit. Not every writer would have all that time to incorporate many characters in their story.

    Did You Know? A Kindred Spirit Special:

    • A Kindred Spirit has lasted for more than 3 seasons
    • There are 20 couples in this series
    • Of the 20 couples there are 15 of them that have relationship problems in regards to affairs
    • The cast has eaten more than 600 free meals =]
    • The infamous Roasted Pork Restaurant owned by the family has had about 100 Roasted Ducks on display =]
    • Although the casts in the series are really familiar with each other but in real life they cant even remember who is who!

    Below is a youtube video of an interview done specially to celebrate Kindred's 3rd year anniversary uploaded by yammyyau


    Can you recognize some of the stars in this photo?

    Abbreviation for Enjoy Yourself Tonight was a popular variety show in Hong Kong and is said to be one of the first shows to be ever broadcasted there. First aired on November 20, 1967 , it has had about 6613 episodes, lasting for 27 years and could be compared with America’s Saturday Night Live to become one of the world’s longest running live-shows!
    Sadly on October 5, 1994, the show ended so a great portion of us younger generation aren’t able to enjoy this program.

    #03: Before They Became Movie Stars

    Actors in their TVB series

    A lot of today’s famous Hong Kong movie actors started out as actors of TVB. Andy Lau for example was in Hunting, Duke of Mountain Deer (1980) and many other old series of TVB. Even our comedy king, Stephen Chow started out in TVB series like Final Combat. A lot of the time, our movie actors were in most of all time favorites. Remember State of Divinity? Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber? Return of the Condor Heroes? A lot of these all time favorites are mainly liked for the original ones played by our HK actors. Today we no longer are able to see our lovely actors in TVB series since a lot of them became big time award – winning movie stars. Still, many of us try to dig up those original copies to re-watch them back in their times.

    #04:Extravagant Anniversaries

    This is probably the section I’m most sure everyone misses. It is the old anniversaries! This may sound cruel, but I do miss watching the TVB artists working hard to celebrate. They always have this climax thing to their poses so it makes everyone all excited. My favorites of course would be the ones where towards the end of the performance you see even more TVB artists coming out and joining in. Now, its just plain award ceremonies and maybe mini shows that only require the dance dancers. The most you can see of the past is their opening ceremonies which of course can mislead others into thinking TVB has decided to resume their old traditions but sink when they realize it’s ONLY the opening ceremony. Rumor has it that people watching the show live complained it was too long, so TVB decided to cut down on the events. After I found out, I only had one thing in mind: DON’T LET ME FIND OUT WHO IS WAS OR I WILL TRACK THEM DOWN! It’s because of them, anniversaries seem like they lack something and everyone’s forced to watch an Oscar. Don’t get me wrong, I like watching the Oscars but 2 Oscars in one year and especially since you are so use to the hype TVB once made it seem like.

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    Tuesday, August 7, 2007

    I'm back!! Well I was back for a week already except due to the time differences from Beijing, China back to Canada ... it was really hard getting out of jet lag! Then I had to help out with this new rennovation thingy going on in my house so I never got time! So now I'm back since we're pretty much done =]
    About the New Layout:
    Due to the fact that I dont have any sort of photoshop, my layouts are really simple and a bit ugly if I have to say so myself. This new layout is uglier than the previous one but surprisingly both were made from paint =X. Anyways this new layout's theme is: We're waiting.. which represents my feelings. Did you know in about 3 months, it's TVB's 40th Anniversary?! I really want to know the results and see if they've decided to resume the original tradition (crossing my fingers!)
    The new feature is a navigation spot mainly for pages or sites relating to this blog or belonging to me=]
    Upcoming Events:
    During my plane ride... this must have sound really pathetic of me...but I was thinking of an article to bring this blog back into the TVB mood and to celebrate the amount of time we have left until the 40th Anniversary and so I had thought about some ideas. So the first article since my return will be...BIG? meaning I'll need some time to gather photos and do write - ups. For those who are wondering why would someone still think of such stuff while on vacation : I had no choice! I had to sit with these strangers around me. My friends were all split up so and I didnt bring anything for myself to do and the tv was playing some boring stuff...
    Anyways that concludes this quick quick post =]

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